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In God we find comfort

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1. In God we find comfort because of the mercy he has shown us in Christ.

IN This SECTION OF SCRIPTURE PAUL uses the word comfort 10 times. If anyone needed comfort in his life it was Paul. PAUL after his conversion went through alot during his life and ministry. If you turn over a few pages you can see some of these sufferings
Yet we read that God is a god of all comfort. Who like the texts says comforts us in all our affliction. This means exactly what it says. God came to Paul and comforted him in his sufferings. Christian dont you know what this means for you. That no matter the situation, no matter what the circumstance, no matter how you are suffering you can find comfort in God, because of Christ..
It doesn't end there though because we get to now because of our sufferings show comfort to others. Pauls suffering actually helped lead others to Christ and closer to Christ.

The very purpose of Paul’s sufferings and weakness as an apostle is to enable him to comfort those in affliction with the comfort with which he himself is comforted by God. Indeed, his very strength lies in his weakness

My wife and I’s loss of our baby, and witnessing soon after to others, and seeing people come to know him, and to grow closer to him… While the event still hurts us, it has allowed us to minister the gospel in ways we could have never imagined.
God doesn't waste sufferings, plagues, or pandemics. These sort of situations we have in our lives should not lead us to panic, but lead us to minister, and offer that same comfort we have in Christ to others. Don’t waste the present moment because of fear. Use this moment to point others to the one who comforts in all situations.
We may not have a cure for covid 19, but we know the cure for sin, and that is Christ.
I LOVE what verse 7 says.... We may be stricken with disease, or other ailments in this life, but Pauls prayer and mine is that we will not be shaken. Brothers and sisters in Christ may get this disease, but we must pray that if they do they will no be shaken, and will find comfort in Christ.
In God we find comfort because of the mercy he has shown us in Christ.

In God we find comfort because one day our ultimate comfort will occur when we are in the presence of God.

We read later in the chapter some of the sufferings Paul had. But he was sure that his life almost came to an end. But this was to make him rely not on himself, but on God..
disease and heartache may seem like a death sentence, but often it brings us closer to Christ. When fear comes upon people we shouldnt join along with them, we should be reminded of the comfort of God.
Why do we have comfort from God? Because he has delivered us from Sin, and gave us new life in Christ.
The work of Christ on the cross was a one time event to accomplish salvation for all the children of God throughout time, but it doesnt just stop their. The finished work on the cross is a reminder that no matter what happens in this life he will deliver us and raise us up on the last day.
That was Pauls hope, that was the early churches hope, that was the hope of the reformers, and its the hope we have today. While we pray for a cure of this disease, cancer, conditions, and other ailments we dont put our hope in them. WE put our hope in Christ who is our ultimate comfort.
But this doesn't mean that we stop praying for deliverance

Prayer is thus neither surrender to the inevitability of God’s will nor the attempt to manipulate God to do our will. Prayer is the entrance—at God’s marvelous invitation—into the effecting of deliverance and salvation in the world. This real participation in God’s will cannot be grasped by human reason.

The NIV Application Commentary: 2 Corinthians Paul’s “Sentence to Death” as the Pattern of His Suffering (1:8–11)

Paul’s experience in Asia was an object lesson of the same divine faithfulness and power portrayed in the cross and resurrection of Christ. As such, it should draw others to join Paul in trusting and praising God in the present as they look to the future.

Paul wanted them to pray to God with the foundation of Christ and the hope they have in God, with the confidence that God can continue to help Paul through his life.
I believe a great way we can pray during this time is the same way Paul asked the people of Corinth to do. That is be comforted by the mercy of God through Jesus Christ knowing our final destination , and believing that God can deliver us from this present affliction we have today, because he has done so in the past. This should spur us with all the confidence in the world, because we serve a God who saves.
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