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Blame- Don't blame God

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     Many times, before we can receive anything from God we have to find the answers to questions that are keeping us from receiving. Questions like "WHY ME?" As long as you have those thoughts it's going to keep you from receiving. W/ that thought in your mind, it implies that you might be blaming God for what has happened.

     I. Some have put the blame on God for what has happened in their lives or that God has put something on them to punish them, or even that God put something on them for what they did very young or in the womb.

              A. Then they'll say that this person needs to repent from what they did & get inner healing.

                        1. By inner healing they usually mean that their spirit is healed.

                                  a. God is not in the healing spirits business, He recreates them. (2COR 5:17) Says, “Therefore if any man {be} in Christ, {he is} a new creature.”

                                  b. His spirit has been recreated. He's a being that has never existed before.

                        2. The only thing that I could say might need inner healing is in the soulish realm.

                                  a. Sometimes people have some emotional scars from their past, Things like child abuse, or something that someone did that was wrong & the Devil keeps tormenting them with the thought of it.

                                  b. And the Lord does heal our mind, our will, our emotions, our intellect, which is our soul.

                                  c. In (PSA 23:3) it says, "The Lord restores our soul."

              B. Not only do some people say that God put something on someone for what they did when they were very young or in the womb, but they will even put the blame on the parents, saying by what the parents did the child is reaping t consequences of it.

                        1. That's what the disciples thought.

                        2. JOHN 9:1-2

                                  a. Some people have misunderstood what Jesus said in V 3 &4.

                        3. V 3a

                                  a. Jesus answered the question. He said, "Neither hath this man sinned, nor his parents.

                                           i. This was the end to the answer to their question.

                                           ii. Then Jesus goes on the make a statement in (V 3b-4)

                                           iii. In the original Greek there were no commas or periods, the translators put them in where they felt they belonged. Here they did an injustice to these Vs.

                                  b. It should read like this. Vs 2-4

                                           i. Some have read (V 3) & made the comment that God made this man blind just so that He could heal him.

                                           ii. That would make God a child abuser.

                                           iii. That doesn't sound like love to me, but (1JOHN 4:8) says, "God is love."

                                           iv God wouldn't bring sickness upon someone & turn around & heal them.

                                           v. T Devil might do that but not God.

              C. Yet there are still others that have said, "Yes, God does heal but it's not His will to heal all."

                        1. MATT 4:23-24

                                  a. That tells us that he healed all of them.

                        2. ACTS 10:38

                                  a. Jesus when about HEALING ALL.

                                  b. Some have even used t excuse that only in Jesus earthly ministry were all healed.

                        3. ACTS 5:16

                                  a. How many is everyone? ALL

     II. Many blame God for accents, sickness, death, storms, earthquakes, floods, Even Insurance Companies call natural disasters "ACTS of GOD."

              A. But they're not acts of God. God is not responsible, He's not t author of them, He's not to blame.

                        1. If you're going to blame someone, blame t devil, He's responsible, He's t author of sickness, disease, death, & disasters.

              B. 1JOHN 3:8

                        1. What are t works of t Devil? We just said what they were. Sickness, disease, death, poverty, lack, & disasters.

                        2. (JOHN 10:10) Says, "The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy."

                                  a. That which comes to steal, kill, or destroy is t devils work.

                        3. LUKE 9:56

                                  a. T word "SAVE" is t Greek word "SOZO" which means "To save, deliver, protect, heal, preserve, do well, make whole."

                                  b. In t last half of (JOHN 10:10) Jesus said about Himself, I am come that they might have life, and that they might have {it} more abundantly.

                                  c. This shows us t character of Jesus.

              C. But we still have t others that tell us that this was Jesus but it's not t Father.

                        1. JOHN 14:9

                                  a. If you want to see what God t Father is like, look at Jesus.

                                           i. Jesus said if you have seen me you have seen t Father.

                        2. Now look at V 10.

                                  a. In this V Jesus said that it is t Father in Him that was doing t WORKS.

                                           i. Back in (ACTS 10:38) It said that it was God that anointed Jesus w/ power to do t works.

                        Example       ii. In (MARK 4:39) when Jesus rebuked t storm, it was actually God rebuking t storm through Jesus.

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