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Angels # 3

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     We're going to continue on the subject of “Angels.” Today we're going to answer some questions about angels, if we get to them all today. We're going to answer some questions like, What kind of beings are angels? Can we think of an angel as a person? What are some of the characteristics of angels? What are their abilities? What do they look like?

     I. Whether we can consider an angel a person depends upon our definition of a person.

              A. 1 definition I look up says that a person is any one who has a personality.

                        1. But that would include, dogs, cats, fish & all animals.

                        2. Then there were some definitions of the word that were so strict it would eliminate, God, the HS, Jesus, anyone that has died. It would also eliminate people that were in a coma, & even people that were asleep.

                                  a. The definition said, “humans that have a personality.”

              B. There was 1 definition that I liked.

                        1. It said, “A person must have or did have in manifestation; an intellect, emotions, a will, a conscience, & a morality.”

                                  a. That would eliminate animals, but would include God the Father, God the Son, & God the HS.

     II. What about angels, do they have these same qualities?

              A. Angels do have intelligence.

                        1. Last week we looked at (1PET 1:12) Which tells us that the angels desire curiously to look into the Gospel.

                                  a. They have a desire to learn about the Gospel.

                        2. Angels are intelligent in speech.

                                  a. We see many instances of angels talking in the Word, but let's just look at 1.

                                           i. Turn to MATT 28:5

                        3. We also know that Lucifer was full of wisdom before his fall, from (EZE 28:12) which states that.

                                  a. After his fall God said, he corrupted his wisdom. (EZE 28:17)

                        4. Sometimes angels are aware of men's prayers & future events.

                                  a. In (LUKE 1:13) An angel said, “Zacharias thy prayer is heard & Elisabeth shall have a son.”

                                  b. They do show intelligence.

              B. We can also see that angels have emotions.

                        1. JOB 38:7

                                  a. In this chapter here God is talking to Job about creation.

                                  b. The “Sons of God” must have been angels that shouted for joy.

                                           i. Even the NIV translation calls them angels.

                        2. In (ISA 6:3) the angels in reverence to God “cryed out Holy, Holy, Holy.”

                                  a. Crying out sounds like some emotion might be involved.

                        3. LUKE 15:10

                                  a. They have emotions.

              C. So far we said that angels have Intelligence. They also have emotions. What about a WILL?

                        1. Our best example of this is Lucifer.

                        2. ISA 14:12-15

                                  a. Notice the 5 times that he uses the wordsI will.”

                                  b. He made a choice. Even though it was the wrong choice.

                                           i. Some have said that angels don't have a will or a free choice, but Satan did.

                                           ii. Angels are not just puppets, they do have a will.

                        3. According to the Book of (REV 12:4) 1/3 of all the angels chose to rebel against God.

                                  a. (MATT 25:41) Tells us where these fallen angels are going to go, “To everlasting fire, prepared for the devil and his angels.”

              D. Now in the question of angels having a morality & a conscience, According to the dictionary, they both have to do withthe awareness of a moral or ethical aspect to one's conduct of right over wrong.

                        1. Angels know right from wrong.

                                  a. They know that worship should go to God & that it is wrong for them to receive worship. (Some chose to do wrong.)

     III. Let's go on to the next question that I asked in the beginning of this message. “What kind of beings are angels?”

              A. HEB 1:13-14

                        1. They are all spiritual beings.

                                  a. All spiritual beings are not equal in ability.

                                           i. (JOHN 4:24) Says that God is a spirit.

                                           ii. We also know that men are spiritual beings.

                                           iii. Angels are different from men & God.

              B. MATT 22:28-30

                        1. Angels do not marry.

                                  a. But I wanted you to look at this for another reason.

                                           i. 1st of all this V says that we will not marry or be given in marriage in heaven.

                                  b. This V also says, “but are as the angels of God in heaven.”

                                           i. This says that there will be some similarities between us & the godly angels.

                                           ii. We just don't know how much.

                        2. When angels are spoken of in the Bible, usually they are spoken of as being in the form of a man. (If there is any indication)

                                  i. Except once.

                                  ii. ZECH 5:9

              C. In the Word of God we see that angels do appear, sometimes to the natural eyes & sometimes the spiritual eyes of someone are opened & they will see angels.

                        1. Do angels have the ability to appear at their own will or will they only appear at God's command?

                                 a. The Bible does say that people will have the “Discerning of spirits,” according to (1COR 12)

                                           i. But that's only done as the Spirit wills.

                        2. But we Satan or his demonic force appears many times when you don't thing it would be God's will.

                                 a. 1st in the Garden of Eden.

                                           i. Sometimes as ghosts in houses, or demons in a séance.

                                  b. 2COR 11:14

                                           i. (2 Corinthians 11:14) ASV says, “And no marvel; for even Satan fashioneth himself into an angel of light.”

                                           ii. This V says that Satan turns himself into an angel of light.

                                           iii. Why would it be God's will to have Satan appear to men when he looks like an angel of light. (So they can be deceived?)

                        3. I have come to my own conclusion. I can't back this up 100% with the Word of God, but from the scriptures I just read, I feel that angels can appear at their own will.

                                  a. Godly angels will not go against the will of God, but I don't feel that they have to go & ask God each time that there is a reason for them to appear.

              IV. Let me take a little side journey before we go on.

                        A. When I said that something can't be backed up from the Word 100%, you can take it or leave it.

                                  1. If someone says something to you like a prophecy or they have a word for you personally that is not against what the Word says.

                                  2. DON'T act on it until the Lord tells you the same thing.

                                           a. (Give $10,000, become a missionary, go to this or that church)

                                           b. We all have the HS. & we are all led by the HS.

                                                     i. The HS will tell you what to do. All personal prophecy is ever to do is to confirm what the Lord is telling you.

                        3. If someone gives you a “word” & you don't have a witness of the HS. just put it up on the shelf & don't do a thing about it until the Lord shows you, if ever.

              B. Now if theword” is contrary to the Word of God, throw it out. Forget it. Don't pay any attention to it. Don't receive it.

                        1. And by all means don't do it.

     V. Let's just look at the different ways angels appear before we close.

              A. Sometimes they will appear in a dream. (Joseph warned MATT 2:13)

              B. Sometimes they appear in visions. (John in the book of REV.)

              C. We already talked about the discerning of spirits. (1COR 12 which goes with visions.)

              D. HEB 13:2

                        1. Sometimes we will see angels with our natural eyes & we may not even be aware of it.

              E. 2KINGS 6:17

                        1. The Lord opened the eyes of the servant & he saw a mighty host of God's army, which had to include many angles.

                        2. Let me end with this V. & this is what I say to you.

                                  a. 2KINGS 6:16

WOLCC 11/14/93 SUN AM

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