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Mark 12:12-44

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All right, if you could whether you're here or if you're watching online if you could grab a copy of got work.

chapter 12 dotard if you would see Mark chapter 12 or continuing the series quarantine or no last week. We were looking at Jesus relationship with him. Well this week we're going to be continuing in chapter 12 of the Jews have certain expectations of upside down today. We're going to look at those kind of the rest of life and we're going to see how we have to be. But before we do that, I do want to ask and you can comment if you're if you're able to on the Facebook live twerking how how are things you're pretty good? All right. I hope Rob was good. Yeah, so I was thinking about looking forward to this time. I'm used to gathering with my church family. I'm used to this opportunity to be together and I was I was looking at the facts.

And I thought what if what if I miss an opportunity to remind us of what is? I know that not everybody's life is so down. And if you are one of those in an essential job, thank you for your continued efforts for your sacrifices on behalf of the rest of the country if you're like me.

But those are able to slow down. there's some good in nothing about that the other day if I was out in the backyard, I was think you're some stores and my kids were doing kid things playing in the dirt chasing chickens or whatever and I was thinking about, you know, just an opportunity to love each other well in those times And so I was thinking about that and then I came across this quote on Facebook and I want to share it. in the rush to return to normal, maybe we should use this time to consider which are worth rushing back to write as many of us have faced The Slowdown. Maybe we should not long for that frenetic Pace lights with Justin.

coronavirus does it just give us an opportunity to love one another it also gives us an opportunity to remember God's love for us and how we order our lives and just focus on how he is created and the

In light of our current situation, I want to jump to Mark chapter 12. I hope that you turn there with me and Marcus going to show us how I am so turned with me to Mark chapter 12 and join me starting at verse 13. And they sent to him some of the Pharisees and so ended refers to those religious leaders.

Were you are not swayed by appearances but truly teach the way of got that was laying it on. At this point they don't believe that they don't think that but they're a flattering their way with Jesus. So I invited this do not sweet by and by the way, you truly needs to weigh the yacht. Is it lawful to pay taxes? or not

but knowing their hypocrisy The right there. We just need to stop and understanding what they do. If they sent Jesus to try because at this point in Jesus says will you should pay taxes to Caesar?

We think that a messiah encourages people to submit to Authority other than his own would never encourage his people to submit to an occupying force a government that tyrannical government. Jesus says don't pay taxes.

nevermind this guy is we

He sent you put me to the test bring me a Denarius Were a Boy and let me look at it. So they problem and inscription is this.

FairPoint, right FairPoint, Jesus said bring me a coin. Let me look at the ruler Caesar the king. It's a Jesus said that they're rendered to Caesar the things that are Caesar's and to God the things that are you trying to trap them in our relationship with the governor our relationship this world if you take out a coin, right and I'm not making assumptions about anybody's Financial Resources, so I'm not saying take out a dollar bill.

Whose pictures on that is not Jesus? It doesn't matter what denomination of Bill or coin you pull out not.

What is it that we are thinking in relationships are government. How do we respond to that? We need to understand the Athens people and that is minutes. We need to remember that government is not the solution. But we also need to remember that government is not the end.

That's part of submitting to the government. Not too bad. It was too far off topic. But if you're living in a in a country that says hey everybody stay home.

That's what he would tell us his governance.

Too often we want to make government either the solution or the enemy but for us we need Jesus. The problem with this world out of control and that's probably thinking whether or not meant to the governor authorities. We need to submit the governing. We need to give to an honor to God we're fighting about Government is not the end in the end. You know, what I don't understand is the next sequence here on this issue of government question of Resurrection or the question of Eternity the Sadducees Kingdom you say there is no Resurrection. That's the saddest answer the question.

So the second took her and I are leaving The Offspring and the third white White and the Seven whose wife. Will she be for the 7th at her Heads This was a provision in God and provide for her in her. And so this is the reason this command with you was to provide for the most.

I just a deceased you say there is no Resurrection are the ones who bring this track to bring this hypothetical Veatch. You know, what the first guy marries a gal he dies. No children to the next guy in the question really questioning levirate marriage the question. and in their minds Jesus probably is a resurrection.

