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     In the last few weeks we began teaching on the subject of Angel & demons. I was going to teach only on Satan, demons, fallen angels, & their activities, but I think that we'll also touch on the subject of Godly angels.

     I. Last week we said that there are 3 main theories to the origin of demons.

              A. 1st is the teaching that demons are the spirits of men & woman that died without knowing Jesus as Lord.

                        1. But as we've seen from the Word of God that is unscriptural.

              B. The 2nd theory is that demons are fallen angels.

                        1. But again in (2PET 2:4) it says that the fallen angels are in hell.

                                  a. But not all of them are in Hell, Satan is a fallen angel & he is not in Hell.

              C. The 3rd theory is the teaching on a race of beings that lived here long before Adam & Eve.

                        1. This race was destroyed by a flood long before Adam.

                        2. Out of all the different theories, the teaching on a preadamic race is the only 1 that cannot be proven to the contrary.

                                  a. But there is some evidence in the Word of God to prove this teaching.

                                  b. No matter what you believe on this subject, the Word is very clear that we have authority over all principalities & powers, over Satan & all his demons.

                        3. Another interesting scripture that has to do with Satan & the preadamic race in found in ISA 14:13. This is talking about Satan & his fall. (read)

                                  a. He said, “I will exalt my throne.”

                                  b. If you have a throne you have a kingdom, & if you have a kingdom you rule over someone.

                                           i. Who was it that Satan had the rule over?

                                                     a. It's possible that it was the beings that were here before Adam.

                                           ii. When did Satan have a throne & a kingdom? We know that he does have a kingdom now, the kingdom of darkness.

                                                     b. When did his kingdom begin? Probably right at the beginning of his fall, his subjects would be all the demons & fallen angels.

              D. Look at MARK 5:1-13

                        1. 1st of all we see in (V 12) that demons desire a body to dwell in.

                                  a. Through a person they seem to be able to carry out more of their sinful desires & lusts.

                                  b. But as we see here if they cannot find a human being to dwell in they will dwell in animals.

                        2. Keep your place there in (MARK 5) & turn with me to MATT 12:43–45.

                                  a. In (V 44) it says that he would try to return to his house.

                                           i. The demon considered the man his house.

                                           ii. Did you know that your body is the house to your spirit.

                                  b. Let me ask you this question. Have you ever been on a trip somewhere not necessarily a long trip? (In the car for a drive or a trip to the mall.)

                                           i. When you get tired you want to go home to get some rest.

                                                     a. In other words you can't really rest until you get home.

                                  c. Demons do the same thing.

                                           i. Look at MATT 12:43-44a

                                           ii. A demon cannot find rest until they are in someone or something.

                                  d. In listening to Kenneth Hagin, he says that demons 1st of all desire to be in a human being, if they for so reason cannot be in a person they will choose an animal, & if they could not be in an animal they will go into a building.

                                           i. Weather these beings are fallen angels or the spirits of a race that died long before Adam that still desire a body to live in doesn't really matter.

                                           ii. In this we can see the nature of demons. There are times that you enter a building or a house & fell that something is wrong. you might be picking up on some demonic activity.

                                           iii. Through our prayer & through the authority that we have in the name of Jesus, those things have to go.

              E. Go back with me to MARK 5:10




                        1. Why were these demons so concerned about leaving the area?

                                  a. The only reason that I can see is that this country is where they lived for a long time.

     II.  In (EPH 6:12) It says, “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high [places] (or heavenly)

              A. 1 of the references to demons arethe rulers of the darkness of this world.”

                        1. The only place where they don't rule is where there is light.

                                  a. The light of the Gospel, the light of God's Word.

                        2. Believers are spoken of as being children of the light.

                                  a. COL 1:13

                                  b. The word “Power” here is the Greek word “Exousia” which would be better translatedAuthority or Jurisdiction.”

                                           i. We have been delivered from the Authority & Jurisdiction of darkness.

     III. Some people will tell you that if you are a believer you are automatically safe from the Devil.

              A. Things just don't happen automatically.

                        1. If anyone wants to listen to the Devil, he can listen.

                                  a. If the Devil tells you to go out & rob a bank, you have a choice to make. You have a free choice, you can listen to the Devil & rob that bank

              B. The most common place that the Devil will attack you is in the mind.

                        1. That's the way that Satan got to Eve.

                                  a. He got her to start thinking.

                        2. Look at GEN 2:16-17

                                  a. Dying thou shalt die.

                                  b. GEN 3:1

                                           i. That's not what God said. The Devil was already trying to get her confused.

                                  c. GEN 3:2-5

                                           i. He got her thinking on things that were against the Word of God. That's when she fell.

              C. The only avenue the Devil has to get you or get in you is through the mind.

                        1. But what about the flesh?

                                  a. The flesh doesn't do anything that the mind doesn't let it.

                        2. ISA 26:3

                                  a. If your mind stays on God, your mind will be kept in perfect peace.

                                           i. You'll be free from the Satan & his demons, not free from attacks, but free from defeat.

                        3. PHIL 4:8

                                  a. Why are we supposed to think on those things?

                                           i. So that our mind can be kept in perfect peace.

                        D. For those that are following the Lord, keeping their mind on God's Word & the things of God, do not have to fear the devil or demons.

                                  1. 2COR 10:4-5

                                           a. When were bringing every thought in obedience to the Word of God we will not be deceived, as long as we cast down imaginations & every thought that rises up against the Word of God.

                                           b. Keep your mind on Him & He will keep you in perfect peace.

WOLCC 10/3/93 SUN AM

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