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Good Friday Service (200410)

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Jesus came to save sinners

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PJ warmly welcomed you to join with us today Good Friday morning service, and we can actually join together in so we can meet with one another but this place doesn't offer us anything special indeed. When we meeting together. We are able to remember that Jesus actually is only presence is with each one of us as we meet today and in your bedroom and living room right now the room the Lord is with you and he will be joining us as we come to worship him and see a listen to his was and to learn more of himself. If they eat a lot of the problems that we face with feeling like the Lord is not with us or not really able to be a part of the service and the normal why is because we are allowing things to come to our thoughts and I'm on this is Trinity crossed yesterday turn off the mobile phone on Walt's we're coming together to do now, so that is turned to God In Prayer. Let us pray. Lori doing things. Thank you. You have provided us again another day Lord. We thank you that we are able to come before you and worship you and Praise Your Name Lord. We recognize that we are restricted from being able to sing praises together with one another in the normal way, but Lord it is through what we doing our hearts that we praise you Lord help us to be prepared in our hearts and our minds this morning that we wanted to eat better concentrate on you and your words and to be able to praise you in our hearts this morning glory in Jesus name. Amen.

Let us tend to off reading or which is from Psalm chapter 2 and versus 7 to 9. I will tell of the decree the Lord said to me you are my son today. I have begotten you ask of me and I will make the nation's your heritage and the ends of the Earth your possession and you shall break them with a rod of iron and dash them in pieces like a Potter's vessel. Los I read from Psalm 110 in the first verse the Lord says to my Lord sit at my right hand until I make your enemies your footstool into each week consider these words tonight because of meeting together for good Friday. Remember what the Lord has done for us and the reality that has within the whole gospel message and what that means for us as individuals, let us turn now to prep and so that's up for one another that side reins sister online Fortune has had a stroke and then off we can we to pray for her and the family and thankful to the Lord a buddy with enough by the ship having coronavirus at this time, but we do private. So the Lord was just I know and if it is within his will that so we might not say experience it? We recognize that indeed would have had it. And so we pray the Lord will sustain each one of us and I'll help that we can come back against the fence in the appropriate way so that we can finish it with one another again soon. I am thankful to report to you that my sister Mara and her husband safe have actually been recovering the salt week. We were very concerned cuz I finally they were very concerned as well. They experienced Somalia as the government puts it is very severe and they can be very very challenging for those who experience it at this time. Mexican people

Lori doing today, thank you. You have been with us or the number of weeks. No return deep fry that you want to stay in each one of us that we may gain meet together in unison, Florida indeed cry if we do I come to have this illness that into each other. We might be sustained while you're Panna that you won't heal each one of that in our we can come through this as a fellowship in a positive way. But each one of us witness to those around us and they eat we know it is a currently a very difficult time for all of us what is indeed a great tremendous difficulty for the world in which we find ourselves in. Lord you do any Friday might give us those opportunities to be able to share of your word Cheryl got confidence in you Lord it doing the eat I pray for a giant sister has had the stroke refrains age Shimano your presents with her that you might be a healing hand upon your trying to eat then so she might be held off from having this coronavirus while she recovers from of the stroke gloriosa cry for John and the whole family know your comfort at this time, and they might fill joined together through your presents per ounce of these difficult times. Stormy 20 try as we come now to remove your words and to listen to that word until you listen to what you have to tell us about yourself that our hearts and our minds want the open before you the way he wants in see yourself more fully in Jesus name we pray. Amen.

If I can encourage you to read it from Matthew to a 27 Matthew chapter 27, I will be commencing at the verse 24. So when pilate saw that he was gaining nothing but raw other that's the wrong it was beginning. He took water and wash his hands before the crowd saying I am innocent of this man's blood see through it yourselves and all the people on his blood be on us and our children and then he released full them having stretch thesis delivered him to be crucified.

Then the soldiers of the governor took Jesus into the governor's headquarters and they gathered the whole Battalion before him and they stripped him and put a robe on him. I'm twisted together a crown of thorns. They put his on his head and put a reed in his right hand and kneeling before him. They mocked him saying hail King of the Jews. And they spit on him and they took the Reed and struck him on the head and when they had mocked him, they stripped him of the road and put his own clothes on him and let him away to crucify him. has Play Wind sounds they found a man of sareini Simon boy named are they compelled this man to carry his cross and when they came to the place called that go golf. Which means price of the skull they offered him wine to drink and a mixed with gall, but when he tasted it, he would not drink it and when they had crucifying him are they divided his garments among them by costing locks, then they sat down and kept watch over him that

Antarctica his head. They put the charge against him. Which read this is Jesus the king of the Jews. Then two robbers were crucified with him one on the right and one on the left and I was he passed by the rounded him wagging the heads and say who went to destroy the temple and rebuild it in three days save yourself. If you are the Son of God come down from the cross.

psilocybe the chief priests with the scribes and Elders mocked him the saying he says he cannot save himself is the king of Israel that come down from the cross and we will believe in him a trust in God, lets go and deliver him now if he designs him, For he said I am the Son of God and the robbers who were crucified with him also revolved him in the same way.

