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     We're going to continue teaching on the subject of demons. Last time we said that demons desire to possess a man so that they can express their lust, desires & plans to the greatest extent in this world.

     I. This type of demonic being desires to dwell in a person.

              A. But there 1st choice is to dwell in someone, a person.

                        1. There 2nd choice is an animal.

                        2. & There 3rd choice is a building; such as a house, or a bar.

                                  a. Places of sin are the easiest building for them to dwell in.

                        3. There may be other classes (or types) of demons that don't desire a physical being to dwell in, but we'll look at that a little later.

              B. In (MARK 5) You remember this story of the Gadarene Demoniac, the evil spirits wanted to go into the swine rather than being cast out without a body.

                        1. These demons requested Jesus not to send them out of the country.

                                  a. It's possible that thes demons did not want to be sent out of the country because that may have been the place that where they lived there lives in a body of flesh. (Preadamic)

              C. Something that we also see in this V is that they seem to gang up together.

                        1. You have most likely have heard the phraseBirds of a feather flock together.”

                        2. Demons do the same thing.

                                  a. Immoral spirits usually gang up together in 1 area.

                                  b. Same for Occult spirits.

                                  c. Religious spirits.

                                  d. Spirits promoting alcohol, or drugs.

                        3. Whether it's a small town or a large city, demons try to gain the foothold over that city.

                                  i. They make the attempt to rule over that city.

              D. What ever kind of spirits that are in a city, those same spirits will try to get in the Church.

                        1. If you remember the city of Corinth in the Bible. (That where Paul sent his letters called Corinthians.)

                                  a. The city of Corinth was a very immoral city.

                                  b. Corinth is a port city or a coastal city.

                                           i. Most coastal cities have more immorality than a city that is inland.

                                           ii. They have many different people coming into that city, bringing with them all of their customs & problems.

                                  c. In another area, the city of Corinth was famous for the worship of Venus.

                                  d. So not only was there immorality in the city but there was also idolatry.

                        2. Look at 1COR 5:1-2a

                                  a. There was sexual immorality going on in the Church & they were proud of it.

                                           i. The same spirit that was in that city was doing its best to get into that Church.

                        3. The same idol worship that was in the city was also in the church.

                                  a. 1COR 12:1

                                           i. Just from this V we can see that there was idol worship in that city.

                                  b. Look at 1COR 10:14

                                           i. Paul says a lot to this church about IDOLATRY. WHY?

                                           ii. In any of the NT epistles, when the Apostles write about something, they usually write about it because there is a problem in the Church in same area.

                                           iii. Paul says a lot about the subject of Idolatry in (1COR chapter 8 & 10).

                        4. This same spirit that was in the city was getting into the Church.

                                  a. What did Paul do to stop that evil spirit & to get him out of the Church?

                                           i. He taught the people to stay from Idolatry & immorality.

                                           ii. He taught them to stop yielding to demons.

                                           iii. We also need to be aware of demon activity, so we can guard against him, not only in the church but also in our own personal lives.

     II. If some gets a new can, someone might get jealous over it.

              A. Many times that jealousy comes from a spirit; a spirit of greed, A spirit of covetousness, A spirit of jealousy, or a spirit of poverty.

                        1. They might say something wrong to that person or about that person & what they're doing is being motivated by that spirit.

                                  a. (Most of the time without them even knowing about it.)

                        2. MATT 16:21-23

                                  a. Jesus wasn't calling Peter, Satan.

                                            i. But He knew that Peter was unknowingly yielding over to the Devil.

              B. When someone says something that is mean or evil take authority over it. (Best to do it under your breath.)

                        1. It's not necessarily the person, but the spirit that they are yielding to.

              C. I want to ask you this question, How did Hitler become so powerful?

                        1. It's been said that he was just a wall paper hanger before he rose to power.

                        2. He must have yielded over to the devil.

                                  i. This spirit that he yielded over to empowered him to do the things that he did.

                                  ii. Very likely he was yielding over to a very powerful fallen angel.

     III. Let's go over to EPH 6:12.

              A. Any of the evil powerful rulers on this Earth that ever existed, or even the people that persecute you or malicious do thing to you, it's the spirit that needs to be dealt with not necessarily the person.

              B. A number of years ago the Lord appeared to Kenneth Hagin and told him that there 4 kinds of demons & 4 classes of demons.

                        1. 1st there are Principalities. This is the lowest class.

                        2. 2nd there are powers. This is the next to lowest class.

                        3. After that are the Rulers of darkness of this world.

                        4. The last 1 which is the most powerful are spiritual wickedness in the heavenlies.

              C. Jesus went on to tell him that these spiritual wickedness in the heavenlies are not on the Earth, but above the Earth in the atmosphere.

                        1. The lower classes of demons do very little thinking for themselves.

                        2. And it's only the Rulers of darkness of this world that possess a person.

              D. The 4 classes of demons that we have listed here in (EPH 6:12) are very similar in rank to any natural military.

                        1. Starting with the most powerful, you have the spiritual wickedness in the heavenlies.

                                  a. These demonic beings can be liken to Generals & Captains.

                        2. The 2nd most powerful are the Rulers of darkness of this world. You could compare them to Sergeants.

                                  a. These are the ones that are giving the orders.

                        3. Then you have the Powers. These are lower in the chain of command. You might compare them to corporals.

                                  a. These mostly take commands.

                        4. 4th & the lowest class of demons are the Principalities. You could liken them to Private.

                                  a. This class of demons do very little thinking for themselves.

                                  b. All they do is take orders.

              E. Look at COL 1:13

                        1. There was a time that we were under the power of darkness.

                        2. But thank God that we've been delivered from the power of darkness & translated into the kingdom of His dear Son.

                                  a. And now we have authority over all Principalities & powers, over ever demon.

                                  b. MATT 10:1

                                           i. The word “power” here is the Greek word “Exousia” which means “Authority.”

                                  c. MARK 16:17

                                           i. Not only did Jesus give the 12 disciples authority over demons, but He also gave us that same authority.

                                           ii. We don't have to fear demons or Satan for that matter. He's defeated & under our feet.

WOLCC 10/17/93 SUN AM

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