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The Son is Coming Back Up Again

Easter 2020  •  Sermon  •  Submitted
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This sermon encourages us that in the midst of a world of darkness and uncertainty the Son will always rise again. The season of our greatest loss becomes the season for our great gain.

Want to encourage someone in a season of, job, faith, confidence, joy, peace, purpose, focus.....
Introduction: Story about little boy who felt afraid in the dark. He says to his Father who is in the room with him. If you turn your face to me I'll feel better. You just feel better about your outlook when the sun is out.
When I was little I would lie there all night for fear of the dark. But when the morning came and the sun rose, I then wasnt afraid of no ghost!
There is something about the sun rising that signals to everything to rise. Come out of wherever you have hidden through the night. Because a new day is dawning.
DAWN First appearance of light in the morning as the sun rises. indicates that the stars are still visible at dawn. Dawn is used in the literal sense of the beginning of the day (; ; ; ). uses the picture of the dawn in as a figure for the new age of hope and promise that Jesus brought.
LIGHT IS NOT THE ABSENCE OF DARKNESS BUT DARKNESS IS THE ABSENCE OF LIGHT. That means that hope is not the absence of trouble but hope is still hope even in the midst of trouble. Just as light is still light even when darkness is there. But the opposite is not true in that darkness cannot remain on it's own without the absence of light. That’s why whenever you declar light and life and the hope that is in Jesus, darkness can’t last always.
Light then tarries then so that we can better appreciate the light when it comes. You don’t miss something until it's not there any more. We all miss each other because sometimes God wants us to appreciate and value things we have become familiar with. Familiarity breeds contempt.
WITHOUT FAITH WE CAN’T SEE THE NEW BEGINNINGS IN OUR ENDINGS. But the caterpillar tolerates the struggle of the cocoon because God has given it some sense to know it is about to become a butterfly. You can tolerate it God will eliminate it.
The sun is one of God's greatest creations. Study. In Genesis when God created the heaven and the earth. He created light but this light did not come from the sun. Scientists tell us that there is light in the universe that is not emitted by the sun.
See everything comes from God. That’s why God can cover the sun and still cause it to shine in your life. And if he has to he can even make you glow in the dark!
This is a Sabbath of Sabbath for this generation. God is in His holy temple let all the earth keep silent. Land be silent, streets, highways, stadiums, schools, airways, airplanes, waters, seas, ships, churches, Washington, Wall Street, let all the earth!
But then after the Sabbath the Son is gonna shine! You ought to begin to speak over every plan, dream, vision (that is from God!) to come back up again. “It's coming back up again”! You career, your ministry, your business, your purpose, your dreams, your vision, your plans, your faith, your confidence, your joy, your peace. It's coming back up again!
Nothing happens until you speak it. God said let there be light and there was light.
After the Sabbath was Sunday morning!
There cannot be a beginning without an end. There cannot be a resurrection without a crucifixion. There cannot be a sunday morning without a friday evening.
What we can expect when the Son comes back up.
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