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We're going to continue on the subject of demons & demon activity. This will probably be the last teaching that I do in this series. Next week we'll probable start on the subject of angels for 2 or 3 weeks.

     I. We have said that at least some demons desire a body to dwell in.

              A. This way they can carry out more of their desires in this physical realm.

                        1. But just because they are not in a physical body does not mean that they cannot make themselves know, or felt.

                                  a. They can bring an oppression, fear, confusion, & a number of other things.

                        2. Let's just look at the area of oppression for just a monument.

                                  a. I think that oppression is so often over looked in the body of Christ.

                                           i. We don't recognize it.

                        3. ACTS 10:38

                                  a. From this V we can see that sickness is an Oppression of the Devil.

                                           i. Demons or the Devil.

                                           ii. Sickness is an oppression of demons or the Devil.

                                  b. Let me give you the definition of the word “Oppression.”

                                           i. From the Greek it means, “To exercise harsh control over one, to use one's power against one, to oppress one.”

                                           ii. From the Hebrew it means “oppression, distress, & pressure.”

                                           iii. From the dictionary it means, “To keep down by severe and unjust use of force or authority. 2. To weigh heavily 3. To overwhelm or crush.”

              B. Satan through his demons will try to oppress people in many other areas.

                        1. Fear is oppressive.

                                  a. (2 Timothy 1:7) Says, “For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.”

                                           i. God has not given us a spirit of fear, but the devil might try to bring fear upon you.

                                  b. Fear can hinder you from going on to victory.

                                           i. Remember the parable that Jesus told where 1 man received 5 talents, 1 received 2 talents, & 1 received 1 talent.

                                           ii. The 1 that received only 1 talent, hid his talent because he was afraid.

                                           iii. That fear that he had stopped him from receiving.

                                  c. The children of Israel could not go into the Canaan land because of fear of the Giants, even though God told them the land was theirs.

                        2. The enemy can come in & oppress with confusion, depression, anger, greed, rebellion, strife & many other areas.

                                  i. You need to recognize it & take authority over it, in the Name of Jesus.

                                  ii. Many times we don't even know it's the devil.

              C. How can we tell if it the devil or just our own mind or our flesh?

                        1. 1st you need to know what are the thoughts that God brings & what he wants you to be thinking on.

                                  a. (Philippians 4:8) Says, “Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things [are] honest, whatsoever things [are] just, whatsoever things [are] pure, whatsoever things [are] lovely, whatsoever things [are] of good report; if [there be] any virtue, and if [there be] any praise, think on these things.”

                                  b. If your thoughts are opposite to these you need to take authority over it.

                                           i. Satan is the author of these things. Take authority over it & then resist those thoughts.

                        2. The next time that Satan tries to weigh you down with sadness or any of these things I mentioned, rebuke him in the name of Jesus. Tell that sadness, fear, anxiety, or depression to go, in Jesus' name.

     II. We mentioned this last time that Jesus gave us authority over Satan & all of his works.

              A. Some try to say that only the disciples had authority over demons, & that ended when Jesus was taken to heaven.

                        1. 1st of all look at ACTS 8:6-7

                                  a. This was after Jesus acceded into heaven.

                                           i. Our authority Satan did not end with Jesus ascension.

                        2. And then in (Mark 16:17) Jesus said “And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name shall they cast out devils.”

                                  a. He makes 1 important point here for us to have success in Casting out demons.

                                           i. He said “these signs shall follow them that believe.”

                                           ii. You have to believe something.

                                           iii. You have to believe that Jesus has given you the authority over Satan & all of his cohorts.

                                  b. MATT 17:14-21

                                           i. Fasting & prayer are important, but Jesus said the reason that this spirit would not come out is because of Unbelief.

              B. Turn with me to ACTS 19:13-16

                        1. In order to cast out demons & to take authority over them you must be born again.

                                  a. These men were not born again. They had no authority over the demons.

                        2. There's something else that we can see from these Vs.

                                  a. This 1 man that had these demons beat up 7 other men at one time & tore off their clothes.

                                  b. But you don't have to be in fear over this.

                                           i. 1CHORN 16:21-22

                                           ii. Pastor Ted ...

     III. I want to ask you this question, WHY did Jesus come into this world?

              A. (JOHN 3:16) “For God so loved the world...”

                        1. We can even define that a little more in 1JOHN 3:8.

                                  a. The word “destroy” in this V would be better translatedTo loose or loosen

                        2. Jesus came to loosen us from Satan's doings, from his work.

                                  a. That would include all that Satan is doing & responsible for.

     IV. Now there is a big difference between someone being oppressed by the enemy & someone being possessed by a demon.

              A. Oppression is the devil doing something to you from an outside influence.

                        1. Possession is the devil influencing you & having a certain amount of control from the inside the person.

                        2. Oppression has more to do with a heaviness & your thought life.

                                  a. We know what to do with our thought life.

                                           i. Bring every thought captivity into the obedience of Christ.

                                           ii. And then think on the Godly things.

                                  b. ISA 61:3

WOLCC SUN AM 10/24/93

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