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My help comes from the Lord

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Good morning to New Orleans. Welcome to this a second of the Astros stream Services during this particular time when we have to walk in this white rather than me, and I don't know why you trust the Lord will bless you as we do come to worship together instead of Richwood together. Just want to read as we begin a couple of verses from psalms. 27 27 + 4 + 5 one thing have I asked of the Lord that will I seek after I don't like to go out in the house of the Lord all the days of my life to gaze upon the beauty of the Lord and we cry and his Temple He would hype in the shelter in his shelter in the day of trouble. Y'all can stay with me under the cover of his tent. He will lift me high upon a hero Best Buy. Precious God and Father. We thank you that we kind of guy and come together on this your day to worship and honor and see to glorify you. Do something unusual circumstances, but Lord, we know that you're with it or I will call you a bless us now. Help us load do drone into each one. We do pry mean.

Guide me to welcome you and I see all the way we are dealing with a very difficult situation at this time, but the results of the coronavirus and the restrictions placed quite properly upon us. We know how you go to Mason West ship and I usually but we sank a thankful that we can take advantage of the technology is available to be able to broadcast that Services since we are doing now very thankful for all those the commentator on the time we did this last week and we probably will be pleased to bless us and help us and encourages this week to meet in this way and we would appreciate your feedback if you're able to do so many comments. You high as we can tell you guys. I'm bored and seek to improve these sweet to go on over the next few weeks. I just want to read now. I will call you from the Psalms 121 and I read the whole of that song.

I lift up my eyes to the hills. Where does my help come my help comes from the Lord who made Heaven and Earth? You want to let your foot to be moved he who keeps you will not Slumber behold. He who keeps Israel, but not the Slumber no SLI. The Lord is your keeper the Lord is your shade on your on your right by the sounds are not strike you by day nor the Moon by Night the Lord will keep you from all evil. He will keep your life. The Lord will keep you from going out and your coming in from this time forth and forevermore.

Let's cry.

The guy no longer we do safe to come into your presence We Praise You Lord we have this glorious opportunity to bring out trash before your friend. The Lord, you know, you are the greatest in the ocean. So powerful. God indeed the old holy God your lord you do you like to hear the prayers of your people and we probably will going to be pleased to hear after ass now. Lord reduce signed in difficult circumstances, but Lord, we thank you that none of these things are unknown to you the Lord you are indeed always in control the Lord you're winning. Your purpose would always be fulfilled to give us the confidence. Give us the strength. We need to trust in you in these circumstances I do to help us especially today Lord as we do meet together. We pray for each one in their own homes are they might be it will be seeking to share with us in this act to Worship the Lord bless each of them. You know, if we pray that you would reach out to them to remember those Lotus. I'm well or suffering and otherwise, we also know that your strength will be upon them the Lord your spiritual rest upon them and Lord my day truly Rejoice that your great grace and mercy Given to them we do in particular problem that we do face. The fact the coronavirus has height storage. It's the name. I tightened it make the right decision is made by a guy to lead in the proper way in the institutions that Lord of that to see each other. How can I eat ass at this? Very trying time required Lord throw provision will be made the wisdom of them will be apply the Lord we ask that you would give the strength I give the ability to all the time revolved in many different ways and seeking to do with this situation. Remember low particularly those that are contracted the virus repair a law that you would be with said the Lord you would give them healing to give me the strength and loyalty Express ID sorrow at the numbers that have died as a result of this and we pray to God you'll be right through family. Every person who was retrieved this time that you will cry you show love or reach out toward game that I stand in need of the Lord made a truly Rejoice that you all are having the experience of your grace and their lines Lord, you know exactly what I feel sure linear and meats that need to give strength. We probably remember Chick-fil-A Old I was in the church. We thank you Lord for each wine and pray that you would be wasted in college than we think about students and especially for the cold this week. Play stories refer a logo that you would be with him and help and encourage him look and choose our rights and guide him. We fry a little bit around me to call who is celebrating their first day on Wednesday. We all slow that you'd be with her Lord. We know she is now starting at home or are able to go to the coaches. Do we pray to God that you would watch over her and tell if and encourage her in this I need a lawyer to be pleased to speak to each and everyone of us as we get a moment together. She lives with my realtor is Lord Charlotte's of yourself. I would offload all the same should have a scenario we to pray in Jesus name.

