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Confession #5

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       We're going to continue on t subject of confessing t Word of God over our lives, for healing, for God to meet all of our needs, whether they be a financial need, a social need, or an emotional need. We as Christians need to be confessing t Word of God over our lives & our family & for every area that we're involved in.

       Last time we ended w/ talking about seeds. So that's where we're going to start today.

       I. MARK 4:14

                 A. T seeds that t man is sowing is WORDS.

                             1. This V is talking about t Word of God.

                             2. In (1PE 1:23) Bible calls t Word of God t INCORRUPTIBLE SEED.

                                          a. If there is an incorruptible seed then there is a corruptible seed.

                                                      i. T incorruptible seed is t Word of God & t corruptible seed would be everything that is contrary to t word of God.

                                                      ii. But there is a Parallel between t Word & every other word.

                                                      iii. That means that every word your speak is a seed.

                 B. MARK 4:15

                             1. T Word is sown in t heart of man.

                             2. Look at ROM 10:8

                                          a. This V tells me 3 things concerning confession.

                                          b. 1st it says that t Word is in your mouth.

                                                      i. That tells me that we are to be confessing t Word of God, speaking it out of your mouth.  (JOSH 1:8)

                                          c. & 2nd it says that it is in your mouth & in your heart.

                                                      i. That tells me, If it's in your heart it will be in your mouth.

                                                      ii. (MAT 12:34) Says, "For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh." (KJV)

                                          d. & 3rd it tells me t importance to put it in your mouth, so that it will be in your heart.

                                                      i. ROM 10:17

       II. Speaking t Word of God does several things.

                 A. When you speak t Word of God out of your mouth, then you are planting seeds.

                             1. & t more you speak t Word, t more you believe it. T more you believe it, t more you speak it.

                             2. 2COR 4:13

                                          a. I like it how t NIV puts it (2CO 4:13) It is written: "I believed; therefore I have spoken." With that same spirit of faith we also believe and therefore speak, (NIV)

                                          b. It is believed that Paul was quoting an O.T. scripture in (PSA 116:10) which says in t KJV, "I believed, therefore have I spoken:"

                                                      i. Paul said, "We also believe, and therefore speak;" (KJV)

                                          c. To say it one more time, "What you believe, you will speak. If you believe t Word, you will speak it. If you speak it, you will believe it, & if you believe it you'll speak it.

                                                      i. This is God's cycle for producing faith as well as planting seed for harvest.

                                                      ii. This is t way that you get t process going. It's in your mouth & it's in your heart.

                 B. Jesus said in (MAR 4:26) That the kingdom of God, is as if a man should cast seed into the ground; (KJV)

                             1. You need to understand this that God is not sowing seed for you.

                                          a. He said a man should cast seed into t ground.

                                          b. Your harvest depends on your seeds sown.

                             2. T earth does not produce anything good to eat by itself. You have to force it to produce things good to eat.

                                          a. Other wise, all you will get are weeds.

                                          b. You have to do t planting of good seed.

                             3. There are times that we have unwanted seeds.

                                          a. Unwanted seeds are statements of doubt & unbelief.

                                          b. Things like, "Everything I do ends up a mess."

                                                      i. "Everything I do turns out bad." Or, "It's flu seasons. I'll probably catch it."

       III. When Adam & Eve were created they were placed in t Garden of Eden. It supplied them w/ everything they needed.

                 A. But Adam sold out to Satan, & Satan became t God of This World.

                             1. Thru t work of Jesus we can now have God's best again.

                             2. T born again spirit which God has placed on t inside of you is a garden which will produce everything you need in this life.

                                          a. 1COR 3:9

                                          b. T word "husbandry" means "Field or Garden"

                                          c. You are God's garden & that garden will produce everything that you will need.

                 B. (GEN 2:15) And the Lord God took the man, and put him into the garden of Eden to dress it and to keep it. (KJV)

                             1. T words "dress it" means "to work it, labour over it, to till it."

                             2. & t words "Keep it" means to "guard it, protect it, & to attend to it."

                                          a. T Lord is telling us to labour over & till our heart, to keep it, guard it, protect it, & to attend to it.

                                          b. To speak out things like, "Everything that I do is a failure," is planting t wrong seeds in that garden.

                             3. PSA 141:3

                                          a. We need to guard our heart.

                                          b. Don't let t things that are contrary to t Word of God come out of our lips, but speak t Word of God.

TFC 8/8/90  WED PM

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