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8a - Obedient Children Grow

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Obedient Children Grow

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All right. Good morning, everyone.

We're good.

All right. Good morning. Everyone. It is glad to see each and everyone of you this morning at our service here at Kentucky Missionary Baptist Church being published and feed them through our living room good to have Miss and everyone of you and looking so much for word to be when we can all get together and meet face-to-face and and eye-to-eye with each other and just want you to know how much I love and appreciate every one of you or so very glad that gift for with us today. And we hope and pray that you receive a Blessing by being in our service today. I want to thank the mcgard very much for doing her song service this morning and tried to work on some things to where we could be split screen and do it all in one feed. But for some reason that technology hasn't quite made it to our phones yet. And so we wouldn't allow us to be able to do that until we just making the best do with what we have and so before we get started this morning though. I do want to meet you in A Couple Of Forevers Quest and you can put them in the Response should call me at 6 you have any that you would like to share my wife is white writing them down. And so that we can maybe get to them at the very end and definitely during this week. I could pray specifically for you during this time that we're living in right now, but our governor has asked us today to make today a National Day of Prayer remember all of those in Jonesboro that lost property in in different things last night because of the tornado and just pray for them as they recover and as they try to get back and imagine it being quarantined in have a tornado go through everything but we know that God is in control and God's going to doing something great and something amazing across our world today. And so we want to make sure that we pray for them. But we also want to pray for our nation this morning and all of our leaders and all of our Pastors in our missionaries, as a lot of time we are constantly looking for things and technology is great, but as we can tell with Facebook Everything else is not always perfect, but our god is perfect. And so we can trust him and we can come to him right where we are. And I love the scripture says that we're two or three are gathered in my name. I am there in the mist of them always a we have more than two or three gathered together this morning for this service and we know that God is with us and we worship God in spirit and in truth then so must go to him in prayer and then we will begin our message this morning in 1st Peter chapter 2 for looking at verse 2 through tender my father. We just thank you so much for your lovely. Thank you for all that. You forced. We thank you for the opportunity in the privilege together together with our Brothers and Sisters in Christ from all around the world at and to come boldly to your throne room right now and Lord. We just pray for the citizens in the the people of Jonesboro. We just asked you to help them as they regroup and rebuild and just go before them and provide all the things that they stand in need of we ask you to be with all of our leaders from the president to the Vice president to all the way down to the heads of all of these corporations and Medical Teams and doctors and nurses and just all of our leaders around the world do with our pastors and our missionaries and everyone knows we are making decisions and doing things that if we follow your guidance and your leadership your heavenly father that we will make the right decisions and do the right things that you might be honored. If you might be glorified through all of the process and help us during this time to seek your face and your will for our lives for finding you we thank you. We love you. And your name we pray. Amen. Thank you very much. If you have your Bibles this morning and 1st Peter chapter 2, we're going to jump backwards now we did last week we talked about how the first one into deals with our birth and hopefully I pray that each and every one of you has been born again. By asking Jesus Christ to come into your heart. We know that we everyone watching this has been born of water. But you also need to have a spiritual birth of Jesus Christ. And so because we are born because we have this special birth from Jesus Christ. We also need to understand and verse 4 through Alexa and we're going to look at comes our belief really trust God is amazing and how many times we will trust God for our salvation and then all of a sudden the pandemic hits or cry or something happens in our lives and all of a sudden we begin to worry with our hope in Jesus Christ. Today's passage of scripture is going to deal with that and just want to deal with us as a church and give us some reminders of things. That way I know we all know but that we need to be practicing and put into Practice today when we looked last week is our Behavior if you've been born and if you believe that Jesus Christ is the son of the Living God your behavior will be different and that's what we need to focus on Peter in 1st Peter is talking to us as being children's of this world of strangers. This is not our home. We are here as representatives of a greater Kingdom the kingdom of God and Jesus Christ is our Lord. He is our King and he is our master and we are following his orders and we're doing what we can do for him through his honor and glory and so it should fit our Behavior. If you really believe that he is then you will submit yourself and you will obey him until this morning children and what does children that have been born by Jesus Christ. How can we be obedient to God? How can we live for God and serve