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Easter: Jesus is Savior

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God designed our lives for perfect relationship with Him.
Sin broke this design.
Afterwards, few found the way. Jesus said . One of the few was a man named Enoch (not much said about him).
We learn a little more in .
By faith (define) - God took Enoch because Enoch pleased Him by faith.
God moves to stir his heart and makes promises.
Enoch responds by believing and seeking.
God responds with pleasure and rewards.
Enoch moves to draw closer to God.
Cycle repeats to an infinite growth.
What we find is life as it was designed. Not transactional, but relational.
Closed loop, not for limitation, but for perfection (it’s all we need - , , ).
Life was meant to have this perfect relationship with God.
However, few have found this way. And God isn’t cool with that. God is His great mercy and love wanted more! So, He sent Jesus.
- says Jesus is the door.
The key to the door is faith.
That’s the same way Enoch entered, it’s the same way we enter.
Maybe you’ve been wandering. Wasting away. And you’re ready to come home.
The Father is waiting.
But the way into a house is a door.
And Jesus is the door. And he said the key is faith.
It unlocks the door.
All you need to do is believe in Jesus as your Savior, and you can come home.
Believe is not just acknowledging but it’s doing what the prodigal son did (below).
Prodigal son.
He knew his father would receive him (v. 17)
Repent (v. 21).
Receive grace (v. 22-24).
Celebrate - We want to celebrate with you. Let us know, connect card.




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