What could we change together now to that song that I rage hundred twenty second song and I just want to make if you come in on that if we do come together in this way now. The title given to this song is my help comes from the Lord and this is the second of the series of Psalms that are known as the Psalms of ascent switches. I was saying last week you store designed to encourage those that are coming to Jerusalem to worship with the special Feast of the different times of the year and is thinking about the preparation that they make a fool those times of wish we too are coming together to wash, you know, I did exactly the same by we don't go to a temple is no necessity for that and then deal or we can still worshiping the counter I would build it so we can be together in a special way today. He put the same principle applies the last week do prepare for us. We do think about that. So we also the Lord will prepare our hearts and make Realize what it is that we actually involved involved in the truth and the Living God the almighty God. What a glorious privileges is concerned and why the song we look at your diet. I set up different tones for the one that we saw last week last week the psalmist that was expressing his distress. She was troubled he was concerned but he has it with him sometime today strikes a much more positive knowledge as the psalmist does declare his desire as he comes to worship who wrote the song. We don't know exactly when it was written, but we can share in what was actually written by the Samus.

Cuz he knows he can receive he says best one. I lift up my eyes to the hills from where does my help come from? Ashley song is fraps is making his way towards Jerusalem and he would have seen the hills. He would have seen in the distance to a glorious Temple that are being bills and he's be rejoicing I see is preparing for that. He would no doubt taking Oso into account the the grind your The Wonder of the creation that he saw round about shapes. He saw these Hills in all their glory and this was a great Delight enjoy to him, but he poses the question how she looks at these things from where does my help come and he was aware of the fact of goose that he's helped the help that he needed did not come from the wonderful things that he saw the hell did not come from the creation but actually comes from the Creator because he looks beyond that creation. To see it even greater glory and wonder of the one who brought all these things into bed until he answers his own question and verse to you and he says my help comes from the Lord who made heaven and I know it is a glorious source of comfort of strength and of Hell To The God Who me come it's not a god of ocean. Not at all that we sort of thought that would be ideal for us to go to Maycomb is the one true God and Jesus or God of creation. He is the God has brought all things into being is the goddess with home OC He Is We called who sustains or those things and usually called whose glory is actually seen in those things that he has created. It is very foolish. And these are you sad that there are those who tend to only think of the creation of the things that they see and they seek to draw that help from that they seek to draw strength from that. We must look beyond that. We see the glory of creation. We see the wonders of creation, but we should not should lead us to a deeper awareness of the fog Randa Glory of our God to is the create he has made things a scientist. He watches over a source of help and we all stand in need of help with their many different ways in which that can be applied. But this time it may be time to hygge here in this you have contracted the disease yourself or you know, the members of your family. I haven't you're very white you're very trouble as to what he's going to happen will look to that guy. Who is the true God of Hell who is able to be with us in the situation doesn't speak of the particular security that this brings to him cuz I said I have no idea if the wiring in particular but as he thinks of his God in the hell that is God brings. So he has given the security said he will not let your foot be moved. He who keeps you will not slumber. God will keep him stable. He will keep him secure. He will keep him in the place where he should be. He doesn't have to rely on the date is foolish. So Jadoo he relies on the strength of God. And that God is The God Who Never Slumbers who doesn't sleep as she goes home to site but hold it and he who keeps Israel will neither slumber nor sleep. We all sleep real Slumber, you'll lose our attention. God never does. He is always there was one commentator says there is not Mama tree Slumber least the whole actual sleep Debbie thought of in reference to him. God never sleeps God ever watch is over has God ever Chiefs. 