God and so today's message is going to deal with obedient children. Grow their all to be some growth as we look at burst to he says as newborn babes desire the sincere milk of the word that you may grow. Thereby. If so be you tasted that the Lord is gracious. What are your Pursuits in life? What is it that you pursue pursue? What is it makes you happy? What is is if your social acceptance as it may be pleasure or power or authority? What is it that drives you? What is it that you look for the most in your life? You see the number one goal in the most top priority in our life of Jesus Christ. And as we do that our life will become living in our lives become alive in this world. But as long as we are selfish and as long as we are faking focused on ourselves and not focused on God, then we're going to have problems being on. Children are going to have problems with our growth in that process. And so I want to tell you this morning if Jesus Christ is not the center of your life. You're going to be like so many in the world today that that they don't know what's going on that is running to the grocery stores and hoarding up things because they don't know what tomorrow holds and praise God. I read the end of the book as a matter of fact. I got to finish up almost finished up the New Testament does read through the whole entire Bible in 30 days. I have just a few more chapters in Revelation, but as I was reading Revelation this morning, I was reminded that Christ is in control and Jesus Christ is going to rule and Reign forever. And so that's why I hope I don't have to worry about tomorrow because I can focus on today. I need to make sure that I'm being obedient in Jesus Christ right now. Show me the world today or disoriented unhappy they're dissatisfied because Jesus Christ is not what they're pursuing Jesus Christ is not what they are looking for two weeks ago when we broke away from 1st 1st, Peter. We went to the sermon of the mount in Matthew Chapter 5 or Jesus Christ told us not to worry, but seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these other things will be added unto you is so I'm hoping you're taking this time to make sure that you are grown in Jesus Christ that you are pursuing Jesus Christ. We have the greatest opportunity right now that God is just basically shut us down and stopped us from a lot of the hustle and then craziness is going on in this world and give it a comeback in Humble ourselves and repent and turn from RCN and praise him and seek him with our entire face. And so this is what theater is talking about. Talking about that desire just like a baby desires milky don't really know why I need some milk mentally emotionally. It's it's all a process in so God's word is that for us? And so when we've been born we need to make sure that we get into God's word of Jesus Christ. He goes on there and verse 4 and he says I'm coming as unto a Livingstone disallowed indeed of me and the chosen of God and precious you also as wobbly stones are built up a spiritual house a holy priesthood to offer up spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God by Jesus Christ wherefore also it is contained in the scripture behold. I lay in Zion a Chief Cornerstone Follet precious and he just believe it's on him shall not be confounded. This is a quote from Isaiah chapter 28. 16 Amigos on in 1st 7 until you therefore which believe he is precious. But under them would be disobedient the stone which the builders disallowed the same as made the head of the corner and a stone of stumbling in a rock of offense even to them which stumble at the word being disobedient. Also they were appointed but you are a chosen generation a royal priesthood a holy nation The Peculiar people that you should show forth the Praises of him who called you out of the darkness Into His Marvelous light switch in time past were not a people but are now the people of God which had but now have mercy we look at this passage of scripture. I want you to notice that the very first thing that happens and is it a word and and it connects us with the us if we are going to grow and The milk of the word that we may grow by that that and connects us to this idea of this thought that if so be you have tasted that the Lord is gracious. I am reminded of the song that says taste and see that the Lord is good faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the word of God. And so the only way you just have to believe God you have to accept God you have to obey God and you just have to try him God and Spiritual Beings does not make sense in the flesh, but I guarantee you I promise you that when you tried Jesus Christ, you will not be discouraged. You will not be disappointed. It's okay stop the Lord today taste and see that he is a gracious God. He gives us blessings. He gives us things that we don't even deserve gives us Mercy to withhold his judgment from us each and every day and soak these readers here. There's a were reading this Peter began to meditate on the excellencies. Lord Jesus Christ and I just want to pause this morning even during the court and everything else. I want you to think of several ways this morning that God has been gracious to you. The guy, you know, we have a beautiful house that we're able to live in a shelter where God takes care of us. We have food. We have family around us that we get to talk to and visit we have church members and loved one and then we can talk to on the phone. We have internet where we can have Services live this morning. There are so many things that God has done and we think about everything that Jesus Christ is done and his grace that he has bestowed upon us it all to motivate us to a intimate fellowship with Jesus Christ. You cannot think and be with Jesus Christ without wanting to burst out into praise and worship him as our savior because God raised Christ from the dead.

