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Crucified, Dead, and Buried

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Palm Sunday amidst the Coronavirus

Mission and Vision
Read the Apostles’ Creed
Today is palm Sunday
The Triumphal Entry
Doesn’t feel very triumphant sitting at home
But today starts the most important week of the Christian year, Holy Week
I mean, this week… this is what our faith is rooted in
Let’s jump into our text
We see that Jesus Christ was welcomed into the city of David as the Davidic king
The people were looking to him as a political leader who was going to finally free them from their physical oppression
They were shouting Hosanna which was a plead and an accolade
Hosanna means save me… which speaks to the idea that only you can
And we see Jesus riding in as the humble yet royal king
But what most of the people didn’t realize is that Jesus wasn’t coming in to conquer Rome… he was coming to conquer sin and death
Jesus was riding into that town to b e despised and rejected
He was riding into Jerusalem to be crucified, to die, and to be burried
And as followers of christ this is something that we believe
Our creed says I believe that Jesus was Crucified, died, and was burried
We fully rest in the truth that Jesus didn’t swoon
One of the theories was that Jesus just looked dead. He was almost dead but after he rested in the tomb for a few days he was strong enough to leav
WE understand from biblical and extrabiblical text that the Romans were really good at killing people
They didn’t mess up and accidentally leave someone alive
Jesus truly, and actually died on that cross
The cross was a sign of shame
Our king who rode in on Palm Sunday with robes being thrown on the grown to show solidarity
Was killed in the most shameful way that the state could imagine
The jews even believed, as it was written in and Paul Quotes in
Cursed is anyone who is hanged on a tree
They would’ve considered this the same thing. He was hung up on this man made tree
That crucifixion was the worse possible death that Rome could’ve mustered… and it was done to the only perfect man to ever live
he was murdered.
The world Saw Jesus coming in and then eventually mocked and killed him because they didn’t understand his purpose
They thought they could kill him not knowing that he was laying down his life
They thought they were crushing him, not realizing that he was crushed for our sins and bruised for our inequities. That by his stripes he wasn’t being shamed… but by his stripes we are healed
Jesus had to die. He chose to die because the wages of sin are death and only the death of the perfect lamb could be accepted
Only Jesus, who was perfect, could die to satisfy the wages of sin for all men for all time
It was his crucifixion, death, and burial that payed the price for my sins
The sacrafice was completed in his death, and bruial
The crucifixion is fact and flies in the face of Islam and Jehovas withness
Burial was important because there needed to be proof when sunday came
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