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Seeing the Unseen

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Many of us are familiar with the account of God sending fire down from heaven and consuming the water soaked altar, in front of the prophets of Baal.  Some of us are not familiar with this account. For those who are not familiar with the account, you’re about to learn of what God did and for those familiar with the account, let me remind you.

1 Kings 18:20-38

The account of the consuming fire of God, this should bring confidence of what God can do.  In fact, the next situation will continue to teach us that God shows us His goodness and mercy and understanding of what God can do.  When we can see what God can do we catch His vision. 

Those with a lack of Vision say:

I.                  Can’t See It

A.                Elijah Catches the Vision

B.                Enemies of God will also Realize the Vision

C.                Elijah waits for Completion

Gutzon Borglum, the sculptor, was once working on a head of Lincoln. A woman who was sweeping out his studio wondered what he was doing. One day she finally recognized the face of Abraham Lincoln emerging from the stone. Very much surprised, she turned to Borglum and asked, "How did you know that Mr. Lincoln was in that piece of stone?"

Those with a lack of Vision say:

II.              Too Insignificant

A.                Vision increases Anticipation

B.                Report of a Sign brings Hope

C.                Hope Drives Action

In the year 1870 the Methodists in Indiana were having their annual conference. At one point, the president of the college where they were meeting said, "I think we live in a very exciting age." The presiding bishop said, "What do you see?" The college president responded, "I believe we are coming into a time of great inventions. I believe, for example, that men will fly through the air like birds." The Bishop said, "This is heresy! The Bible says that flight is reserved for the angels. We will have no such talk here." After the conference, the bishop, whose name was Wright, went home to his two small sons, Wilbur and Orville and shared this story.

They saw what their father couldn’t and acted of the hope of flight.

Those with a lack of Vision say:

III.           Coincidence

A.                Ahab would Say Coincidence

B.                When the People Worshiped, God Moved (cf. v. 39)

C.                When God Moves the Miraculous Happen

Concluding Application:

  • We should avoid giving up when we can’t see the Lord moving in our lives and ministry.
  • We should understand God is moving the faithful to see and action, even when others can’t pr won’t see what He has in store.

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