Now from the 6-hour was that was a Darkness over all the land until the ninth hour and about the ninth hour. Jesus cried out with a loud voice saying Eli Eli Lama sabachthani and one of them at once ran and took a sponge filled it with sour wine and puts it on a reed and gave it to him to drink but the other said wait, let us see whether Elantra will come to save him. And Jesus cried out again with a loud voice and you drop his spirits and the hold the curtain of the temple was torn in two from top to bottom and the Earth Shook and The Rock's was split the tombs were opened and many bodies of the Saints who had fallen asleep or raised. I'm coming out of the tunes off to his resurrection. They went into the holy city and appeared to many. When the suture in Centurion and those who were with him keeping watch over Jesus saw the earthquake and what took place. They were filled with oil and said truly this was the son of God. There were many women there looking on from a distance. You had followed Jesus From Galilee ministering to him among them with Mary Magdalene and Mary the mother of James and Joseph the mother of the sons of Zebedee.

When it was evening, they came a rich man from Arimathea named Joseph who also was a disciple of Jesus. He went to an Oscar for the body of Jesus. Then Pilots ordered it to be given to him and Joseph took the body and wrapped it in a linen shroud and light it in his own new to which he had come in the Rock and he rolls to the entrance of the team and went away. Mary Magdalene and the other Mary was sitting opposite the two. Indeed we pray that the Lord will bless his word to our hearts as we come now to look at that passage in more detail.

As we come this morning many people will be at a film video presentation and they have many arguments against what we are saying. There will be many people who do not understand once this passage is talking about because the death of an individual doesn't really stand out in history. Indeed many people were Chrissy point. But it was something significantly different about what was taking place here. Fundamentally the difference was this was Jesus.

So when we come to look at this passage, we need to understand who Jesus truly wants and truly is. Many people are inside of Jesus didn't really exist people query whether or not he was truly crew chief aren't they question? Did he really die? I didn't say it all those will just query whether he was raised from the dead. These are important questions and into eat it is for saving only for the Lord Jesus Christ the armies of tree opens onto this message. Thoughts we know Jesus truly did exist. He is a fun character in history. It was indeed a Roman historian who wrote many pieces of writing on who wrote about the Roman Empire wrote about Julius Caesar on Old House characters. We know from Ryan he also wrote on Jesus and he also wrote of the execution of Jesus. And if we dismissed what he has written if we dismiss all the wrong things of all the Christians or those who were there, that's fine who took pen-to-paper a very expensive thing to do. They have to be answered in the first place. They have to be able to buy it Department which was incredibly expensive. The ink itself was expensive. This was not an easy thing to do. So if so many things are written about this individual. We have to acknowledge that more is written about Jesus than any other individual in history. So if we dismiss the Jesus didn't exist and we say that I actually these are just for you do some people have written. We have to throw old on the signing of History alongside it into the bin. Julius Caesar existed. We don't know Henry apart from men and women wanting about him. And so Jesus existence is confirmed by the independent writings of many people those specially who were against his teachings. But it is important for us to take a step back and all who was Jesus. Indeed. Jesus actually asked for this very question to be honest. Who do we think Jesus is Jesus turn to the song goes inside? Who do you say I am we have that written in Matthew chapter 16 and a half. Maisel from Simon Peter where he turned around and he said you are the Christ you are the son of God. And these Jesus knew that the understanding of who he wants was vital to his ministry and it was vital to understand what his death really truly meant. And these people turn around and make many claims against who Jesus was many turn around in the sight. O Jesus never really claim to be the Son of God. He was just a good man and everybody else has jumped on the bandwagon off to his death. But the reality is just a basic reading of scripture that we see that Simeon when Jesus was only 8 days old Fred. The Jesus was the massage to his parents. I need praise don't for that fact. Jesus himself at the age of 12 went to the temple and he claimed to be the Son of God to his parents. Indeed throughout all of his ministry. Jesus made it very clear who he wants that indeed. He was the son of gaunt. I need to make sure nobody else. None of the disciples turned around and told people that only he was to be the one telling people who he truly wants. And indeed we see as we come today to consider Jesus's death on the cross that this was fundamentally the reason why he was to be executed.

Indeed other people want peace has to be someone other than who he is the Bible tells us who Jesus is it is very clear what his ministry was st. Boni the apostles subsequently of what he had talked to them and indeed the Apostle Paul.

