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Sunday, January 5th, 2020 - PM - In Troublesome Times (Ps. 89)

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Let what you know about God from His Word guide you through your confusion and doubts.

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You mean we're going to spend some time in the Book of Psalms before we do I want to draw your attention to the book of 1st of 2nd Timothy 2nd. Timothy chapter number 3. We will look at verses 1 through 9 there prior to going back to Psalm 89 so 2nd Timothy. chapter number three

the year 2020 in mine 2nd Timothy chapter 3 in number one Paul writes to Timothy and he says this know also that in the last days perilous times shall come for men shall be lovers of their own self coveted boasters proud blasphemer disobedient to parents thankful. Unholy without natural affection trucebreakers. accuser incontinent beers despisers of those that are good Trader heady high-minded lovers of Pleasures more than lovers of God having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof. from such turn away broke this sort or they would creep in the houses and leave Captain silly women Laden with sin away with never slept ever learning and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth. Janice and jambres withstood Moses. So do these also resist the truth corrupt mine reprobate concerning the faith. But they shall proceed no further for their folly.

First 10 he says they'll has fully known my Doctrine manner of life purpose face long-suffering charity patient for Houston's afflictions, which came of the meeting at Antioch and Iconium and what persecutions I endured with out of them all the Lord delivered me. Yay, and old that will live Godly in Christ. Jesus shall suffer persecution, but evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse deceiving and being deceived continue thou in the things which thou Hast learned and assured knowing the Salvation in Christ. Jesus scripture is for reproof for correction for instruction in righteousness that the man of God may be perfect for the furnace in the old woodwork. Or I pray that as we receive pulls worms. We would be at Timothy doers of your word and not hearers only deceiving her own self. I pray Lord that you would encourage us as we consider the psalter one more time as we anticipate closing book three of our Heavenly Hymnal or I pray that you would encourage our hearts even in the midst of trouble. Sometimes they understand and they are faced be strengthened as we stay with the psalmist. A man and a man what I crave let your word now and are partaking of the Lord's table to follow in Jesus name. Amen. Apostle Paul talk Timothy that there would be perilous times that is there will be trouble sometime. Haywood common and without a doubt. I mean we're living in some trouble sometimes today, aren't we? I don't want you to go get depressed read the newspapers. OK Google

I mean we weave hear of wars and rumors of wars and in the bible say that would happen Jesus prophesied that would happen for the heavens for our Redemption draws nigh. And so we did we have a hope that we will. We we hold on we're looking for Trump. We're listening for that trumpet sound and for the Archangel voice of the archangel.

Won't work unless he does it right. Gray It was a songwriter than put it this way Robert E. Winsett dependent like this Troublesome times are here filling men's Hearts was beer Freedom. We all hold dear and I was at stake. I'm in your heart to God save from the chastening rod seek the way pilgrims trough.

Jesus is coming soon morning night or noon many will meet their Doom.

All of the Dead shall rot.

Going where no one died and work now.

Troubles will soon be your forever more will meet on that Shore free from All Care rising up in the sky telling this world. Goodbye Homewood. We then we'll fly glory to share. Sounds good. When you sing it done that you're singing right now song. As we continue our time savoring the soldier we come to the close if book 3. I'm excited to be here because this means we're about to be in book 4 and as we start climbing out of look for we're going to approach book 5 and as we get closer to her going to be seeing more hallelujahs along the way and yes, we're going to take some time to go through the Lord is coming, but it'll be a blessing all the way is the storm that has interested me. It is high to Psalm 88 via the inscription. You'll notice that these are both Ezra height that rightly to stall so there is a connect when we studied through Psalm 88. It was one of the most I've ever deliver. Because this is the song that is unique in the fact that there is no concluding. Praise is no concluding lifting but when you text them both together. It makes it a little bit better. So as you read through so maybe eight. And if you keep reading into Psalm 89 you read these words. I will sing of the mercies of the Lord forever. What Ezra height close with lover and friend has cell put far from me and muninn acquaintance Into Darkness in the other Ezra height picks up the song right where he left off Interstate, right if you will and I will sing of the mercies of the Lord forever with my mouth.

Even the generation living in perilous time in trouble sometime. When things don't always make sense Ethan the ezrahite.

As you study Psalm 88 in so many 9 you can sense. There's a there's a deep deep distress.