Also, it's very important for us to understand that Christians can approach Jesus Christ. We can come to him no matter where you are today. And if we're going to look in this message here in just a little bit the church is not a building. The church is the people the church has the congregation in as I mentioned earlier where two or three are gathered in his name. There. He is in the midst of them all. So that's all I want you to understand you don't have to be up at the building of Kentucky church this morning. You can be right there in your living room. You can be in the bathroom. You can be changing a dirty diaper. Whatever it is that you're doing. I want you to understand this morning that you can go face-to-face with the greatest mediator the great high priest Jesus Christ who loves you who accept you because he died for you. Listen Christians can't have intimate fellowship with Jesus Christ because he was raised from the dead. We will be raised from the dead much of what was important to the Jews that Peter was right. He too had been swept away by Jesus Christ. When you think about the Jews it was all wrapped up in pictures. It was all wrapped up and tied so they had a beautiful Temple. That's that head Untold fortunes that was gold and silver and precious things. That was there. They had that physical Temple. They had a physical priests works that would go in and meet eBay's between them and God would offer the sacrifices up on their half on their behalf States. They had these sacrifices they would take and they would sacrifice them and shed their blood on the Altar for forgiveness of seeing. They had all of these physical think all of these things that were pictures of Jesus Christ, but now all of a sudden the Christ is come on to the scene all of this has been taken away from them. They had no Temple they had no priests. They had no sacrifices. Tire world was shaken kind of like you and I to take what we don't have an opportunity to give an offering today and take up receiving all free. We don't have the opportunity to meet in our building today. We don't have a opportunity to eye to eye on face-to-face to talk to each other and to share our burdens and to pray for one another but yet I want us to understand just like the Jews that were saved and came to Jesus Christ had no baloney just like we are the same way. So no ultimate reason for existence or purpose. I want you to understand church. We do have a purpose. We do have a reason these were pilgrims and strangers in this world and they needed some answers. And so this morning hopefully this question. What is God's program now that we can't go to a physical building now that we can't have our worship Services. How do we fit into this world? How do we do what we do? I'm so used to my neighbors waving and seeing me pull out and go to church every Sunday morning. And now I'm on Facebook live in and so I don't have them in person, but maybe they will be able to see this message here. How do we fit in how can we work it if there's no physical Temple if there's no priesthood to sacrifice and Peter answers these questions who these Asian Christians who were approaching Jesus Christ the great high priest by prayer and by faith some notice the very first thing that he says in verse for he introduces to us that the important part of worship center Deuces to us the important part of being the body of Christ in that is Jesus Christ. He is the Cornerstone and notice what it says. He says he is a lively a Livingstone. He uses this minute. For symbolizing Christ as I live in stone, and although this may sound like a very strange this symbol to compare a stone to Jesus Christ. I want you to understand in the Old Testament Peter is using that language that Peter is dead. Jesus Christ was mentioned in referred to and Isaiah chapter 28 in verse 16 that he was Zion a stone a costly Cornerstone for the foundation firmly placed in the New Testament in Matthew chapter 16 in verse 18 18, Jesus Christ is referred to as a rock. Is he refers to himself there? Because Peter Upon This Rock referring to himself heater is not that rock and we'll look at that Jesus Christ. Is that rock? Jesus Christ is that Foundation as we look at the Cornerstone as we look at Jesus Christ. I want you to see that Jesus Christ. Supernatural by deity how many of you have seen living rocks how many of you have ever seen a living Stone but I want you to understand that Jesus Christ was resurrected Jesus Christ Was Made Alive he is living and he is with us right now, even though we are not gathered in a building Jesus Christ is here in our Mist a rock or stone is we saw there and Isaiah and Matthew is his something of an analogy that speaks about stability of firm position, which is immovable and unshakeable as things change every single day is so much uncertainty in worries confronts us each and every hour. I want you to understand this morning that Jesus Christ does not change Jesus Christ is unshakable. Jesus Christ is unmovable. He is super Supernatural by deity. Peter said that thou art the Christ the son of the Living God and Christ is living also and so notice that sits Cornerstone was also Sean buy me a notice of Supernatural was all of a sudden rejected by me and that were rejected means to be tested and disapprove The Men Who were first of all the nation of Israel. He came into his own and his own received him not and then them high priests. The leaders are religious people of the Israelites the Jews noticed it was them that wrote Jesus Christ before Pilate. It was them that judge said that he is not the Messiah they rejected him. That was that in Jesus Christ even today is still being rejected when they looked at the worst of Jesus Christ a estimated the value of Jesus Christ at 30 pieces of silver that was given to Judas to Simply betrayed him that he was rejected he was Disapprove. He was just he was estimated to be basically worthless. But listen to is not just by Israel men in general reject Jesus Christ, but notice that he even though he is shown by