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The Destiny of the Saved (Part 3), Romans 8:29-30

Pastor Scott Hedge
God for Us  •  Sermon  •  Submitted   •  Presented   •  33:16
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Outline of Romans 8 using 5 simple words

1. Liberation--8:1-11

2. Obligation--8:12-17

3. Glorification--8:18-25

4. Provision--8:26-30. This is the section of study.

5. Protection--8:31-39

God’s Provision--8:26-30

 The power of the Spirit toward us, v. 26-27

o Helps our weakness (pitches in with us--cooperation)

 The sovereignty of the Father, vv. 28-30

o Context is a world of sin and suffering

o The control of God, v. 28a

• God is working all things together in the direction of good as He defines

o The purpose of God, v. 28b

• Thought and planned out ahead of time

o The people of God, vv. 29-30

• Destined to be conformed--v. 29

 “Foreknew”--the idea of choice and selection (more than just to know ahead of time)

 “Predestinate”--God decided beforehand the course that things would be

 The course is “men would be conformed to the image of His Son”

• Destined to be glorified--v. 30

 More than “hope”--it is the idea of bringing something to its end (it is an announced destiny)

 This is not chronological sequence

 The stress is on certainty (all the verbs are aorist tense--definite action)

 After all this, God demands a response, v. 31a (He will also provide it, v. 31b)

Principle: There is no debate when it comes to the doctrine of eternal security of the believer. God takes up the program; He affects the whole thing

“These things,” v. 31a

 Primary reference--it is not a matter of merit (it is the choice of God)

 General reference--all that God has done for us (could take in all of Romans to this point)

Since God for us

 No enemies, v. 31b

 No lack, v. 32

 No guilt, v. 33 (no one can file a charge)

 No judge, v. 34

 No catastrophe, vv. 35-36 (he lists several possibilities)

 No separation, vv. 37-39

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