37th and I eat innocent. What a comfort that is a greatest surance that is in the particular that situation we find ourselves to be today is that is so much that is a deep and profit and said God he's keeping us secure Chief in a stable and constantly doing that does not one moment one second. We're at constant strength and security is that and that's the song is that means for him. He speaks of the Lord of God being his true Guardian. He says in verse 5 the Lord is your keeper the Lord is your shade on your heart right behind the Lord is the cheap. Here's the one who keeps it. When he speaks of the shade on your right hand that would have been particularly applicable traps to the song is to be making his wife to Jerusalem to what should the oil in the temple and he would have been doing that when the sun was it is highest when it was very hard and he would be very grateful. If any should I eat that? I would be made available during lunchtime Alicia's this is what God does and it goes beyond just a sense of it speaks of protection Appliance protection. The God is ever given protection, You may have Tom's fruit dangerous parts and would have been worried about what would happen that but God was there protecting him. God was watching over him. He is always sleeping in Hey in another song and Psalm 91. We read these with us in the first two of us. Is he who dwells in the shelter of the most high will abide in the shadow of the Almighty? I will show you to the Lord my refuge and my Fortress my God in whom I trust a chief God is always on the Shroud is always acting on behalf of his people is always looking down and she from and when we find ourselves in difficulty when we find ourselves Francine change if we find out says his physical and emotional time. These things happen to miss these things to happen. That's not to us that you may Hudson butts that he will ensure that they don't harm has he ever watches over and he goes on he is that one it was always the protector for a 60 says the sun should not strike you by day nor the Moon by night. The guy in in Psalm 91 we read and vest 6 North the pestilence the stove light in darkness know the destruction that wasteth Noonday whatever whatever the problem is. I'm a very real and they're very hard and difficult to cope with and we certainly cannot do so in our own strength, but the Lord shows us that she will be helping us. He will be a Tanis. He will ensure that we have kept and we won't know if it was like right here to the sound. We don't know the dangers of the night because you're always under the control of who he who is the truly almighty God to the Chiefs vs. 7 + 80 said and verse 7 The Lord will keep you from all evil. He will keep your life the Lord with it's not that we won commission. He was sadly BO2 said we all do if I had him on occasions, but he has sat for two means we have on that could be fully dealt with in our Lord. Jesus Christ is paid the penalty is paid the price that I said might be forgiven and understand game is a great encouragement to us in times of need in times of trouble that he isn't this glorious work of Grace. I need Chiefs line. It is she could switch to know and to be short of the fact that I'll eyes are in his hands and he watches over as he is the one who gives us that life goes much deeper. I'm not sure who's in Christ Jesus. We have a life that is eternal life and he keeps that could never ever be taken promise. We maybe we will die physically unless the Lord returns probably not tonight. But if we're in Christ, we know the Assurance of that life is a Christmas what the Apostle full So Fresh So Clean and so powerfully and running since the Philippines in Philippines. One of us 21 in for me to live is Christ and to die is gain if I am to live in The Flash that means fruitful labor for me that which which Line shoes I cannot tell I'm hard-pressed between the two. My desire is to Pata to deposit and Beavis Christ for that is far better to remain in the flash is more necessary on your account. And in that Sir Chief in our life in that secure and I like the Lord is very active site says the Lord will keep you and your coming in from this time forth and forever more there is nothing to which the Providence of God does not extend one has the feeling that every sphere of influence directions care extends has been charged such treatment of the subject carries with it a study very short every step of my wife everything. We do every way we are going out or coming in, you know, the moment those things are very restricted, but he is able to help us he is able to help with any luck cheapest and all those situations Close with some other verses from one of the Psalms 73 and verse 23 nevertheless. I am continue with you. You hold my right hand you guide me with your Council and all through it. You will receive me to Glory. So as we think my back home with his be ours may we know what it is to truly trust and rest in him by we know that I helped always comes from the Lord that I may be no krejcir help in so may the Lord be pleased to apply as well to us and bless us H-1B. Do we continue run by each one in a Prius? Let's cry.

Loving God and Father. We thank you for this test me of the psalmist highest recorded for us and we probably will go to that testimony may be honest as well. We know that helped ensure Alana able to give the Lord your grace or rest upon us apply your word to us free with his H1. We do cry.

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