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The Holy Spirit and Our Weakness (Part 1) Romans 8:26-27, God for Us Series

Pastor Scott Hedge
God for Us  •  Sermon  •  Submitted   •  Presented   •  29:13
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Outline of Romans 8 using 5 simple words:

1. Liberation, 8:1-11

2. Obligation, 8:12-17

3. Glorification, 8:18-25

4. Provision, 8:26-30

5. Protection, 8:31-39

God’s Provision, 8:26-30.

The ____________of the Spirit toward us, vv. 26-27.

The _______________of the Father, vv. 28-30

The Power of the Spirit, vv. 26-27.

The Spirit helps our infirmities (weaknesses)

In general:

• “Likewise”—he has been dealing with suffering and groaning and now he will deal with the ____________________that we have.

• “Weakness”—this is plural in translation but it is _____________plural.

• “Weakness” is not _____________; it is occasion for ___________.

• “The” weakness (specific)—we still live with the sin_______and with a __________body.

• “Help”—this is the idea of _________________and teamwork (ex., Luke 10:40).

In particular:

• The focus is on our ______________in prayer.

• “Should”—this is the word used for absolute necessity (John 3—you must (same word) be

born again.

• Do we always know the exact right thing to ask God for?_________

• “But”—we do not but _______________does.

• “Groanings which cannot be uttered” (too deep for words).

o We don’t understand.

o God does.

Principle: Always distinguish between _______________need and _____________need.

Observation: It is perfectly legitimate to see a need and pray for what we think needs to happen.

At the same time you can relax because the Spirit will catch it and handle it.

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