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WCC 2020-03-29 Service 10:30

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Well, good morning to the wish I could Community Church family and friends this of course is Sunday, March 29th, and I trust you're awake and ready to listen to what God's word has for us today want to give you a couple of updates. First of all from this week. First of all, I just wanted to know how you're all doing with your singing. I mentioned to you last Sunday that everybody should sing and praise the Lord. I was reminded this week of the song He's Got The Whole World in His Hands. He's got you and me brother. He's got you and me sister. And so there you go. There's a song. I haven't sung for a long time, but I was singing it all this week. I just want to give you some updates. First of all note to praise. Ted of course had his surgery at Sunnybrook this week. I came through very very well had two stents put in to his aorta. Of course is you is you know are going around and we're doing driveway visits. So we popped in to have a driveway visit with Ted on Friday. He has a great pair of lounge pants. Most people call them pajamas, but we're calling them lounge pants. So be sure to give him a call. He would love to talk to you and Norman may-parker. They got home safely on Friday and they're now in their 14-day self-isolation and we're just waiting to see as other folks cross the border. I'm sure you have neighbors and friends that are glad to be home quick update from Gail Gail's daughter Jenna. She's feeling much better still waiting for test results, but it would appear she's come through this. Very very well who works as a porter in the hospital, you know, what ask for prayer for face masks and things for for the everyday staff and they've been able to secure those Bruce Clark. He is also doing very well and very thankful for everyone's prayers and and Donna suggested that we continue to encourage one another. I hope you're making phone calls to folks. I would suggest even get out in your car like Jane and I have been doing and and Rebecca and just make some driveway visits if it's a lot of fun people are thrilled to see you and you can laugh and chat together. So keep that in mind things for prayer Grant Parsons. His shoulders are still very sore. That pain is manageable. So just remember Grant Steve also updated us on his mom Dawn and and his step dad Steve. Have you staying in the states? There's some issue with them trying to cross the border. And and so they're going to stay down there. And also all our young people are our little some of them are very concerned about everything and so he wants us to pray for all the kids as well. Shawna has asked for prayer for her ex-husband Brian. He is going to be traveling to Wasaga Beach and working out something. So we're trying to make arrangements for living accommodation for him and many of you know, Rota her husband Rob. He has an ulcer on his heel that's not healing and sewing chatting with her course, they're trying to still be able to go into the doctors and have visits and and is you know, that's sometimes difficult to get in for consultations and we continue to lift up Brian Brown and his family down in Milton and and also Susan reported to us that she hasn't had Hardly any communication with their daughter Vanessa, of course hasn't seen her in the last 4 weeks. And so she's asking that God will continue to superintendence and intervene there. And of course Amelia, I'm sure misses her sister as well and for curtain irmgard in all that they're doing and Corset room guard is Frontline at the at the Tim Hortons in interacting with a lot of people Kurt is waiting to see about work for him. And so I just wanted courage you all let's get out. Let's get walking Jane and higher are seeing and saying a load of people we've never met before we didn't even know they lived on any Street around us. So we don't know who they are, but it's nice to see them in wave. We have been enjoying the driveway visit with you? And so if you've got if you've got an opportunity you'd like us to come by again and visit. Please don't hesitate to call and will certainly be glad to come and see you yesterday. We got offered a pizza and end in N Steve made some beautiful banana loaf. So we've been enjoying that just another thing for prayer. Kevin is asking for prayer for police officer named Angie. Who was assaulted by an unstable male and sustained some various serious, but not life-threatening injuries. He's in hospital now with severe trauma. You might want to consider praying for people like those who work at the superstore. I was talking to one of the fellows at the door and he said that he's actually had people come in and spit on them. And so we're dealing with different stressors for people again. If you need anything, please give us a call call your Elder call my cell we have delivery teams on standby that can pick things up or if you need a ride. We can work things out, you need to call one another the other concern I have is for our children in our church who are trying to get some kind of online schooling or parents are trying to homeschool. So please pray for the van genotypes and the Thompsons. The Aberdeen's the cronin's and of course Susan's daughters and the wreaths with with their children today also is been a call for a world Day of Prayer by all the churches. And so we're going to do that in just a moment. I want to tell you that I have been meeting on Zoom with Pastors in our area and we are trying to be very proactive and look for ways to reach out not only to the Christian Community but the non-Christian community. So again, don't be afraid to give a word of the hope that lies within you but know what that word is when you're ready to give it. I have a lady this morning earlier say to me