And are they going to put this hypothetical on in the Indians try to get them? good job in

Abraham and the god of Isaac and the god of Jacob he is not the God, but you are quite wrong. Jesus you're wrong on both counts first off in the resurrection. They're not going to be married and still be seven brothers to be a concern because it's fulfilling purpose because God is not the god of the dead but of the Bluegrass. And yet I could be spoken up in the present and just make that point from the text of the Old Testament. He says no resurrections are not separated from him by dad and he's challenging us to rethink for most of us struggle with that some of you might be sitting around.

Just haven't had that for most of us. Some of us are real. I like the one person.

But not molest that's not what it's going to be.

Think about your life right now.

I'm sitting here thinking about my life. But thanks Dave.

As a matter of fact, I follow Christ when we follow Christ. Eternity ought to be informing the present rather than now informing our thoughts on our hope is not in this moment right beside of these, they're going to trip Jesus but he says you are quite wrong on the issue of the nature of Eternity and Resurrection everything that was broken in this creation by our Rebellion every mess that we made of things every disease. death cancer sentence that has all of those things are eradicated and what we're left with is what Adam and Eve tasted in just breathe in the presence of God the love of God. And his people being with him. That is our hope not Hearts. It's not just what we've been doing for the last 10 20 30 80 years. Everything will feel everything make sense.

What is the temporary because when one dies the marriage is over the marriage supper of the Lamb? Every single human marriage right now is with before painting us to the fact that Jesus Will. One day redeem his brow will one day when his people for eternity. And so then the picture is no longer needed. I'm standing on the standing on the lip of the Grand Canyon. I don't have to pull out a picture to look at it.

Eternity 12 verse 28. What are the scribes came out the group of disputing with one another as well ask him. Which commandment is the most important of all hear o Israel the Lord Our God the Lord is one and you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart.

The second is this you shall love your neighbor as yourself. There is no other commandment greater than describe Center of your right teacher.

You have truly said that he is one. There's no one beside him. So loving you all the heart and all the understanding with all the strength.

Is that much that is much more than a full burnt offerings and sacrifices. When Jesus saw that he answered.

It's interesting describe the parade if you will have all of the Pharisees in the Broden earlier.

What are the scribes comes up and says teacher? What's the greatest command? He's wanting Jesus to do what was very common for rabbis on that day, which was to put a higher on the organized some s birthday over thousand Commandments in the Old Testament.

easy ways to remember what's the greatest commandment? Help me help me put this in order so I can check all the boxes so I can keep all the rules so I can please God Jesus says here's the greatest love your neighbor as yourself, and then that describes answers really really insight and he's picking up on them.

Jesus said you're not far. Describe understood what we ought to understand that David. We need to rethink our relationship to the law. Right and weak God does not need our legalism does not need to be holier than now and to make sure everybody else is staying in life. God asked me to receive his e and then to love others and to love him.

That's it received his love love him in return and love.

Love the gifts that he's given. I just need her earn our way into a right relationship with God. We can't make God love us by keeping enough rules in the scribes.

The Torah which is the the law of Moses.

All of that pales in. We could command love God and love your neighbor as yourself. How often do you even under Christ?

Start thinking to what God has for me to have a quiet time what God is for me to pray.

He doesn't need our love we don't demonstrate our love for God. by singing praises on Sunday morning and then going out and robbing our neighbor blind. We don't have to express our love for God by listening to a sermon on Sunday and then going out and ignoring our governing authorities on Monday. We love God by loving our neighbor. Not because we're trying to earn favor.

That's not it Jesus encouraging us to rethink a lot. Mark is putting this all down for us in this way. I think they help us rethink. These and is Jesus taught in the temple. He said how come the scribes say that the Christ is the son of David?

David himself calls him Lord. So how is he his son and the great strong as he's waiting for your talks about the Messiah as if he's the son of David.

Where's the Jews their Messiah?

Like David conquer your enemy. And would bring them back to a golden age centered in Jerusalem where all the nations would look to Israel.

That's their understanding and

David's King again to return Israel

rangy swap them to rethink that You just want attention. You're not looking back at what happened under David and thinking.

The goal is stretches much beyond that the goal is the culmination the Fulfillment.

He's not returning the people to David's time. He's taking the back to me. He's taking the back to fellowship with Jesus.

Is he like David? Yes, but he's brighter than me. You like Moses? Yes, but he's greater than is. He like the Pinnacle? How often should we distance just like the people were saying? Hello. This is enough. And we're content to let Jesus Take second place. Where does satisfied with our job did the cherry on top?