And Ezra height would be one who is esteemed of great wisdom 1st Kings chapter 4 and verse number 31 tells us a little bit about that. Great wisdom. What wisdom? What does Thurman does it take for us as Believers to know the times were in? Have wisdom to face the day of trouble. I don't know what the original contact was. It's not given in the inscription like other phone but there are plenty of things that we can think about through the Bible can't we that would fit Psalm 89? If I had to pick one to lean on again, I'm not going to get mad if I had to pick a time when this would have been written. My guess please hear me. Well, it's a guess. My guess would be that David. The king of Israel has just passed stop. The scene Solomon has taken over in his stead Solomon has now passed off the seen and handed that torch to his son Redbone.

You know what happens then? And as the ezrahite sit down to pin this storm. He's working at Civil War. he's looking at a nation ripped into you realize the Great Scott gave our nation to say United.

That we were still one country and it's not the USA in the CSA.

I was over a hundred fifty years ago, right?

Funniest thing I've ever seen in our country. Imagine what his room was going through as the north was ripped. Apart from the south the tribes splitting in parting ways. under different leadership Rainbow, I'm trying to hold on to Judah and Benjamin and in the southern areas where Jerusalem is in the temple and and jeroboam take me to Northern tribes away from God far away from us into jeroboam would lead Israel the northern tribes into Siri. pinpoint

when this was 10 and it would be win for all intents and purposes Pearson ever height sitting down with quilling hand with partner before him on a stroll. He's thinking about the state of his country and he says he has serious question. Because he knows the promises about David and yet where he looks from his vantage point.

And yet, how can I?

God cannot lie.

And he promised very clearly and very adamant David Steve would be forever.

Their Nations Stan drift apart. Rainbow on rain is even being called into question. There are other times obviously we could try to pinpoint. But I think reading it with something like that in the back of her mind help. Maybe you want to imagine Jerusalem when it was sacked by she Shack. pharaoh of Egypt 1st Kings 14:25 to 28th and 2nd Chronicles 12 1 through 12 will give you the backdrop for that when she Shack in Egypt came against Ray Vaughan.

trouble sometimes do you want to point out how the song closes? Before we go any further because this will help you see the division of the Salter again week 52.

Blessed be the Lord Forever More in here is your indication of book 3 close. Amen. And amen if you want to see where the other so you can know.

And you'll see the close the book to as book 3 open Psalm 41.

At the end of the 13 blessed be the Lord God of Israel from Everlasting to Everlasting for the close of book one as book to Wood open. That is the closest book one in the book 2.

Would Close book 2?

Psalm 73 would open book 3

and so the song 72 inverse number 19. I don't love this one. Throw you off. You'll notice here. So I'm 72 verse number 19 says and blessed be his glorious name for ever. Let a whole earth be filled with his glory with me and they And then finishes the prayers are taking subject. So book 1 Book 2 book 3 now. We're closing book 3 getting ready to journey into book 4. The boundary the books all marked with a similar called Praise all marked with a double a man. Jesus like to use a double a man barely barely anything to you.

What insurance now as we look for this song and things that we would note?

Some of the language the imagery that's here. with the parallelism number 12 for instance the North and the South

This was what I was saying about Ray Vaughan, right and Airborne the North in the South now has created them in Hermon shall rejoice in thy name. When we were privileged to travel Israel, we got to see both of these sites. We are symptoms. And after we finish their we went up for the Dead Sea in and spend some time around Jericho and then we made our way up the Jordan River towards the Sea of tiberias Galilee same same Lake and I we stayed on the southern point of Galilee and a caboose there and I was really nice beautiful area. And as we went around the Sea of Galilee on the east side went by the Golan Heights and all that went through the countryside in the northern part of the country green Lush the headwaters of the Jordan off form up there one of the places that form the headwaters of the Jordan is at the base of Mount Hermon. And the song that talks about to do is Mount Hermon Mount Hermon is the highest peak that you can find in the area there. Mount Hermon and see that I have that in my notes Mount Hermon. Where was at? Its how tall is Mount Hermon, I wrote it down somewhere. I don't remember the number and Mount Hermon would be closer to like 9,000 something to eat. Maybe that would give you at least a weiner stand around. Here we go. We got the church Mountain Bible camp and the camp is Nestle that about 8,500, you know, if miles up and so feet above sea level. So you see the polarity here. That's what I'm trying to point out to the North and the South We have a North Pole and South Pole. We don't have any. We have North Pole to South Pole. Go north, North Pole. God created both of them. North and the South Hartmann the highest peak in write about in his countrymen saying time

As well as Mount Tabor the smallest.