me and he is selected by god notice. It says my choice and precious in the sight of God Jesus Christ the Cornerstone the sure Foundation who is shun by men was selected by God Christ. Jesus is chosen by the father's a matter fact. The word of God says that Jesus Christ was chosen as a lamb without blemish without spot before the foundation of the world Christ already. Got it already the very first choice that God made before you ever smoke any of this Creation in this world into existence was that his son Jesus Christ would come and die for the Redemption of our sins. And the world spins and so wow. What a Cornerstone what is good to lean on in the trust during these Reckless times? But notice hear Jesus Christ is the Cornerstone but notice what it says in verse tells us that we are the construction of the building. We are the establishment and notice what he says their players that individual Christian are living stones because we have a union with Jesus Christ because Christ is alive and I have been born by Christ into the family of God to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord Christians come alive because they've for take of Christ nature Christ nature is living in me. And so I am not dead. I am not without hope I am not stammering and stuttering it and scared and afraid because I have a foundation in Jesus Christ. I've been born by him notice he says, That we've been strengthened. We've been strengthened noticed and Matthew chapter 16 when they were all asking the disciples who do men say that I am some said John the Baptist some set Elijah, but Peter answered in come alive. And he said because of what Christ has done for him. He said Thou Art the Christ the son of the Living God and then Christ made a very strong declaration in versus 17 and verse 18 He makes the statement there that to Peter Flesh and Blood did not reveal this to Father which is in heaven. And I also see you that you are Peter and Upon This Rock referring to himself Jesus Christ. Not Peter Peter is just a part of that. He is a part of the building. He is a part of the structure but he is not the foundation. He is not the lucky block of them no Testament in the New Testament in the Jews and the Gentiles, but Jesus Christ. This rock I will build my church is a matter fact. If you look at them two words Peter patros is actually literally means in the Greek a looser or shippable unstable chip of rock a small pebble something that is not very stable or is there a crisis is Upon This Rock he uses a different word. He now uses the word picture which means an immovable mass of rocks of lineage of foundation. He says it's up on me because as we know Peter shifted Peter stumble Peter failed guess what we probably wouldn't be here today, but praise God the church was not built on fear. The church was built on Jesus Christ and it is still here today and no matter how long this pandemic last are what comes next the church will always exist because Jesus goes on in that person who makes the promised that the Gates of Hell Shall Not Over. Power it. We are meeting today as Kentucky Missionary Baptist Church. We are meeting today as a local New Testament Church, but notice notice that they were also she said being built up as a spiritual house Christ Christians are placed on the foundation of Jesus Christ, and the some of them forms of spiritual house. The foundation is Christ, but the superstructure is the Christian. We're the ones that build up we are the ones that go for 3% Jesus Christ, but it's all around Hillman. So we are strengthened by Christ. He is our foundation. We are shaped by Christ as we are built the phone he'll and locked with him as a matter of fact in John chapter 4 talking to the woman is the Marietta whale Jesus Christ said you worship that what you do not know we worship that which we know for salvation is from the Jews, but an hour is coming in now. When the true worshippers shall worship the father in spirit and in truth for such people the father seeks to be his wish worshippers. Listen Christian Brothers and Sisters in Christ. We have a more glorious Temple than the temple in the Old Testament Saints had because the spiritual Temple is made up of spiritual anime Living Stones. The spiritual Temple is made up of you and I we are apart of this body of Jesus Christ. We are apart of the super structure that God is Bill called his church and notice also that this is in present tense and really should be translated are being continually constantly build up. We're constantly growing even during the span of DMX while we are not able to worship as we are on able to gather together in in in flesh and bone with each other. I'll bring the churches that have baptisms that are waiting people that are being saved over Facebook and three messages. See God is still building his church. God is still growing in spider verse because he is a sure foundation and he said he'll is not going to Prevail against it and so listen to local church is not a building. It's not there on 77 Highway 5 Benton Arkansas. Listen to church is a group of Christians that mean in a building that's where we choose to assemble a local assembly of baptized Believers this morning. We've assembled over the Internet with Facebook and everything else that is there. We need to understand that Jesus Christ does not dwell in buildings anymore. We looked and John and John chapter one who said that God Tabernacle with us, and now that Holy Spirit Christ lives in You everywhere that you are if you are born again by first you need to believe and you need to understand this morning that you Christ is living in you and so you are a part of the structure you report of Christ. You are alive because of him. It is not in a building this morning. It is All Around Jesus Christ with noticed that we're not only strengthened noticed that we're not only shape but no, he says we are Sanctified. He says we are for a holy priesthood. We have a spiritual priesthood and everyone of you that's been born again, but this morning are a spirit or spiritually