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Confession 2

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            I'm going to minister on t subject of confession today. There is so much in t Word of God on t subject of confessing t Word of God, I find it hard to believe people come against it. But t Word of God is true no matter what any one says.

            I. HEB 11:1-3

                                A. We could word (HEB 11:3) this way, “We understand that it was through faith that t worlds were framed by the Word of God.”

                                    1. That's how God framed t worlds. It was through t Word: t spoken Word of God.

                                                a. God spoke t words which brought everything into existence.

                                                b. All things were made by words.

                                    2. JOHN 1:1-3

                                                a. “Without him”, was not any thing made that was made. Who is t “him” that we're talking about?

                                                            i. It's actually talking about t Lord Jesus Christ, who is t Word of God.

                                                b. Without t Word, nothing was made.

                                                            i. In t beginning, all creation was made by t Word.

                                                            ii. John said that t Word was God in (V 1), & God is all powerful.  If that's true then t Word is all powerful to change your situation.

                        B. When you use t Word of God & quote it by faith to bring a situation under control, you will sometimes face religious people that will say, “You're just trying to act like God.”

                                    1. We're not trying to be God. All we're doing is to act t way God would want us to act in any given situation. (& be followers of Him.) EPH 5:1

                                    2. Say what t Word of God says about t situation, regardless of what t circumstances say.

                                                a. That doesn't mean ignore t circumstances.

                                                b. What I am saying is to do something about t circumstances.

                                                            i. EXAMPLE: Car w/ a flat tire. You don't ignore t flat, you fix it.

                                                            ii. In t same way t Word of God will fix t situation that you're in.

            II. Back in HEB 11:1 let's just turn there.

                        A. It says that faith is t “substance” of things hoped for.

                                    1. T word “substance” means “essence, assurance, confidence, confident, substance.”

                                                a. Faith is t substance what causes t things you've prayed for to manifest.   (Godly things)

                                                b. This V also tells us that “Faith is Confidence.”

                                                            i. Faith is always confident that t Word of God is true & that t Word of God is bringing t answer.

                                    2. I like to read (HEB 11:1) like this, “Faith is the substance of things.” (How did this pulpit come into existence? How did this Church come into existence? It was by the faith of God & with our faith, but look at ROM 12:3)

                        B. God did not see t world when He created t earth.

                                    1. But God had faith in His Word that what He spoke out would come to pass.

                                    2. He framed t worlds with His Words.

                                                a. You can't build something without substance.

                                                b. Faith filled Words was t substance that was needed.

                                    3. God never does anything without saying it 1st.

                                                a. Look at Gen. 1:3, 6, 9, 11, 14, 20, 24, 26.

                                                b. Even in t Gospels Jesus did t same thing.

                                                            i. MAR 5:34

                                                            ii. LUKE 5:23-25

                                                            iii JOHN 5:8

                                                            iv. Jesus always spoke & said, “Be whole, or rise up & walk.” These were statements of His faith, confessions of His faith. He spoke these things before the person received there healing.

                                                            v. It doesn't only have to be God t Father or t Lord Jesus Christ to speak out t Word & see t action.

                                                                        a. ACTS 3:6

                                                c. Faith filled words is a powerful spiritual force which will manifest in this natural realm.

                                                            i. Begin to change your situation with your faith in His Word that you speak.

7/18/90  WED PM & WOLCC SUN AM 8/23/92

                  a. You may have heard people say, "Sticks & stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me."

                                                     i. Nothing could be further from t truth.

                                                     ii. Words can kill you.

                                         b. If you don't know what you're doing w/ words they can destroy you.

                                         c. PRO 11:3

                                                     i. T word “perversity” “PERVERSENESS” according to my Wilson's O.T. word study, here means "smoothness, flattery, he that is turned in his tongue"

                                                     ii. This V is telling us that those that have a turned tongue, those that speak contrary to t Word of God, those that speak out t negative -- it will destroy them.

                 B. You may have heard people say, "What you don't know won't hurt you."

                             1. There are some things that if you don't know about them it could kill you.

                                         a. Jesus said in (JOHN 8:32) "Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." (KJV)

                                                     i. I take that to mean that if you don't know t truth you will be in bondage even death.

                                         b. (ISA 5:13) Therefore my people are gone into captivity, because {they have} no knowledge.

                                                     i. (HOS 4:6) "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge."

                                                     ii. If you don't have a knowledge of t Word of God you're in trouble.



Stoped here



                             2. Look at PRO 18:21

                                         a. If you don't have a knowledge of that, you're going to face t consequences of it.

                                         b. We're talking about how to get our spoken words in line w/ t Word of God.

                                                     i. God's Word conceived in our heart, then formed w/ t tongue & spoken out of t mouth becomes a spiritual force which releases t ability of God.

                                                     ii. Where do you conceive God's Word?   In t human spirit or as t KJV says it “t heart.”

                 C. You can also conceive & speak out other words.

                             1. If it's t Devil that you're quoting, you are releasing t power of t Devil.  It's that simple.

       II. ROM 10:17

                 A. Hearing God's Word causes you to have faith in God & in His Word to come to you.

                             1. Faith is t spiritual force which is released out of your mouth when we speak t Word of God.

                             2. That's why Paul said in (PHI 4:13) "I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me."{ (KJV)

                                         a. Paul understood that t Word conceived inside him & spoken out of his mouth would set t course of his whole life.

                 B. Turn w/ me to JOSH 1:8.

TFC & WOLCC 8/23/92 SUN AM

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