And people wanted in at this time when they were coming before Jesus. They wanted Jesus to be the Conqueror. They wanted him to build an Earthly Kingdom trying to be the Messiah and I saw them as far as the ones who come to destroy the Roman Empire to make Israel wealthy and prosperous as they had been in centuries pumped. They wanted him to provide them with great wealth and a great lunch. And they wanted to prosper. But Jesus hadn't come for an Earthly Kingdom. Jesus might not very clear. Indeed when Jesus called the 12 disciples he off them to leave everything. They had to come to him to follow him. There was a relief that well that was a relinquished all the goods I had that was her real quick that businesses that was always were a fisherman and jumps behind leave their families and follow Jesus in Matthew 16 weary. Don't we find the Jesus makes it very clear if you want to follow me. You need to give up. Oh, thanks. I didn't feed Jesus said for what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world and forfeits his song and then Jesus was not interested in one sense in that long storm tonight. He was much more interested in the position before gaunt and that position for eternity. And that is what we should be concerned with about this morning as well. Indeed Zacchaeus. Remember Zacchaeus the short man who time to the tree so he can see Jesus when he was he was a tax collector and when he actually had met with Jesus and talked with him for a considerable period of time he gave away half of his will. And he went to order those who he had taken wrongfully from and pay them back for phone. And yet he was still quite significantly rich off to its. Indeed Jesus disconnects The Believer from a Love of Money wanted was to build those riches. He wanted to make his lunch though one that he appreciated and now and Zack just came to that realization. That wasn't really very important in Lawrence of old is Hannity. Indeed Jesus start his on in Matthew 19 and tells us that it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of have very clear. He was not proclaiming that he was going to conquer the Roman Empire. He was not proclaiming that he was rich He was proclaiming that he was looking off to their Eternal Soul. And even on Palm Sunday that Sunday just before the Friday where Jesus rode on a donkey into Jerusalem. He was greeted with great magnificence people worshipped him because of won't they thought he was coming to do and yet so quickly. They realize that Jesus wasn't there to conquer the Roman Empire. He wasn't there to make them rich in this life. And even Judas turned against Jesus because they wanted him to be.

I didn't eat Judas 30 pieces of silver a hundred and twenty days salary. We could probably work that out to be in about 10 to 20 thousand pounds in today's money personal figure just to turn around and say this is why Jesus is and yet there was such a significance outcome sweethearts. But when we come this morning and we think about Jesus and think about his death on the cross. We need to recognize who he truly wants what he truly came to do. Indeed. Jesus was a pacifist. He wasn't someone else control at this moment in time. It wasn't just relinquishing himself because there was nothing else he could do. And baby finding Matthew chapter 26, even though Jesus Toronto. This had actually told Peter that he would deny Jesus three times on the Cockrell would cry twice on his third and oil. Give Me Jesus. So all that was going to take place and told Pizza Pizza needs to know. Jesus didn't mention to Pizza about his arrest but Jesus knew what pizza it was going to do in zeed all the disciples were all because they had riches when they're walking around. They have that money. I'm so I would walk through areas that robbers would be capable of protecting themselves and they Matthew 26, we the pizza pulls out his sword and can't stay here off of the seven to the high priest in front of the temple God who had come to arrest Jesus indeed pizza was very Swift. He was very capable and he just the air off of the individual. But Jesus showed this to ensure people understood that he was actually relinquishing himself. To what was taking place that he was actually the one in control and Jesus healed. My priest and restored his are fully believing he re-elected the entire so it's full health and strength and Jesus showed his power even at that moments. Jesus did not say on wedding late to the Cross Jesus chose to go to the cross. And as we look at that passage we read. We took him to consideration that they had to go to Planet of the Roman Emperor had provided to them. The decisions is a line from tattoo would be executed if he would execute those who are murderous. I thought you was who had committed a significance of measures crimes. This was just such an individual as that. And yet the people quote for Barabbas the murderer to be released and yet they want to Jesus who had not committed any sin had done no wrong because he wasn't the Messiah, but they wanted it wasn't the Jesus they wanted.

