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Blood Covenant # 2

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     We’re teaching on the subject of the Blood Covenant. The Blood Covenant is a very important part of the Word of God, even though many don’t teach on it or know much about it. Blood Covenants are not something that we practice in the western world. The Blood Covenant has so much to do with WHO WE ARE IN THE LORD JESUS CHRIST.

I) (2TIM 2:10 ) Says, “Salvation is in Christ.”

A) (ROM 3:24) Says, “Redemption is in Christ.”

1) (ROM 8:1) Says, “There is NO CONDEMNATION to them which are IN CHRIST, who walk after the Spirit.”


3) (2COR 2:14) Says, "God will ALWAYS cause us to TRIUMPH, for those who are IN CHRIST.”

4) (GAL 2:4) Says, “We have LIBERTY IN CHRIST.”


6) (EPH 2:13) Says, “But now IN CHRIST Jesus ye who sometimes were far off are MADE NIGH BY THE BLOOD of Jesus.”

B) The blood of Christ has made ours all the things that we have in Christ and that's part of the blood covenant.

II) All right we left off last time talking about there being 3 main reasons why someone would enter into a covenant with another person.

A) 1st reason would be for PROTECTION.

1) One person or one tribe would take of the strength of another if they would enter into a covenant together.

2) In the blood covenant you had to fight for your covenant partner, and even die for them if it was necessary.

B) The 2nd reason for entering into a covenant with someone would be for BUSINESS PURPOSES.

1) This would be a guarantee that neither business associate would cheat the other.

C) The 3rd reason was for LOVE.

1) Love is the # 1 reason for 2 people entering into a covenant together.

2) Love was the reason that Jonathan and David entered into a covenant.

a) Do you remember that I said last time that, when you enter into a covenant with someone that all they have is now yours and all that you have is now theirs?

b) That’s exactly what Jonathan and David did.

(i) Jonathan was the heir to the throne, but because of the covenant that they entered into, the throne also belonged to David.

3) I also made mention last time that when 2 people entered into a covenant, that covenant never ended.

a) It would even go on with the descendants of the original covenant partners, as long as they remembered the covenant.

b) In (2 SAM 4:4) it says that Jonathan had a son, named Mephibosheth, but David didn’t know about it.

(i) 2 SAM 9:1-3.

(ii) Then David sent for Mephibosheth.

(iii) Now look at 2 SAM 9:6–10a, 13.

(iv) Why did David do this for Jonathan’s son? Because he was in a covenant with Jonathan and all his descendants.

c) DEUT 5:6–10.

(i) The NIV says, “Unto a thousand generations.”

III) In a Blood Covenant there are 8 ways or steps to be followed when entering into a covenant with someone.

A) In the O. T. people usually only followed 2 or 3 of these steps. Jesus actually complied with all 8 when He entered into a covenant with us.

1) The 1st step would be to EXCHANGE COATS or GARMENTS.

a) This was a very important step. This act symbolized that all I have is yours and all that you have is mine.

(i) David and Jonathan did that and you can read it for your self later in (1SAM 18:1–4).

b) Didn’t Jesus also do that with mankind?

(i) JOHN 19: 1,23–24.

(ii) But Jesus gave us more than His earthly garments.

(iii) ISA 61:10.

2) The 2nd step would be to EXCHANGE WEAPONS.

a) Jonathan and David did that (1SAM 18:4).

b) Jesus gave us a weapon, the sword of the Spirit that is the Word of God.

(i) The WEAPONS (pleural) of our warfare are not carnal but mighty through God to the pulling down strongholds. Prayer (all the different kinds), the authority of the believer, praise and worship just to mention a few.

c) This step signifies that all their strength belongs to you.

3) The 3rd step was to EXCHANGE NAMES in some way. (Take 1st name and use it as the last name.)

a) This would give you the power of attorney to all that belonged to your covenant partner.

(i) You would have a legal right to use that name. (Bill Gates)

b) Jesus gave us His name to use.

(i) He said in (JOHN 16:23) “Whatsoever ye shall ask the Father in my name, he will give {it} you.”

(ii) He also said in (MARK 16:17–18) “And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues; They shall take up serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them; they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover.”

4) The 4th step in entering into a covenant is called the BLOOD CUTTING.

a) A cut was made on the wrists or palms of 2 people’s hands. They would then Shake hands or mix the blood together.

(i) From that point on you became blood brothers.

b) When Jesus shed His Blood on the cross we began to enter into a covenant relationship with Him.

(i) But when did Jesus’ blood mix with ours?

(ii) John 6:53–56.

c) Jesus was saying in these Vs that If you want to have eternal life, you must enter into a Covenant with me.

(i) How do we partake of the Blood of Jesus?

(ii) Look at JOHN 6:35.

(iii) Never thirst means having your thirst quenched.

(iv) Having our thirst quenched is referring to partaking of the blood of Jesus. But, according to this V, how are we going to have the Blood of Jesus applied to our lives?

(v) By believing on Him.

d) When you put your faith in the Lord Jesus, you have entered into a Blood Covenant with Him and the very Blood of Jesus flows through your vines, with resurrection power.

WOLCC Sun 8/9/92 and Sunday, 3/20/99 Blood Covenant by Theo Wolmarans Chapter 2 Ps 13–27

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