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     We’re going to pick up where we left off last week and I think that we’re also going to conclude our teaching on the subject SPIRITUAL AUTHORITY.

     I. Last time we had you turn to (LUKE 10:19) which says, “Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you.” KJV

              A. Jesus said that we have authority over all the power or Authority of the enemy.

                        1. We have authority over the enemy and Victory in this life. “So why does it seen to take so long to receive the things that we’ve prayed for and used our authority over the enemy.

                        2. 1st of all we should want God’s timing.

                                  a. There are so things that take time.

                                           i. When Mary was told, by the angel, that she was going to have a baby, It wasn’t until 9 months later that she gave birth.

                                           ii. There was time involved.

                                           iii. Look at HEB 10:36

                        3. Patience is a very important part in receiving the promised of God.

                                  a. (Hebrews 6:12) “That ye be not slothful, but followers of them who through faith and patience inherit the promises.” KJV

                                           i. Faith and Patience go together, If you’re in Faith you’re going to have Patience, and if you’re walking in Patience then there is a good chance that you’re walking in faith.

                                           ii. Both Faith and Patience are needed to receive the promises of God.

              B. Go back with me to HEB 10:36

                        1. If we want God to bless us and if we want to have victory over the Devil continuously, we have to do what the Word of God tells us to do. We have to be doers of the Word.

                                  a. We have to DO WHAT THE WORD SAYS.

                                  b. We can’t expect to have God’s best when He tells us how to give, how to live and how to love, but don’t do it.

                        2. Jesus said in (Luke 11:28), “Blessed are they that hear the word of God, and keep it.” KJV

                                  a. The word “BLESSED” here means happy, but it also refers toFREEDOM,” FREEDOM FORM BONDAGE.

                                           i. In other words, Jesus said, “You are BLESSED, HAPPY and FREE if you hear my Word and keep it.

                                  b. James tells us about the same thing, In (JAMES 1) he says “If we are a doer of the Word we will be BLESSED, HAPPY, and FREE.”

                                           i. Paul said that, “After ye have done the will of God, ye might receive the promise.”

                        3. If you’ve been patient, but still no sign of the Promise, you have to ask your self, “Am I doing what the Word says to do, in all areas?” “Am I a DOER of the WORD?”

                                  a. I can’t answer that for you.

              C. You also need to ask your self, “Is it the right timing.”

                        1. Bobbie Jean has a book or tape named “Delay is not Denial.” And that’s very true, maybe the timing is not right.

     II. But pastor, my spouse is not saved and I’ve been praying for him for years. Doesn’t God want him saved NOW?

              A. Yes, he does. (2 Corinthians 6:2) Says, “Behold, now is the accepted time; behold, now is the day of salvation.” KJV

              B. That leads us to our next reason for MIRACLE HOLD UP.

                        1. So far we have TIMING, PATIENCE, and BE A DOER OF THE WORD.

                        2. The 4th reason things don’t happen immediately is because of the Satanic forces trying to stop the move of God and His promises from getting through.

                                  a. That’s why we not only have to ask in faith, but we also have to keep on standing in faith.

                                  b. (1 Peter 5:9) Tells us to RESIST Satan steadfast in the faith.

                                           i. The verb and the tense of this V tells us that we are to RESIST, OPPOSE, and COME AGAINST SATAN, CONTINUOUSLY. (I’m Not talking about doing that every minute, but don’t give up on using your authority.)

                        3. Look at EPH 6:12

                                  a. These demonic spirits are the reason why we don’t see the answer to our prayer sooner.

                                  b. There is a battle going on in the Spirit.

              C. Turn to EZE 28:2

                        1. Here we see the “Prince of Tyrus” AND God says that he is a man.

                        2. Now go down to EZE 28:11-12

                                  a. Now the Word of the Lord came for the “King of Tyrus.”

                                           i. 2 different beings and this being must have been a powerful demonic being AND probably the wicked spirit that was over that city to stop the Will of God.

                                           ii. And really this demonic spirit is Satan.

                                  b. Look at EZE 28:13-15

                                  c. The main thing that I wanted you to see is that there are demonic Spirits that are over cities and there main purpose is to stop the move of God.

                        3. Look at DAN 10:2-3, 10-13

                                  a. Demonic spirits are out there trying to stop God from moving.

                                  b. We need to stand our ground, Keep Believing God, and use our authority over the enemy.

     III. If you look at the things that are going on in the spirit and we see that we are in a battle against Satan and all of his demonic forces, WE CAN FEEL OVERWHELMED.

              A. The Authority that you have over Satan has nothing to do with FEELINGS and it has nothing to do with WHAT YOU SEE.

                        1. (2 Corinthians 5:7) Says, “(For we walk by faith, not by sight:)” KJV

                        2. Our authority is based on what the Word of God says.

              B. Turn with me to 1JOHN 3:8

                        1. If we think about it for a moment, Satan’s works are still going on, they’re not destroyed.

                                  a. The word “DESTROY” here in (1JOHN 3:8) meansTo Loose, Break, Unloose, Destroy, Dissolve, and Put off.”

                        2. Jesus came TO LOOSE Satan claim on you, TO BREAK HIS HOLD OVER YOU, TO DESTROY HIS WORKS IN YOU LIFE.

                        3. Satan has no rights over you unless you let him.

                                  a. Don’t let him, USE YOUR AUTHORITY OVER HIM, and USE THE WORD OF GOD AGAINST HIM.

                        4. God has such a love for us and He so much wants us to have His promises and blessings.

                                  a. Victory is coming.

                                  b. WHEN? I don’t know, that’s why we have need of Patience.

                                  c. Stand your ground against the devil, Victory is on the way.

WOLCC Sun AM 1/19/97 Spiritual Authority # 4a Mostly from Authority 3a, but also some from Authority 4 pg. 3 at IIC2a through IIC2bi.

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