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Let us go to the house of the lord

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Good morning to Roland Okay, magazine Susie special service during this time of Crisis and I'm actually together here. But why are we out? Cuz we do seek to worship him Andre just one bus from Psalm 27, 27 of us 6 and now my head shall be lifted up about my enemies all around me and I would offer in his tent sacrifices with shouts of Joy. I was saying I might Melody to the Lord. Let's try.

Gracious God and Father. If you do come together to worship you this day. You probably will call you be pleased to meet with us and enables and encourages as we speak. So to do what we do. Thank you, then we can wish you we probably will go out. This might be a time of Rachel blessing and cottage meant to each one of us and help us load it is we are actually meet you now Lord, we may we all we have met with the living the extended the glory for my Lord Jesus Christ here is that we ask in his name,

We have decided this week to reintroduce the children's dog. We had some requests for this so I would be doing that talk now and we're looking for fishermen who followed Jesus found in Matthew chapter 4 in dresses 18 to 22. Jesus left Nazareth and he went to live-in companion on the shore of the lake Galilee. And as he was there so you noticed that I was some who efficient she was unusual many people would it be beneficial in particular that I Lord took notice all these so two brothers one was Simon called Peter and his brother Andrew and he said I stay with a constant the net into the sea. She says come and follow me and I will make you Fishers of Men. Immediately, they followed him. They left their Nets and followed Jesus so you can learn more about it. And then as Jesus went along the shore resort to other two brothers named James and John the sons of Zebedee and I to a fisherman and the heat will working in that about seeking to catch fish. And as I Was preparing for this stage are officially what happens sometimes when the people off fishing the next get broken to get Quartz rocks or whatever. It might be and I was spending time also Mendon that net has spoke to James and John and he said had a very similar thing to them. He says come and follow me and immediately they both left the boat and that father and went to follow Jesus. I'm so the fool fisherman pizza and Andrew John and James will follow Jesus. I see continued in his ministries at beginning of his ministry and he went around Galilee proclaiming and teaching in the synagogue by proclaiming the good news of the kingdom of God and doing very many things including the number of Miracles Haley knows that had particular need sun. I want to see over the next few weeks to think about that was for and I'll just pizza and we learning more about him as God willing we do continue with this. I did send out leaflets everyone not just the children New Orlean the church, but I was particularly with young children. If you are going Harrison, please to completely fill it and send it back to us. We would be very gray. For that particular with Peter, we're not going to come to matches for prayers. And we thinking first of all of the birthdays are referring to bust ice coming up this week on Friday night. It's a cruise is best for her. I thought you might that day might be very special to her and it is Alice's Birthday in the game. We pray for her students from the University of that. I think most of them now don't physically University to pray for them and today was thinking particularly of Andrea. I get arrested in Cambridge campus campus Robert and she is in the third year studying psychology actually coming up at the end of that and she writes that we probably please for strength and energy to keep going with my assignments particularly my dissertation also for the friends with Jake and the NHS workers who are in high risk of getting infected. What's up with the society. I have been running continued i weekly meetings online, which is raining right blessing to continue crossword and help a student spell encouraged a Love by the only one we can truly rely on what we remember in that particular work that she is doing and others involved with her and pray the building to eat less than a night. So the other matters that we shared as well just praying to the Lord. Sorry, guy in in Crash.

Okay, no Lotus we come before you in prayer. Now. We just had a little boy very thankful and grateful hearts for all your blessings for all the amazing the Glorious things that you have done for us Lord. We thank you that you are NG is a great and glorious God in the last couple of weeks. We have seen monster reminds us of that. Great Lord. Thy God truly is invalid that I God is Not contained by Andersen a tool that I got is the one who is over all things who is through all things who sustains all the problems that we are faced with no just here in our own Nation, but indeed throughout most of the world the lord none of this is out of your control none of this.