in the priesthood of Jesus Christ. I am not a priest and we don't need to call any preacher or Pastor a priest because I am not afraid but I am I psychic reliever as a born-again Christian. I am a part of the priesthood. What do we mean by that see a priest represents men before God and in the Old Testament? Priests wear mediators for the people but now in this new dispensation of the church every individual Christian is your own priests you no longer have to have someone to walk into the holy of holies in the throne room of God and make the sacrifices on your behalf. But you get to come boldly to the throne room of God you get to walk into the presence of God you get this you're singing to Jesus Christ you get to praise him see a Believer fries goes directly to the father and even though I can't personally wrap my arms around you this morning and be there I can still go to the father with you through prayer because we are not a physical building. We are a spiritual building Jesus Christ as we worship Him in spirit and in truth that we were shaped that we are safe defied notice what this think if acacian is it for a purpose to offer up? Ritual sacrifices acceptable to God through Jesus Christ. What is our sacrifice Hebrews chapter 13 verse 15 and 16 tells us our spiritual sacrifices his by him. Therefore let us offer the sacrifice of praise to God. Continually. That is the fruit of our lips giving thanks to his name but to do good and to communicate forget not for with such sacrifices God is well pleased notice that our spiritual sacrifices has to do with our praise to God it has to do with our communication with what we do with our performance. He says but to do good, that's our purpose to see you worship God this week by doing good to people but doing good in amongst is kind of damn it by showing Jesus Christ. And you also worship Jesus Christ because of your money you communicate that it cost money. Sometimes said to be able to run Ministries it cost money to be able to communicate to work. It takes that is so weird to be willing to give and as we give to God it says that God gives back to us pressed down shaken and running over so notice here this morning and Hebrews chapter 13 is always and listen to me very carefully warship. Cuz we so much confusion is in our world today over Waters Worship Is it is it this privilege of coming together in this emotional sensation of stealing we get when we see the stained-glass windows and observe the church steeple and he's freezing smoked quartz are the trees band or whatever. I want you to understand this this morning worship is and always will be a The Revelation repeat that again worship is and always will be a response to Revelation. You don't have to be in Kentucky Missionary Baptist Church to worship God this morning. As a matter of fact, there's a lot of Sunday mornings that we have a lot of people that are not worshiping God. How do you say you how do you know that for the Johnny? Because they do not respond to the message. You do not respond to the Revelation in the conviction of the Holy Spirit right now in your living room right now you go to work in the morning. If you go out into this world that people that have no hope that have no reason for survival or anything. You also don't know what's going to happen. Listen you worship God by obey in Christ by taking Christ to these people by doing good by communicating the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Christ came to extend grace and mercy to forgive us. Wow how that true thought of excite us this morning it ought to get you excited this morning. We have a temple We have a priesthood we have sacrifices and when we offer them it is well pleasing to God and we are rendering true worship. And so worship is not done in that building worship is doing done every single day of our lives in everything that we do is we all were show pay and save to God so notice the character notice the character looks like a church without a building as we have those Christians go notice what he says. They're he says wherefore also it is contained in scripture behold. I lay in Zion a cheap Cornerstone electric precious and he that believeth on him shall not be confounded as I mentioned earlier on this is found in Isaiah chapter 28 verse 16 and we find another symbol of Jesus Christ being that Chief Cornerstone and notices we hear what was the Chief Cornerstone as we look? It has to do with the rock that everything was measured all it was a rock that tied all the walls together. It was defending piece that lock the entire building together and we see the Christ was a chosen one who is chosen out for the Father's Love chooses us. We saw that in 1st Peter chapter that if you are a child of God God has chosen you you are a let's not because you're worthy. But because God chose you God is not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance and so God wants to chase chosen you this morning and he wants you to know he's calling you this morning and he wants you to accept he told Nicodemus Nicodemus. You must be born again. The only way that you can be saved as to believe that Jesus Christ is the Living God the Jesus Christ died for our sins that he was buried but on the third day he rose again. Conquering death and seeing and giving that lie to you and I when we choose that then guess what Jesus Christ saves us and it's that time we have a new birth. It's time we are born again not box physical but by water truck but Jesus Christ through the blood of Jesus Christ, we are born again and every believer has that hope and we are sure and we are starting and so is the character of a Believer is to stand no matter what's happening in this world no matter how chaotic no matter. How much was out. Hope we have Jesus Christ as our foundation is hopefully them trust him pursue him with everything that you have because he goes on there in that verse and he says under you therefore which believe he is precious. Remember we have tasted the grace of Jesus Christ. We know that Jesus Christ.