God is there whether it's the vessel of Honor or vessels were used to the Lord encouraging regardless of whether I wanted.

Did somebody make it the same thing? The contrast between the heights of prey the depths of lamentation. on the Mountaintop We Praise Him in the valley Wonder

how about you but it's hard to find anything growing but Arctic stuff that can survive the tundra environment after you get past a certain elevation. It's a special day.

It's not a vowel refund a fruit. And so the depths of the lamentate I can't do that. Right? I've got to show you all of it. The rest of the song plummet you have the heights of Hermon in the depths of Tabor. 1900 feet vs. Nights out above sea level in the valley. He doesn't expect us to just slap a smile on her face.

A part of my challenge for you for so many 9 is if you're in a time like that you life and if you're not there you may come to one. We all walk through valleys we have times when we wonder we question you may never fertilize it. It might just be between you and us let me encourage you.

Don't ignore them. They're real and they're honest questions. It's not like you're bothering your genuinely broken around you. That will bring you closer to God sometimes. Send any Prosperity USA? Let God be God even in those times that you don't understand at all. We're still waiting for God to put the rest of the picture together Army. Even from the solvent standpoint the davidic Covenant. Where's that stand?

Well it stands. In limbo, we're in a period of waiting until that The Vedic Covenant is fully realize that can win the Son of God when Jesus Our Savior Lutheran travel and all the prophecy. He will come to it to the top of Mount Olive and put speed on that mountain. And from there once his enemies are dealt with he will rule and reign as the son of David have mercy on me. He will rule with a rod of iron.

What is the sign of his coming? All things continue on as if nothing has changed you keep saying this Jesus.

My answer is wait and see. He's coming. And I'm not backing down from that. You can doubt it. You can deny it you can ignore it. What the Bible is true? If I take a little perspective on this I have to see Jesus is coming again. And he will fulfill the davidic Covenant. But as of right now we're back together again. I don't know the things that are happening around are occurring around me. I can see how God is moving pieces into place moving Nations and doing all these things.

I'll tell you as you look at the Theology of Psalm 89 if you don't deal with your dad.

Because I tell you the song. What does that mean? God doesn't keep his promises. No, but do we still have the questions at the lure? I was looking for something that you were going to do in it. It's not unfolding.

We can all come to that. theological crisis one writer said this would be logical crisis is to syrebral of phrase to capture the experience when the unfailing love of God failed and when the fullness of God seems to evaporated into unreliability

throughout the song do pay attention. To the mercies of well, it's translating like this loving kindness. Loving kind of the little girl. That's a beautiful picture.

Loving kindness is the root word behind that loving kindness is faithfulness. What time is faithful? This is what we have to bring into a heart month is God's loving kindness still available. This is expired. But we still have to get to that conclusion. We know the answer yet.

I would encourage you as you deal with any doubts to my ass about his loving-kindness about his faithfulness. What year knowledge Guy Do Not Your Heart? What you know lead the way. You'll be good as you do that because we're told to grow in the grace and knowledge about What God Says in his word. This is unchangeable. And if so, whether I feel like he's safe or not. If I'll just wait and that's the hard part, right? Maybe I'll see. I mean can we depend on him? Is he reliable if he's saying he's going to be faithful and he lets us down. Can I really depend on? These are some of the things you got to work for. Can I really rely on God the way that will help you grow in in your face. This will help you go grow in your truck because you'll learn to lean on him more into trust even when you can see.

This is the question. Can God be relying on this is the tormenting question. When what we experience seems to contradict what the Bible teaches the illogical.

Is it really who he says he is did I miss something along the way?

I had a moment in my Christian walk where I placed the? That deep down inside. I didn't tell anybody about it. I just work through it pray and stop the Lord and I'm glad he he didn't leave me here. He was right there with me the whole way and he loved me through.

I've had questions. Going to wrestle with what I usually would come up when I start studying about what other people believe, you know, whether it was Jehovah's Witnesses are Mormons are different ways of people believe the question that I faced was. What makes me better than somebody else? I know I'm not. And it probably came to a head when I was saying to the gospel Mark. I'm sure this was church before when I realized I might be better than this same. Jesus has Captain D's. How would I know that? I wouldn't know. How do I know? I wouldn't be right there throwing rocks into I know better than that.

So is that sunny and see and see where people you know, get these systems and Calvinism or systematic finger that system and whatever they tell me. I am. So that's why I'm single is because I went to the Bible and Theology and then they told me what I want.

