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God's Promises For A Repentant People

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God who brings judgement on His people, promises to give them restoration and His presence, as a result of their repentance.

This text is sitting in the middle of the dedication of the temple that Solomon has built for the Lord. We see the importance of the temple, but the text seems to suggest there has to be a righteousness nature in the people who enter. It seems to say that there will have to be repentance before repair/restoration/blessings. Then their prayers will be heard from the temple.
What we have before us today, is God’s response to Solomon’s prayer. In chapter six we see Solomon’s prayer to God
What we have before us today, is God’s response to Solomon’s prayer. In chapter six we see Solomon’s prayer to God. It has this repetition of “if they repent.” Followed by the potential blessing of God. God’s response comes approximately 13 years after Solomon’s initial request.
God who punishes His people for their sinfulness, promises to bless them, as a result of their repentance.

The Certainty of God’s Judgment V. 13

The Certainty of God’s Judgment V. 13

There will be divine punishment for a disobedient people.
This passage highlights three forms of divine punishment.
Drought- there in no rain
Destruction- locust to devour the land. to destroy completely
Disease- pestilence, plague, any epidemic disease with a high death rate.

The Repentance of God’s People V. 14a

Repentance is a change of mind that leads to a change of action.
God gives specifics for the process of His people’s repentance.
Humble themselves- to reduce someone in rank, character, or status.
Some people have taken the place of God in there own lives. They have become self-sufficient.
Pray- to talk to God directly.
Stop talking about God and start talking to God.
Seek- to try to get or reaching something one desires.
They are to start seeking the presence of God.
No longer seeking the
Turn from wicked ways- meaning to repent, asking God to forgive you and ceasing some sinful behavior.
Morally bad conduct.

The Blessings of God’s Promises V. 14b-15

God’s promises are contingent upon the peoples repentance.
God gives a list of promises for His peoples repentance.
He will hear from heaven. Heaven is seen as God’s abode. It is also consider to have various levels. Solomon speaks of the highest heaven.
He will forgive, freeing them from guilt and it consequences.
He will heal

The Assurance of God’s Presence

His eyes will be open
His ear will be attentive,
God will take heed to our prayers.
He will give close and thoughtful attention to the content of our prayer that is made in the temple.

Growing up many of us experienced tough love, where I parents would discipline us with some form of punishment for some wrong behavior of ours. But they would remind us that they only do this because they love us.
But then promise us, if we do right, by doing what they tell us, they will reward us, for doing good.
Well I thank God today, although we’re faced with pestilence in the land. That if we repent, he is able to forgive us and heal the land.
I like many others believe today, that something good will come out of this.
Somebody’s marriage may be saved because of this.
Somebody’s child will be saved from gunfire or crime.
Somebody’s health will be restored.
Somebody may accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior.
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