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The Implications of God for Us (Part 1) Romans 8:31-32 (Part 4 of Series)

Pastor Scott Hedge
God for Us  •  Sermon  •  Submitted   •  Presented   •  24:23
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Since God for us

 No enemies-- v. 31b

 No lack-- v. 32

 No guilt--v. 33 (no one can file a charge)

 No judge- v. 34

 No catastrophe--vv. 35-36 (he lists several possibilities)

 No separation--vv. 37-39

No enemies--v. 31b

 We do have enemies--just consider Satan

 The point here is--the effectiveness of enemies

 If God for us, it makes no difference who or what is against us.

 Consider the implication of Romans 8:28

o We can have no effective enemy

o God only works things in one direction--Good

o Observation--the good of Rom. 8:28 must be seen as ultimate not immediate

No lack--v. 32

 The logic is--greater gift includes the lesser

 “He that”--“the same God who . . . ” (it forms a link back to v. 31)

 There is something our translations miss--(Greek “ge”)--we say “even”

 Literally here--“the same God who even did not spare His own Son”

 Link together “for” (v. 31) with the “for” (v. 32)

 “His own” (belonging to one’s self--unique and personal and private)

o Actually before the verb--underscores it

o “For us all”--emphasis as it also is before the verb

• His own son--He did not spare

• For us all--He delivered Him up

 “Spare”

o This is the cross

o The inflicting of punishment (on your behalf)

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