You are working and we probably will God truly seek to trust you and honor and glory for you and me together in this unusual a game. We probably are we not physically warm is another we might be joined together. Spiritually the Lord we money, right one another in that way right now. Your presence with us the Lord as we said before you grab a two or three are gathered together in unity there you will be in the midst of the present here in the building here today the Lord you would have fill it with your present that your glory or wonder your majesty your Dominion your mind yourself and see if maybe see me see your grace and your messy How We Praise You Lord God all that Christ how we praise you for that night that we praise you Lord for all the wondrous things. You're given to us all the glory. Things that you have done for us without the undeserving of this migration message. You have sent your son the Lord Jesus Christ into this world to pay the penalty if I asked you in the Lord with that we think of that time when Jesus enter Jerusalem just a few days before his crucifixion the end of Lord would not replying. I'm not the Adoration the Lord many came out to meet Steven many cried out. How is Zana attitude that the Lord has seen that changed the Lord when it came to really see what he was playing when it came to see who he really was that sell many little turn to the Lord has made, you know, if only you will feel the glory Grace and gone to that cross of Calvary of that suffering at the hands of Simple Man of that take it upon himself to be God himself, but he became the sin Bearer to pay that price for us. Oh Lord, help us to see Jesus Christ Alone by Flip 3 full of Pride male horse. We are overwhelmed with love to watch him. Maybe no load him working and I didn't in our line, but they're all some of these things switch off Tropicana Suite C Lord. So many have died as result of the coronavirus Lord. I remember one particular myself a very good and close friend to me Roberto job, cuz I always knew him for the Youth leader who was so helpful to me many years ago and it has her his face. He was encouraged me to tons. I was able to know that they even presence of Jesus Christ in my life. Lord has many years. He has helped me in many many different my Lord. I do praise you for him Lord. He was indeed as Barnabas is describe a good man full of the Holy Ghost and of Faith Q4. He's testing me. Thank you Lord for his love the Lord. He too. I love you being in any otherwise, I'm in the hospital. It was the fact that he contracted the virus that wrote about his death and Load-Out tragic it was that is why Phoenicia could not see him for the last week of his life the Lord she has her insurance and he knows what he is gone. The Lord he is now before. Frohn of God Before the Throne of crying joining in that glorious him afraid that glorious active wash it and let the Lord sees the savior. You love so dearly Lisa. So Faithfully Lord how we praise you for that. We do pray north of a nation and for the family for Hollister and bruised and others that Lord you would be within help me Lord God of this time. We do pray bless them Lord reason. I'm all that I stand in need of we do we do pray for that. We thank you Lord. We thank you Lord for this author. No more of you because I know God they will be watch over her that Lord. Jamie very very special for her lower the risk for dementia this time that you would indeed watch over her like she now your presence makes, you know, you're great resting with her. How long do you think it was Salvador Andre has been able to share with us. We Praise You Lord For All You've been able to do me do private continue with her as she prepares a dissertation or else she has to do She comes the climax if I caused any to give him a group of reaching out to those who are in need of crying that we pray Lord you continue in that what we thank you Lord, but I've been able to do that one line and we pray that you will truly bless them and friends. Thank you again Lord, but working in the Emergency Services of the various institutions during this government lawyer given the much wisdom. I'm not to cry sweetie fry Lord for a kiss Domino that you need her alive about you get paid much with the how much grace as well as I know your purpose is the most supremely we pray that you would help us a guy has returned your way out here this time, although I do speak through challenges review necessary, but blow up a chicken. Doing college has the largest. We spend a few moments and get surgeon you'll work together by that would come in a fresh and hurry up. I know you why bless us nicely we do in Jesus name,

but if you could turn the game to the scriptures now and wants more to the Book of Psalms and we come this morning to the third of these sounds of a sentence which is 122 and I read the whole of that song. I was glad when they said to me. Let us go to the house of the Lord. I feed of me standing within your Gates. Oh Jerusalem Jerusalem the city that is Bound for me together through which the tribes go up the primes of the Lord. I was it created for Israel to give thanks to the name of the Lord Joshua say the Providence of the House of David pray for the Peace of Jerusalem made it be secure who love you please remain in your Wolves at security within your for my brother's companion sake I will say peace be within you for the sake of the house of the Lord of the Lord Our God. I will see you all good. I'm a Navy probably a little over than TV please to play his word to us. Let us go to the house of the Lord the third as I say of the series of those of us in this particular song is 104. David the other 324 131 and 35th Street. David is taking up the same theme that I'll decide whether I'll just be taking up the theme that David is taken cuz this was written probably many years maybe before the other moms. We can sit at the same theme of seeking to go and Worship the Lord as we've noted that was three major feces s*** and the Jews were commanded to go up to Jerusalem to take part in those feasts and David to do this, but David, Can a different time too many of the other but David has that same desire to Trudy go and Worship the Lord and bless his woman who he says I was glad when they said to me. Let us go to the house of the Lord. I feed of me standing within your Gates Joe person. Let us go to the house of the Lord is your joystick when they said let us go to the house of the Lord, but sadly there any people because David said, let us go to the house of the Lord then it couldn't possibly

Indeed David desired to build a temple to the Lord. He had taken him to take where I go hard with meet with him. And you done that great of a woman just don't have it to build a permanent to be a cat that's going to be left to your son play building the David was thinking off at the house of the Lord was a very temporary thing, but it was still at the house no doubt about how to of how she went up to Shiloh seeking the Lord would deal with her barrenness in it and a child and she went to Shiloh. In that one Samuel 1 verse 7 says she went to the house of the Lord has a very important thing because we must dismiss all but the house of the Lord is of necessity a grand building for God is not limited to building God is with his people are in the New Testament scriptures. He says to the Corinthians 1 Corinthians 3 and verse 16. Do you not know that you are God's temple in the Ghost spirit dwells in you? We are the Temple of the Holy Spirit to feed efficiency in to drop the two of us 21. He says the church and having the house scratch strap should be enjoying together grows into a holy Temple in the Lord and in him, you also are being built together into a duet. Price with God by the spirit the Church the true church the people of God the temple of God and we don't need you still but it is not essential for us to act and worship and serve the Lord as a church and we need to remember this and that this was tremendous privilege to actually go to the city where he have been established for the Lord told him. He wants to make his Dwelling Place. He says, I think I've been standing within your Gates of Jerusalem. Under that say that the situation I don't need Bean the national capital for just a few years but it attained such a statue in the minds of those that you that Sissy and how much it meant through the entire nation that it was a tremendous privilege to be within that City to go within the gates to stay in that city as indeed. It is a tremendous privilege to stand in the city that is now the place of God's presence within the church the Glorious privilege to meet you in this unusual why but having said this about Jerusalem, he got his own in the next couple of days rescue versus but it's 3 to 6 to tell us a bit more about what you're actually means. And to all the others and verse 3 would read Jerusalem build a city that is bound firmly together, but not being allowed to build the temple, but David was allowed and encouraged to build many special buildings with in Jerusalem, and he built these in a very Grand and special light. He build is a his own Palace which in which he live across and he use the best of materials in order to build that we read into chamuel 511 that Hiram king of Tyre and Seed a tree with a compass and Masons who built David a house