can't I just don't know everything so crazy and I said, yep and isn't it good to know God's in charge. She didn't know what to say. But if it wasn't for the Lord how much Panic would we all be in? And so we're going to certainly be praying and and there's other groups that are trying to do free services or concerts and think so. So be aware. If you if you see if things let others know and the other thing is we've got six families in our church that don't have internet and so I've asked them all to give a call to someone or if you would like to volunteer that why you're listening to the service that you would let them phone you put on the speakerphone and they can hear the service as well. And so we trust that everybody is going to be able to stay updated have a birthday list here for everyone to give people call Audrey mcmeekin, of course, March 31st, and and they are out in in DC now and they made it safely from what we understand moving their daughter Heather out there. Cheryl has her birthday on March 29th and Barb. Reynolds March 30th, so to the ladies so very happy birthday. And then four April Liz Brown has her birthday on the 3rd and Donna Clark on the 4th Suzanne on the 5th and Tim also on the 5th and then I was just thinking I've I've told some of you this but when we all get back together, I've decided that what we're going to do is we're going to have a huge hug Fest followed by a buffet with some Mandarin with also a barbecue and a bonfire and we're going to also get a giant cake and everybody who had birthdays in this. Can all speak the ones to slice the cake together. We have a blast just hang in with us all and I think we're going to see some fascinating days is the Lord continues to help us, so I'm going to pray. And and then I'd like to share some thoughts with you from scripture. But let's let's just take a moment together father. This is not an easy time here. We are coming into our second week of of isolation and and the world is in turmoil as we watch leaders on television. You can tell they're their perturbed. They're anxious. This is something far beyond the realm of any individual person or nation and Lord as we said last week. Our eyes are on you. You are in church and you run the world and you are going to draw ultimately. Men and women in boys and girls to you even through this scenario and so Lord. We just pray for our church family wherever they are today for those that are recouping those that are in pain this day those that are feeling very lonely and many are those that are missing physical touch it it's hard when we can't give hugs or or encourage people in. And so Lord may your peace be upon each and every person and and and father remind them that they're your son or they're your daughter and you're well aware of everything they're going through and so father for this church family wherever they are this day. My prayer is that you would bless them and that also this would be a week. We have an opportunity to give a word of the hope that lies within us. You're an amazing God you're doing amazing things and may we see and be a part of what you're doing. We thank you now and we looked at Do as we have a time to study your word in Christ's name. We pray. Amen.

Alright to eat the topic I have decided I'd like to preach about today is called who's in charge. And you might recall from last week that we were looking at 2nd Chronicles 20 King Jehoshaphat and Judah were being besieged and and the theme first that came out of that in verse 12 of that chapter is Lord. We do not know what to do. But our eyes are on you and I don't think that is changed for us. We don't know what to do in this day. But our eyes are on you and the reason that we have our eyes on God is because he made this little ball on which we live this little ball that's placed in his immense universe. He's looking after us. I was reading Joven and in some words that a Paul this weekend and just let these words bless you. You can look this up later and enjoyed 38mm vs. For 2:13. And this is a job having a chat in the Lord's talking to job. Of course, you know, the story joke has is his body covered with boils and he's scraping the puss off his body with a a piece of broken pottery and God says to him. Where were you when I laid the foundation of the Earth declare to be if you know understanding. Who determine the measures of the earth it if you know. Or who stretched out the measuring line upon it. Upon what were the foundations of a fast and then who laid its Cornerstone? When the morning Stars sang together and all the sons of God all the Angels shouted for joy. Who shut up the sea with doors when it broke 4th and issued out of the womb when I made the clouds the Garment of it in the thick darkness of swaddling Van Ford and Mark for it my appointed boundary in set bars and doors. And I said that's far you shall come and no further and here she'll you're proud waves be stayed. Have you commanded the morning since your days began and cause the dog to know its place so that life may get hold of the corners of the earth and shake the wickedness of night out of it and can't you just hear God talking to Joe and all of that and then I just some verses from my favorite one of my favorite chapters in The Bible Hebrews 1 and it says in verse 2 in the last days God has spoken to us in the person of a son who me appointed are and owner of All Things by and through whom he created all the worlds and the reaches of space at the ages of time. He arrange them in order. He's the soul expression of the glory of God. He's the perfect imprint of the very nature of God's image upholding and guiding and propelling the universe by his mighty word of power. And what are you offering himself conflict start cleansing of sin and riddance of guilty sat down at the right hand of the Divine Majesty on high.