And we finds that's the soldiers representing the Roman Empire. Marks Jesus. They scratch them. They whipped him they tore his skin to pieces and a crystal had a twisted crown of thorns and I put it on his head and they Hamid. Into his skull. Anthony Martin l king of the Jews indeed the way they treated him could have killed Jesus at that moment in time, but Jesus was not to die by that hands. Onion seeds we read on that they sponsored him and they send us and then we find that they come to that point where they take him to the place where they are going to crucify him and they cool Simon of Cyrene e to come and to carry his cross Matthew Might particular reference to this because he wants to show that Jesus was led to the place of execution lawn Callahan. He wanted to be the Passover Lamb the one in which the sins of the people would be covered and that indeed of the the angel of death would pass over them. I didn't see that we find that Jesus put on the cross. It is a terrible form of execution indeed. We need to be appropriate to you true about this time and make sure I'm not over-exuberance because we have selected. This is appropriate for children because the world cannot call you for the truth of wanted place here at this time. What day marks the people marks the everyday person the person who wanted that own ends being fulfilled? We, as well. Defiance that's the rub has alongside Jesus also. We find that the chief priests describes and the eldest the religious leaders the history of the Bible, but you can completely miss the truth that is contained within its it is only free salvation that we can understand the truth within scripture. We can understand the literacy. We can understand the woods, but we can truly misunderstand won't God is saying to us. And we find that all of these individuals when they mocked Jesus. They said that if he came down from the cross. Then they was in belief. But we know the reality is even if Jesus Took himself off the cross. They didn't want to believe. Because even as we will look again on Sunday 3 days Jesus rose from the dead and we'll see you in a few moments as well. Some of the other things that took place. It was clear the even if someone rose from the dead that these people did not want to believe

I may come to those lost Moments by Jesus. Hands over his life. So you going to the father. He didn't take the days $2 didn't people normally did Jesus chose when to Don and he gave up his Spirit indeed. That is something that none of us will ever have the opportunity of doing because none of us have the ability to do that. We have no power to do that. And it shows that Jesus was the son of God in this time when he gave his life at this moment his time and his choosing.

And when he gave up his last breath. What happened was that the curtain in the temple was torn from top to bottom Eckerson that could not be reached for the top easily a cousin that was designed so that you could not cut it from top to bottom. And it was torn into the Earth shook. It was an earthquake and I was quite so significant that the Rocks themselves split. And indeed the story was very very dunk. And we see that there was those who were raised from the dead more than just Jesus and they was seen on the Sunday in the city and they made themselves known others there. No one could miss what took place here at this time. I'm when the individuals who so what was taking place who stood by and making sure that Jesus was truly dead. They turned around and said truly this was the son of God.

This Roman Century by battle had no interest in Jesus's message didn't care less who Jesus was was there to do a job and he was there representing the Roman Empire and he was fearful for his own life to make sure that Jesus was truly dead. because otherwise, his life would have to be taken to and yet it was him to make such an exclamation. I didn't think there were many who stole Jesus's death. And that was those who witnessed Jesus being prepared for the two being placed in that too and being put to rest. Indeed an exhaust moments. We need to think about our response to what we have heard. Lindsey's if you are left thinking that's your position before God is done that you are unable to relinquish from the guilt that you feel you feel no scent of Joy from hearing these things and when you hit the Lord Jesus Christ rose from the dead that you could be saved and yet you still have no join your heart then turn to the Lord of this time it yourself to one side a wife Mother's and come before God and pray be open with him be honest with him and ask him for forgiveness. If you responded and yes lock each one of us who know the Lord Jesus Christ. We are saddened that it is Allison that put him that but we have a joint internal that is unable to be expressed. Then we can join together praising God Trudy Colinas Good Friday. Indeed many of us will have different experiences office. My own personal experience. All that Joy is that my heart leaps inside my chest it wants to escape. I have a tingling that goes across my body. My head is stand on her end. My body is full of that joy that I know you may have a different experience. No one has to have the same experience, but you will know all of that unique Joy not experiencing any other area of life. Come now and praise God. but if you want in different to order things that we have sex And you disregard what we have sent and you don't want to know anymore. I will indeed pray for each one of you the Lord might reveal himself to you over the coming days.

Let us turn to God In Prayer. Let us pray. Lord we thank you for this opportunity for us to hear your word to start at your word and to come see you for who you truly were Lord. We thank you that you prefer claims that you were indeed. The Son of God that you made it clear who you were you demonstrate to that group our Healing The Sick making the lame walk raising people from the head. And you show your power even in the moment of death? That you are in control of all these things and that why won't you text? You were able to do what no one else could ever do. And shedding your place. For the Forgiveness of the sins of your people. Northeast thank you for all the times we praying that we might go now for the rest of the day Joyce knowing what you have done for us the Lord we help right that you will help us to reflect that. I'll send truly no Jutsu across not that we might be in the depths of Despair all the time, but I will look to come I'll behavior before you that indeed. We might seek to honor you to invite you and always will reap Reigns age will come to us now help us to achieve that without your help. We will never achieve it. But nobody pray that you will help us day by day to become obedient to you. Lorrie praying date that people may tend to you the true Jesus. I come to a full understanding of yourself as that Lord and Savior it in Jesus name. almond

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