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Do you have peace with God?

How to have peace with God.
Intro: In church week after week people sit in church and leave with an uneasy feeling. They have no peace with God. There can be a number of reasons. Sin problem, not serving the Lord as he has called you to do. Could unsure of your relationship with the Lord. Could be you know you are lost and will not surrender your life to Christ. It may be that there is no peace and there is uncurrent why. To know why it is important to recognize that there is a problem.
I. Recognize there is a problem. VS 25-26
A. Issue of blood for 12 years. Flow of blood, (hemorrhage).
1. The effects of the problem.
a. Jewish law, unclean, could not marry, she could not worship on the Temple, cold not socialize. She was an outcast. This had gone on for 12 years.
b. Because of the effect this disease, (plague) she had no peace.
VS 29 and VS 34 KJV Plague is used. A whip, the word use to describe Romans would beat someone. This disease had her beat down.
2. When you have no peace with God, it will make you feel beat down. Make you feel like you can’t move on. Make you feel like there is no hope.
a. What causes this feeling of no peace?
1. Sin. For a believer in Christ, that is living a life of sin, they will have no peace.
a. Who is going to feel un-peaceful when someone is preaching about adultery?
b. Who is going to feel un-peaceful when someone is preaching about being unfaithful Christian?
c. Who is going to un-peaceful when someone is preaching about any kind of sin?
d. Who is going to feel un-peaceful when someone is always talking about salvation?
It’s a good chance it’s someone that has no peace about their salvation. Either not saved or not sure.
3. What are some ways people try to resolve this un-peaceful feeling.
VS 26
1. She had suffered embarrassment, pain, disappointment, and financial ruin.
a. She spent all her money, and still the Dr’s couldn’t help her. Her conduction just got worse.
b. She tried to handle her problem without the help of God.
2. People that have no peace with God, try to take care of it without God.
a. Self help books. Some talk show host. Just try to handle it own their own.
b. There human limitations. “But with God all things are possible”. “I can do all things through Christ with strength me”.
“The Lord will give strength unto his people; the Lord will bless his people with peace”.
3. If you do not have peace with God, and you hear how, or you read it in God’s word, then you have to respond with faith.
II. Respond with faith. VS 27-29
VS 27
1. When she heard of Jesus. Someone told her about Jesus. Elab
a. Every people that is a follower of Christ, heard about Jesus. Elab
b. When you hear about Jesus, His grace. Elab Then you have to respond with faith.
2. When this woman heard about Jesus, it lite a spark of faith in her heart.
a. If she wouldn’t have responded she would have not be healed.
3. But she did respond.
VS 27b
1. “The press” Elab
a. She was unclean, an outcast. She was making her way though the crowd.
b. She didn’t care what one thought, she just wanted to get to Jesus.
c. Some times people may worry about what others will think when they have to make a decision for Christ.
d. She makes her way to Jesus and touched his garment.
VS 28
1. This was great faith. There was nothing magical about his clothes, it was her faith is Christ.
“For by grace are saved by faith; not of yourselves; it is a gift of God”
a. It was that spark of faith that moved her, and her responded to it.
VS 29
1. Her faith was instant, and complete.
a. Though her faith she show that the power of the Lord was absolute. He was mighty to save, that a touch would do, even a touch of his robe.
b. She followed in faith. She touched, it worked. It was a personal faith in Christ.
c. She acted on faith not a feeling. Being saved is not a feeling, but it sure feels good to be saved.
2. Her faith in Christ changed her life. VS 29b
1. No more pain, no more being an outcast.
a. Jesus will change your life. I Corn. 5:17
2. When you respond to faith you receive God’s grace.
III. Receive God’s peace. VS 30-34
VS 30
1. Jesus knew the power had gone forth from him.
a. Jesus knows when you call on him. He know when you call out with faith, the knows your heart.
2. Jesus asked what seems to be a strange question.
“Who touched my clothes?”
a. If Jesus is God (and he is) and he is all knowing, why would he ask this?
b. He wanted a public confession.
3. Look at the reaction of the disciples.
VS 31
1. Elab the press. What a question to ask.
a. Elab on how the disciples react.
b. The question wasn’t for the disciples, it was for the woman.
VS 32
1. Jesus had called out to her, look he is waiting for her. She had to faith to come, but would she have the courage to confess?
a. She could have been a secret disciple, but secret disciple is a weak disciple.
2. She could have just gone home and still have been healed, but she still would not have true peace.
a. You can make a decision for Christ (salvation) but when you make it public, you can have true peace.
VS 33
1. Her faith and her had now given way to fear. What did she fear? Did she fear the Lord? Did her fear what the people would did?
a. What ever her fear was she poured out her heart to the Lord. She told him the whole story.
12 years of misery. Hopeless Drs. All her money gone. How she had heard about him. Her faith, her touch and now she was completely clean.
VS 34
1. Not her works have made you whole, your faith.
a.”thy faith hath made thee whole” to save, to deliver.
II Con 1:10
2. What ever it is that is causing you to have no peace, God will deliver you, save you.
“Go in peace”
3. Her day started just like it had for the past 12 years. But because her heard about Jesus, and she had faith that he could save, and she acted out on that faith, she was made whole. She went home a new person.
a. She now had peace. No one could give her that peace other then God.
4. What about you today? Do you have that peace with God?
a. You can today. You have heard about Jesus, do you have faith? Reach out to him today.
But today I want to look at this miracle, and see it a way of you and I telling someone who is lost without Jesus, the love and grace of Jesus, and lead them to a saving grace and then they will have that peace.
People are hurting, people are on their way to hell. Jesus “I am the way, the truth, the life, no one comes to the father but by me”
They can’t get on their own, can’t get through doing good things, can’t get by just coming to church, only by way of Jesus.
How does a person who is lost without Jesus come to know Jesus? Someone has to tell them.
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