And people Rejoice to go to to see the Wonder and the glory of the city, which of the next thing that David rejoices at besides interest to which two tribes go up. The tribes of the Lord has decreed is route to give thanks to the name of the Lord Meridian David's time that the tribes with most secure and they share together open for you for the she's at the Ravine dissension between the stripe amongst the bee Friendly Ice Jude in front of the north against the south at smaller unit to a smaller unit has been able to bring those together the first true king of Israel the one who guarded appointed official took Souls place and how the Lord prepares him. Full. And he rejoices that all those from the different tribes are coming up to in that it's a good idea of what the church is like that those transmission that one meeting is different tribe with a different cultures have different ideas and different way of doing things. They would meet you there on unit as the truth. I'm proper people of God and this is what he's so amazing. So important a very sweet the three major feces ship appointed behind god with designed to encourage them to show the way in which this is so important and so that that should be the case and in the dress we read That's Robinswood. The front of the house of David Dean a proper judgment and Justice exercise amongst the various tribes in the nation of Israel prior to David it became much more full book was structured during the time of David and that proper Justice was able to be exercised out very special tribunal that anyone who had problems and difficulties or anyone who was treated unjustly. They might come and deal with that David was able to I ate and help in no situation is true that is in the True Church of Christ that proper Justice is saying that we know the Justice League Gods just as he works out his purposes. He works out his I need our ranks and go in and leave in the right and the proper Why and then in the Lost make a section of us is 629 David brings to us his particular. He praised six pray for the Peace of Jerusalem May they be secure who love you pray for the Peace of Jerusalem. David was thinking particularly of that City. That's we apply that we're not thinking of a particular City buildings that are being built in is just one particular price in the world. We sinking of the hall Church of the Lord Jesus Christ that glorious Body of Christ that he has formed that he has brought together and a prayer should be for the piece of that church that maybe that security within the church and maybe that ruin knowledge We are God's people and and how significant that is how critical that is in the present circumstances many people in Racine various things to be happening. How many people is Cheyenne and it take people to action on this?

We have been Quiet Riot some profit in what we are doing at this particular time and it's not going to destroy the church and the church will continue throughout all that time. It is not going to be like down and helping that sure which leads to the next thing that to David said Peace be within your walls and security within your child. It was a very secure place has many many years are the city actually fell but it was Secure and that's true of the church. We have those wolves. Rayshun the foundation that is our Lord Jesus Christ. We have that glorious how we read. Our God is a strong tower and he is protective he is keeping he is watching over the church and he is in not even us to rejoice in security and then that knowledge that he has given for my brothers and I will say peace be within you is praying for individual is praying for each other and how important this is for us that we pray one for another and we want to see each other for some weeks probably but we can still remember each other we can still pray for each other when you get a joke. And we can bring those prayers before the Lord and God only can bring to his church and God and that open out of Walt the church is invest 9 for the sake of the house of the Lord Our God. I will seek your good. It's not a building. We're not looking to keep a building. We're not looking to preserve ability. We're looking to preserve the true house of the Lord his people his church his body. I bet it's reason David said I will seek your good for the same reason you and I must seek the goodness of God. We must take the power of God. We receive the Salvation the strength of the sovereignty and you'll 19 it all God that we might not know that help we might know that strength we might rejoice in a particular way that in the knowledge that God indeed is with somebody.

We might pray for the shoot true security of the Lord's house, but he will keep he will last.

Because we pray now. I'm trying to read the words of the doxology. We've been singing this year as we do come down to a conclusion. Let's fry. Gracious God we thank you. Do you do to keep your check? Rodger Securities in you that I Strength is in you and we pray the Lord God that you would indeed help us and I eat ass maybe Trudy trusted you bless. Each one has joined us in the service here this day you donut hole and they often Lord you too, and we probably gone a little God that you will be with you and love you too. Close with each one. Let the beauty of Jesus be seen in me all his wonderful passion and purity of the spirit divine all my nitrifying to the beauty of Jesus be seen in me.

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