Living for myself and in my flesh God sent his son to die on the cross for my sins and buy me just simply believing and trusting in Him He gave me Salvation Army Salvation. I promise you this morning. He will give you salvation also, but notice the flip side for the believer that stand there's the unbeliever that stumbles as you said, but understand that are disobedient. Remember we are obedient children and we want to grow in the grace and the knowledge of Jesus Christ, but the unbelievers disobedient the stone which the builders disallowed the same as made the head of the corner and other words the Builders of the nation of Israel, especially the religious leaders, they built them their own religion. They built them their own release ritual site built on their own tradition rather than the holy scriptures and they tested the living Stone Jesus Christ and they rejected him. And notice it was a stumbling block a rock of offense. Jesus Christ is precious. He's precious. It was Jesus Christ said I am the way the truth and the life no man cometh unto the father but by Kentucky Missionary Baptist Jesus Christ is the way that we are saved an unbeliever stumble because they are disobedient to that word. They will not listen we're reminded in Romans chapter 1 of this very fast in Romans chapter 1 verse 21, it says the calls that when they knew God they glorified him not as Gods neither were thankful that became vain in their imaginations in their foolish heart was darken professing themselves to be wise. They became fools and change the glory of the uncorrupted image made like the corruptible seed beads to creeping thing where for God also gave them up to uncleanness through the lust of their own heart to dishonor their own body. Between them sail to change the truth of God into a lie and worshiped and served the creature more than the Creator who is blessed forever. Amen. Help us never to worship the church help us to never worship the building and our rituals and our Traditions more than we worship Jesus Christ. I love we have a beautiful son chew are we have a beautiful building and I love the fact that I know we can meet there and we can go there anytime that we won't listen. I want you to understand that you are a royal priesthood. You are a chosen generation. You are the ones we can all go to Jesus Christ and worship right where we are at and we respond to Revelation that God gives us in the Holy Spirit conviction. The last thing I want is to point out is we also grow and spiritual service. Look at what he says in verse 9 and 10. He said, but you are a chosen generation. A royal priesthood. Holy nation A peculiar people that you should show forth the Praises of him who had called you out of Darkness Into His Marvelous Light. God does have a purpose for me. God has a purpose for you and he's going to move us toward that purpose and through that purpose as we go through life anxiously awaiting the new Heaven and the new Earth. I'm like John read Revelation even so Lord come quickly. But listen that's in the future. We have to leave for today. We have to respond to God and be obedient to him today started with laying aside some sins and some fleshly things then we desire Jesus Christ in our purpose is to glorify God not only the end when we get to him and we're gathered around his throne. But listen, we're to glorify God right now in our living room. You are done because why God calls up Peter says for God calls us to recollect to remember that you were chosen God chose you not because you were worthy but because he loves you and he consecrated you. He made you whole We Made You righteous you didn't do it. There is nothing good in Donnie Haines. Donnie Haines is a sinner. Donnie Haines is full of everything good that she and Donnie Haines is because of Jesus Christ. He's safe to for consecrated me. He set me apart. Holy as his priesthood. Holy is this mediator between you and God to share Jesus Christ. He made us by making us chased her peculiar people people don't understand Christians the world that has no hope the world that has no future. They can't understand how a Christian can live through this and still praise God and still worship God. In Facebook is booming over the last week with messages with Sunday school lessons with devotions with scripture with everything else in the more the world tries to get away from Jesus Christ and becomes a stumbling block something that interferes with their life and they keep coming back to him. I want you to remember that you were chosen but noticed a commitment to radiate notice what he says. They're in the latter part of verse 9. He said that you should show forth the Praises of him who have called you. Listen. We need to make a commitment. This is not your life. You are a pilgrim. You are a stranger in this world. You need to commit to Jesus Christ. You are a chosen generation consecrated changed peculiar curious for God's the father is O Praise Him worship follow him pursue him in your life, and then you will be able to Realized the contentment notice what he says as we close up. He says there in verse 10.