Jesus the Same

The Messiah is not someone who did you just add into your life, you know, somebody who takes you back to the good old days. The Messiah is somebody who has to be stopped or he's not. he has to be king or you're he doesn't take second place we're together. I'm moving to British. Adding a little bit of Jesus.

Right. We're not just added Jesus to everything else. We were going to do this. What did Jesus describe like to walk around in Long robes and do like greetings in the marketplaces and have the best seats in the synagogues can't make long prayers will receive.

Now you just got done saying. Did the scribes were the one for that once tried to ask the questions that you're not far from?

Who like the greeting to like the best thing to place the monitor?

He said Beware. beware of Temptation

religion brings with it Beware of the Temptation that religion brings to make it a public spectacle about our self show other people how cold in we are rather than to other people.

instead of us worship you show other people how dog gone Amazing an awesome. We are.

Instead of showing people dog on amazing and awesome. He doesn't think for themselves.

It's not a vehicle a blessing. It's a vehicle of judgment. understand search but if your religion is about you. It's not a vehicle for but it's a vehicle for Jetta religion is not a religion intimately. yes, yes so much, but it's also a religion and religion is not a bad thing as pure and undefiled religion is this

it can be a great thing.

religions that are open

It depends on others. Jesus is taking. What are the common religious motif?

religion that point to you is worthless as Medevac worse than

instead Nia point, but your religion

Is very much on board with us? very much, so So much so that it matters 25% That's what's going to be.

Imma get you in but it's going to be a picture. It's going to be a visible symbol for people it's going to be a visible indicator. Good works not religion that are not religion that makes us look good religion the blessing of a loving God.

The next thing that he deals with us to rethink his money.

in chapter 12 verse 41 and he sat down opposite the treasury and watch the people putting money into the offering box many rich people put in large sums and a poor Widow came and put in two small copper. We can make it a penny any call his disciples to him and they all contributed all that. She had our understanding. Jesus sees these rich people coming and bearing gifts of God understands the day before checkbooks, you know, there was no option to pull out the Visa at the Temple. And so we may want to get a lot of money. They had to make a show up. They had to bring a bag full of coins.

and baby rebel by prescribe walking around wanting everybody to see him and

There were those who were coming. He's Rich you were coming and they were putting in their offerings and it would have been.

We've been about then. It would have been in waiting for them to get others to look at them and say oh my goodness. Look at how much that guy just get. You know, we really consult him. Before we make another decision on updating with him. You know, we shouldn't we can really kind of give him some some control and just like our day today. That's the problem. We see money as a means of control. Well, I gave to the offering so you got to listen to me on how to run the church.

bright ideas to this organization, so they have to give me a ride to Heaven shareholder mentality when it comes to the Money is about control. It's about exercising.

Jesus says not the kingdom. The Widow gave more than all these prayers when we do instead of what we're doing is for exercising Faith like this photo exercising.

Not control. What is a fantastic tool?

I completed Mitchell so much of the teaching of the Old Testament and New Testament. paying living wages not withholding them from those who labor for us. I so much of the money is let those around you encouraging hard work. This is a means of encouraging.

Who did the b y? provide for themselves

the longest

as long as it's being Marshall not from a desire to control our future or the control our surrounding God used it.

But somebody else already said it better and if you haven't read Randy Alcorn treasure principle.

It is one of the best books on the subject that I know because he teaches that money is not an instrument.

Here's my million dollars or here's my penny. What do you want me to do? What would best on earn?

Do all of this rethinking that Jesus is challenging recent government.

what's that mean for us today in the midst of south of quarantine in the midst of fears and worries and some of us working crazy Ton hours because some of us having all this free time and now we're back with a family that we barely know each other.

You did not just rethink these areas. Although I'd encourage you to do that. Make your life in general. What defines your life. Is it your political stance your biblical knowledge in your Your good works. Our by reputation by control. Are you just buying by Money free flying by your faith? What's the finding? What is it that you want people to look at you and see?

Let me see this if your life is defined by anything other than Jesus Christ one day you're going to regret it. Your life is defined by anything. Other than the Sovereign King of the universe Jesus Christ. The day will come when you will regret. When you will look back and all of your political maneuvering, can you look back at all the money?

And you will regret in your life.

Anything other than Christ? It's not worth.

Use this time. When you still getting American assumptions are being challenged use this time to think about what does my life mean? What is phrasing Archer Choice movies make our lives all about?

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