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The Implications of God for Us (Part 3) Romans 8:35-36 (Part 6 of Series)

Pastor Scott Hedge
God for Us  •  Sermon  •  Submitted   •  Presented   •  36:03
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Since God for us

• No enemies--v. 31b

• No lack--v. 32

• No guilt--v. 33 (no one can file a charge)

• No judge--v. 34

• No catastrophe--vv. 35-36 (he lists several possibilities)

• No separation—vv. 37-39

No judge—v. 34

• The advance between v. 33 and v. 34 is: It is one thing to have an accusation. It’s another to have success.

• The Father is the one who justifies.

• Jesus Christ is the judge—John 5:22, 27: Jesus will be one of two things (we decide in this life—opportunity ENDS at death) . . .

o Judge

o Savior

• Christ’s work for us—v. 34

o He died (aorist tense)

o He was raised (aorist tense)

o Makes intercession (present tense)

 Every time an accusation is brought against the believer, Jesus Christ intercedes (“I already paid for that.”)

God is for us—v. 31—in what way specifically? . . .

• Delivered Him up for us—v. 32

• Intercedes for us—v. 34—two intercessors in Romans 8 . . .

o One in us—v. 26 (Holy Spirit)

o One in heaven at the Father’s right hand—v. 34 (Jesus Christ)

No catastrophe—vv. 35-36

• Nothing can ever happen to cause Christ to stop loving us

• He begins with “who” and ends with a list of “what’s” . . .

o Tribulation—pressure

o Distress—narrow space (when the walls are closing in)

o Persecution—something we don’t know anything about (yet?)

o Famine--this was real for the original audience—Acts 8:1-2

o Nakedness—they had basic means (no decent clothing)—I Corinthians 4:11

o Peril—2 Corinthians 11:26; I Corinthians 15:30

o Sword—Acts 12:1-2; Hebrews 11:37

Observations (you need to give some extended thought to these)

• Modern Christianity bears little resemblance to New Testament Christianity

• The emphasis of the New Testament is not how we feel—but how we think

• There is no security to those who will not believe God’s Word

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