Mercy we have received Mercy. We are a royal priesthood and we have received his mercies. You would not receive Mercy, but now you received his Mercy you are not a people but now you are the people see God makes us who we are building on 77 Highway 5 does not make us a church you make us to charge your responsibility to praise God. It's your responsibility to build a phone all of those with Kentucky has the privilege in the honor of fixing to celebrate our 200th year with the old Baptist Church West of the Mississippi with all of those things that have gone before us we they were just stoned built on the foundation of Jesus Christ and we are here is a testament that the Gates of Hell will not Prevail against it this morning. I want to ask you a simple question. Why are you pursuing? Is a Believer you have received Mercy therefore it is our responsibility to glorify God Romans chapter 12 verse 1. I beseech you therefore Brethren by the mercies of God the mercies that we received that you present your body a Living Sacrifice. Holy and acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service. If you're not a Believer this morning and you just keep everywhere you turn on Facebook everywhere you turn in life Jesus Christ. Keep popping in Jesus Christ keeps popping up in and you're tripping over him and he's blocking your path and he's not allow you to go and do what you want to listen to me this morning, very carefully. You need Mercy you need mercy and Christ has Mercy for you. He's willing to forgive you of all of your sin and wash you and make you white us know if you will simply believe on him believe that he is the son of the Living God that he died for your sins was buried in a grave. Grave, cuz on the third day he rose again that you might have eternal life. You should we pray for their birth father those that have been born by you. We pray for their belief. We we pray that they put all of their trust and all of their faith in you and that today and throughout this week that they will worship you by responding to what you convicted them up what you've shown them through your word is they pursue you in a relationship with you allow their lives to be a sweet-smelling Savor of worship and sacrifice to you as we go about our lives as we do or things Lord help us to always worship and praise you Lord those that did never accepted you as their personal savior Lord. Just help them today cuz it except you before it's a part of Eternity too late. We love you. We bless you. We thank you. SOS watch after us continue to be with the leaders continue to be with those in Jonesboro. Just help us all to find a way this week to worship you in spirit. And in truth your most precious name we pray. Amen. Thank you so much for joining us today. I would like to meet you in right quick before you get off and get away. If you need anything. If there's prayer request, please put them up here on Facebook message them. Text me and I'll put promise I will be praying for these and I'm praying for each and everyone of you. I miss you. I love you be looking on our Kentucky web page and through Facebook and stuff about the upcoming Services how we're going to do them. I am praying that we will be back in our congregation back in our church on Easter Sunday, but we're not guaranteed that but I've got some things we may do a drive-up service or something else. And so if you have thoughts on that, I would greatly appreciate it. Remember also that the expenses of the church still goes on and so we have set up online giving you can go to www. Kentucky and there you will find a link to give your able to give to our build a general sign to our building fun to our mission fun to are useful and all of the different phones that we have you can choose and choose the amount that you would like to give to each and every one of these if you're not familiar or don't want to give online that you can send your check or of Eric 277. 77070 Highway 5, Benton, Arkansas 72019 and he will get it there at the church. Mailbox. We thank you. We love you. I miss each and everyone of you so dearly. I love being able to talk to most of you Friday and Saturday on the phone and if there is anything that you need or anything that you desire, please do not hesitate to give me a call to talk to me. I don't want you to struggle you're not alone. And so even though we're quarantined. We are all spiritually connected we can go to the father we can find ASL So please reach out to me with that. Thank you again. Love you. Have a great day. Amen. See y'all later.

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