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4/5/2020 Sunday Service

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“Palm Sunday Encounters” “The Life of Christ: Chapter II”—Sermon #6 Matthew 21:1-17 Pastor Erik J. Ferguson Sermon Idea: Jesus’ Palm Sunday encounters demonstrate a sharp divide that separates follower from critic. Body: I. Jesus encountered _______________ (Matthew 21:1-7). A. Group #1: The _____________ submitted to Jesus’ authority. B. Group #2: The ___________ submitted to Jesus’ authority--Zechariah 9:9. C. Group #3: The beast’s ____________ submitted to Jesus authority. D. Personal Application: Am I submitted to Christ’s Lordship? II. Jesus encountered __________ (Matthew 21:8-11). A. The crowd’s praise was _______________. B. The crowd’s praise was ______________--Revelation 5:12. C. Personal Application: Am I filled with praise? Is my praise genuine? III. Jesus encountered ______________ and ____________ (Matthew 21:12-13). A. ___________ Jews were unduly taken advantage of by their Jewish brethren. B. The Jewish ____________ ____________ routinely looked the other way. C. God’s House was robbed of its ________________. D. Personal Application: Is my worship pure and undefiled? Is my worship Christ-centered? IV. Jesus encountered _____________ (Matthew 21:14). A. The _____________ ______________ flocked to Jesus. B. Jesus compassionately ____________ to those in need. C. Personal Application: When needs arise, am I eager to respond compassionately, materially or financially, or do I turn a cold shoulder? V. Jesus encountered ______________ (Matthew 21:15-17). A. The Jewish religious leaders were spiritually __________. B. Personal Application: Is my spiritual vision a perfect 20/20? Concluding Questions: Is my will surrendered to the Savior’s will? Is my life all about praise? Do I approach God with proper respect and reverence? Do I offer cold cups of cold water in Jesus’ name? And do I know Christ personally?
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