And you oh Lord. Did Lay the foundation of the Earth in the beginning in the heavens are the works of your hands. They will perish but you remain and continue permanently. They will all grow old and we're out like a garment like a mantle you will roll them up. They will be changed and replaced by others, but you remain the same and your years will never come to an end or come to failure who's in charge. The Lord is so this morning. I want to look at the big picture. I want you to see beyond the stresses of our community the stress you're feeling in your home or your apartment the stress that that comes with neighbors that looks so grim and and almost afraid to talk let alone be near you because I think everybody thinks we have the cooties. But I want to give you for thoughts as we as we look at this. First of all satan AKA dirty face. I call him. It has always tried to keep Mankind from finding Christ because of course, it's Jesus who saves the world from the crushing effects of sin and then eternity in hell. Secondly, Satan has always tried to have people continually fight with each other using any means possible to dry and gain World control. How many people want to control this little ball in the midst of the universe really? What Satan wants people to be so angry and filled with deceit that they won't want to seek God? I mean how many times has God blamed for things he didn't even do? I mean, this is the essence of a real spiritual warfare. And thirdly I think Satan has always tried to isolate individual persons and keep feeding them fear-filled lies. You know, I think this is one of the reasons why Jesus set the church in place in part to counter such an evil intention. Do not neglect your assembling together. And then we get to the real point of it all the big picture the fourth Point God since the creation of mankind has been working in powerful ways to show his love for the human race, and we even see it today and I want to bring that close to home as we talked about it. I want to take this fourth fourth point the incredible love that God has for us and the powerful ways. He's working and I've had like to use King David as the example for scripture this morning, as you know, David wrote the book of Psalms and in the songs are filled with an incredible appreciation of who God is in the midst of Our Own frailties in our own sin in our own puniness and and our own mistakes and install I've decided to pick some 33ik my praise that the David wrote to the Lord but the words again like we said last week are Timeless and so let these words bless you started for 6 and go through verse 9 as we look at this and David says by the word of the Lord what the heavens were made and all the hosts of them by the breath of his most all the hoes. Refers to all the stars in the universe and what's interesting is when you look at that phrase in the Greek, it talks about the host being part of a great Army Marshall 4th at God's command. They were all brought in the sink by the breadth of his mouth God gathers the Waters of the sea together as a heap. He lays the deep in storehouses. Let all the Earth fear the lord let all the inhabitants of the earth stand in awe of him my prayer and I'm sure yours is that even in the midst of all we're going through with this so-called pandemic that the world will start to realize that they need to stand in awe of God when God spoke first nine. David says it was done when God commanded it stood fast or Rosen to be when God spoke things happen and then in verse 10, he says to regard to people the Lord brings the Council of the nation's to nothing. He makes the plans of the peoples of no effect. And in reality men must and will always have to eventually yield to God. I mean we have it in Romans 14:11 that there's going to come a point when every knee will bow and every tongue will what confess that Jesus is Lord to the honor and glory of God. David goes on to say the council or the wisdom or the instruction of the Lord what stands forever. So when you and I are reading scripture, it may have been written 2000 years ago for thousand years ago 5,000 years ago, but it's still the counsel of the Lord stands forever and the plans of his heart, aren't you all generation? That's your generation in my generation. Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord the people he has chosen as his own inheritance. As I said last week. Would it be marvelous if our leadership would call a prayer meeting for the entire country? But in the meantime, we as Christians are we do we do at we do trust in God because we believe that his will Will be done on Earth as it's being done in heaven. That's the way Jesus taught us to pray. Go back to song 33 David says the following the Lord looks from heaven and he sees how many he sees all the sons of men. From the place of his dwelling. He looks on all the inhabitants of the earth. If Ash has their hearts individually considers all their works, you know, he's giving us a free will and he knows when people are either following him or they've turned her heart over to deceitful wickedness. And and David in another song says Thy word have I hid in my heart that what I might not sin against thee. When you consider verse 15 again, and he considers all their Works hee Fashions their hearts individually. It reminds me of David in Psalm 139. You know me, you know, when I stand up, you know, when I sit down the reason why I'm stressing this is because I think when we're in isolation like we are people in their homes in and I've I've seen people haven't come out of their house for over a week. I've seen people won't open the blinds or come to the door. The reality is that we don't need to be afraid. He knows us he will work with us and we need to trust him as we converse with him David also says that we have to be very careful that we look to the horizontal aspect of this world for security. He says in verse 16, no king is saved by the multitude of an army. A mighty man is not delivered by great strength a horse is a vain hope for safety. Neither. Shall it deliver any by its great strength? What day but I think is