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     We're going to continue on the subject of confessing the Word again today.

     I. MAT 4:1-4

              A. In (V 4) Jesus was saying that man shall LIVE by the Word of God.

                        1. If you LIVE or life is brought to you by the Word of God, then the words of the devil will bring death and destruction.

                        2. Look at JOHN 6:63

                                  a. Jesus said that the words he brought forth are SPIRIT.

                                           i. They are not natural words, but they are SPIRIT, they do something in the spirit.

                                           ii. He goes on to say that they are LIFE.

                                  b. This word for “LIFE” is the Greek word “ZOE,” meaning the God kind of life.

                                           i. The Strong’s Concordance says that the word “ZOE” means “Blessed, The absolute fullness of life.”

                                           ii. The words that Jesus spoke will bring the absolute fullness of life.

                        3. Jesus only spoke out the Word of God. We looked at that last week.

                                  a. We have another V right here in John that says about the same thing

                                  b. JOHN 14:23-24

i. What did Jesus speak?

                                  c. He spoke only the Words of the Father.

              B. There is power in the word of God, we need to give the Word of God more importance in our lives. They are not natural words, but they are spiritually words and they will bring life and God’s blessings to your situation.

                        1. MAT 8:16 The NIV says “(with a word).”

                                  a. Jesus only spoke the Word of God, but there is power in the Word of God.

                                  b. The spirits were cast out with the Word of God, and the people were healed with the Word of God.

                                           i. Just by you sitting under the Word of God will bring deliverance and healing to your body.

                        2 A few weeks ago we looked at the centurion that came to Jesus asking Jesus to heal his servant. Since we’re already here in Matthew look at MAT 8:7-8

                                  a. And as you know Jesus did and he was healed.

                                  b. (PSA 107:20) Says, “He sent his word, and healed them.”

                                           i. I like how the LIVING BIBLE puts it, it says, (Psalm 107:20 TLB) “He spoke, and they were healedsnatched from the door of death.”

                        3. Now you might be thinking, “Well that was Jesus, but what about us?”

                                  a. PRO 16:24


                                           i. The word “Pleasant” can also mean a “Suitable words, kind words or the right words.

                                           ii. And the word “HEALTH can also meanhealing, deliverance.”

                                           iii. And the word “Bones” can also mean “Life or body. ”

                                           iv. Pleasant, Suitable words (t right words) {are as} an honeycomb, sweet to the soul, and healing, (Health, deliverance, profit, and a sound mind) to the bones, (to your Body and Life).

                                  b. Notice that he’s saying that the right word spoken out of your mouth will bring healing, deliverance, prosperity, and a sound mind.

                                  c. Look at PRO 15 23

                                           i. The words “DUE SEASON” in this V means, “In the time of an event, or in an experience.” You could say “In a situation.”

                                           ii. When the word of God is spoken over your situation it will bring great joy.

     II. Let me go into this for just a moment. Some care needs to be given to what you are hearing.

              A. Go on over to MARK 4:15



                        1. Notice that they heard the Word, and the Word was sown in their hearts.

                                  a. But what I wanted you to see is that if you here the wrong words, the words of the Devil, those words will also go into your heart, but they will produce death and problems.

                                           i. You need to use some care in what you’re listening to.

                                  b. You even need to use some care in the teachings that you’re sitting under.

                                  c. You shouldn't continually sit under teaching that you know is in error, because that same thing (that same spirit) will get in.

                                           i. It doesn't matter if you know it's wrong. If you continue to subject your spirit to that false teaching it will creep in.

                                           ii. And why would it creep in?

                                           iii. Because your listening to words and words are planted into your heart.

              B. Go down to MARK 4:28 “For the earth (that is the heart of the man).

                        1. How do we know that?

                                  a. Look at MARK 4:3 where do you sow seed? Then Jesus explains what he meant in MARK 4:15 look at that again.

                                           i. The seed was sown in their heart.

                                  b. Go down to MARK 4:26

                                                     i. The “SEED” is the “WORD OF GOD.” The “GROUND” is where the seed was sown, which is the “HEART of MAN.”

                        2. Now go back to MARK 4:28-29For the earth” (the ground or the heart of man) bringeth forth fruit of herself; first the blade, then the ear, after that the full corn in the ear. KJV

              C. When you have sown the Word of God in your heart, it will produce a harvest.

                        1. In the book of GEN God laid down a law of SEED TIME and HARVEST.

                                  a. In (GEN 1:11-12) God say that “Every thing will produce after it own kind through it’s seed.”

                                           i. After what we call Noah’s flood God said in (GEN 8:22) “While the earth remaineth, there will be seedtime and harvest.”

                                  b. Back in (MARK 4:28) Jesus said that the earth, or the heart of man will produce a harvest from the seed that has been sown. (Now a harvest doesn’t come from 1 seed, but many.)

                                           i. Sometimes we give up and stop sowing the right seed JUST before the harvest.

                                           ii. You need to continue planting the seeds of Gods Word so that you will receive a harvest of what you’ve been sowing.

                                           iii. There is a law of Seedtime and Harvest.

                                  c. Sometimes you hear people say, “Just tell it like it is.”

                                           i. That’s not a BIBLE method.

                                           ii. The Bible method and the law of faith is that you say it the way the Word of God says it.

                                           iii. When you see lack and problems in your life, you speak abundance and peace.

                                           iv. You go to the Word and find the promise, and plant some seeds.

     III. Turn with me to MATT 16:19

              A. How do you BIND something, and how do you LOOSE something?

                        1. Some say that it’s through prayer, that’s true but it’s also through WORDS.

                                  a. Through the Words that you speak you can either loose the power of God in your lives, or you can loose the activities of the enemy in your live.

                                           i. Live and death are in the power of the tongue, choose life. (PRO 18:21 and DEUT 30:19)

              B. We’ll end with this 1 last V HEB 4:12

WOLCC SUN AM 12/1/96

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