saying for you and I today is be careful that we don't focus on man-made Creations be careful that we're not hiding in the midst of worldly strongholds. It's the Lord who saves us. It's the Lord who's in charge of our lives and quite frankly family. If it's not our time to die. It doesn't matter how strong a pandemic is. We're not going to die. I have to admit I was smiling the other day when I read about the hundred one year old gentleman that came through the virus and he's now healthy again. I thought wow hundred and one Lord saying they're still life that you have to live brother. And so if I look at this and we look at the respective of God in charge and in being there with us this mean that life will be smooth sailing. Well, I don't think so. Not necessarily. John 16:33 in and you appreciate these words and then Jesus said this just moments after he he talked to the disciples member in the upper room and he said I'm going to send the comforter to be with you cuz I told you all of this so that in in in me you may have perfect peace and confidence he goes on to say because in the world you will have what tribulation trials distressed frustration but be of good cheer and take courage be confident be certain Beyond daunted for I have overcome the world and I've deprived it of power to harm you I've conquered it for you because the Holy Spirit the comforter is with you you will be victorious in the midst of all the issues of life. he also says I want to remind you that if the world hates, you know that it hated me before it hated you if you belong to the world the world would treat you with the faction would love you as its alt but because you are not of the world no longer one with it, but I've chosen selected you out of the world the world hates into test you because why because Satan trying to motivate them Satan's trying to control them Satan's trying to get them to fight against the reality of a God who would save them and set them free mentally and emotionally and physically It's interesting that just moments before Jesus had said these words in chapter 15 of John. He he said the disciples do not let your hearts be troubled or distressed her agitated you believe in and you would hear and trust and rely on God believing in here and trust and rely also on me.

My peace I leave with you said Jesus my own piece. I now give and bequeath to you. Not as the world gives do I give to you and then he says do not do not let your hearts be troubled. There's where are free will kicks in do not let your hearts be troubled. Neither let them what be afraid stop and then the Greek make this so clear the incentive is stop allowing yourselves to be agitated and Disturbed do not permit yourselves to be fearful intimidated cowardly and unsettled now does that mean we are not afraid does that mean we're not anxious know but what what Jesus was trying to tell his disciples is before all hell breaks loose and they capture me and then they crucify me don't be afraid of that because that's not the end of the story. I'm going to rise from the dead and for you and I living today. The Lord is with us now and he's still sitting at the right hand of God. God the Father interceding for us Paul said it in Philippians 4 and verse 8, you know it well do not be anxious about anything what you do not be anxious whatsoever. Things are lovely whatsoever think on these things. Doesn't mean we're naive and we're avoiding the issues but I think we have to keep a balance in our mind. Yes. There is a worldwide scenario of stress going on right now, but God's bigger than everything going on in this globe. David in Psalm 34 enforce that. I sought the Lord and he heard me and delivered me from how many from all my fears Paul when he was talking to that young preacher Timothy in his second letter to Timothy. He said God did not give us a spirit of timidity of of coward of craving infringing and fawning fear. Don't you love the Greek? I wish our English had such an expression, but God has given us a spirit of power love and calm and well-balanced mine and discipline and self-control. God has not given us a spirit of fear. And so as we conclude this morning, I want to go back again to David in Psalm 33. He he wraps up the song with these next four verses that I think are so powerful the next 5 versus behold the eye of the Lord is on those who fear Him those who hope in his Mercy to deliver their soul from death and to keep them alive and famine our soul waits for the Lord. He is our health and our shield for our heart shall rejoice in him because we have trusted in His holy name. Let your mercy. Oh Lord. Be upon us just as we hoping you. And so we're back to again what we started with. Oh Lord. We do not know what to do. But our eyes are on you. And if he's got the whole world in his hands, he knows how to look after you and I so let's serve him to the best of our ability this week and let's trust him far bigger in the things that would cause a sphere. Father I just pray for this family today stretched all over this community some in Wasaga some in cream or some in Collingwood and our friends near and far father. You're in charge. And there's nothing going on in this world that is escaping your notice and there is nothing going on in this world. That is caught you by surprise and there is nothing in this world. That is making you anxious or fearful. And so Lord again, we commit ourselves to this new week. Our eyes are on you you direct us. You sustain Our Lives you bring us joy to fill us on our hearts. You you show us where we can serve you and be a blessing to others and Lord. May you continue to remind us to never take things for granted like even being able to assemble together. I think once this is over lord, we are going to be so grateful to be together as a church family praising you as Don and Donna Lee Dustin music and is armed guard in the team's lead us and father is I have the privilege of preaching through each one face-to-face, and so we bless you and thank you. You're an amazing God. Our eyes are on you and everybody said amen.

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