And so that's that's how I made it through the question I had to wrestle with. Oh dear, Lord, help me. insincerity

I wish I had some great concerns because

they have the King James Bible. I can sit down and I can talk with him through the King James Bible and yet through called Joseph Smith's portions. I want to be kind but that's why they won't listen to me. If I tell him that what it is, so cut me off and they won't hear me further because I put this underneath that they work through Joseph Smith translation because it's missing things that Joseph Smith a text. I mean there is a very evidence of any form of Nissan or any of these Prophets.

The Bible were intact word for word. Just like we have in our King James Bible at least a century before.

We have documentary evidence for this text, but you see where my conundrum was. Who do I think I am just say that I'm any better than anybody. I'm not. What if I get to the Inn in Rawlins?

I bet my whole life on it. I've got my whole face and practicing on this.

I don't believe I know myself. Lord did you really see? No, did I get you figured out in your word right? Did I miss are you really faithful?


He will never leave you. He will never forsake you. Because you come from. Even when you mess up even when you don't know God is faithful. This is what I know. And it's on Shake lemon movable and I pray that always be in the background.

I want to say it's good stuff, but it's bad stuff in a good way. weather it's in those times where you get closer to God and you reveals powerful thing. We have terrorist threats today around with riots going on with killings happening all around us. Other factors of great concern 20/20 and election-year button years since wrapped real tight going to be a rough ride. Sandy run country is very divided. It scares me to think about what could happen. If we lose our morning to the point that we are at odds like we were a hundred fifty years ago. God help us. We don't need more let you God help us. Let's be civil. Even if we can't agree with the civil and let's be Americans first. And what was the Christians first name in America? With all of this going on here. We look at Psalm 89. It's a song written when trouble sometimes and come upon God's people and I'll tell you this phone offers some wisdom on what to do how to handle trouble sometimes when they're on us we can have confidence that are God and his mercies are certain every morning.

This song will help you. It opens up with a high note of praise. I will see you know of the mercies of the Lord forever. It's good for you to put stripper the song. My mouth will I make known that faithfulness to all generations will sing of the mercies of the Lord. Up until I don't want to anymore. Forever forever. So that's the backdrop. The psalmist is not reneging on anything that he is going to say about God's faithfulness. What's understand? That is the backdrop. He will sing of God's faithfulness forever. And so the questions he deals with does not negate God's faithfulness just because he's feeling one way doesn't mean God is We learned a little bit of who God Is In This Storm we learn of his power in his omnipotence and there's theology. It's beautiful. But notice first number two. I have said Mercy. I said loving-kindness Mercy shall be built up forever. How long and you got it?

shop Alice in the very heaven And then versus Creek and then you gon talking about the davidic Covenant. And so you have this post of praise to God praising him for his faithfulness.

There's no one like God knows his faithfulness. How many ways has exercised his power if you were the first 13 rules the Raging Sea the waves. He steals away poison a prophetic. How many years before Jesus calmed the sea was this written? What manner of man is this that even the winds and the Seas will be okay. He's broken Rahab of the commentator to tell you that stuff Egypt Rahab of Jericho. One explained that has scattered diamonds with a strong arm the heavens shall rejoice in thy name that has some mighty arm. First 13th strong, is that right hand?

How has he demonstrated his power we crushed the sea monster. He crushed red hat. I think there's a lot that goes to that. Jesus is some rest.

chew on that for the rest

is power His power is incomparable the heavens and the Earth. He spoke and the world came into existence.

with faithfulness with meekness

his unfailing love his faithfulness.

Well in Israel's case in particular they got to see it firsthand when he gave him a king after his own heart when they pick the wrong one. He gave them the one that would be best for them King David. They have seen his faithful. They have seen him up hold his work. The Covenant that he made with David 2nd Samuel chapter number 7 if you want the backdrop to it, it's clear. David would have a son to sit on the throne forever. I've got to work through some things because by the time you come to the genealogy of the New Testament you find out it's real doesn't have a king on the throne by that time. The last king of Israel went into captivity and never came out. Berkeley speaking. And so by the time you come to Jesus you have two genealogies listed because God did something miraculous. He kept his promise both way. He kept his promise to David for Jesus and he kept his promise to.

Because he promised David he would have a son sit on the throne forever.

Because Joseph adopted keyword Earthly father was Joseph descended from Solomon descended from date. That would be the line of. Jeconiah. And it's tragic. Joseph's biological son could not be the one to make a promise that the davidic Covenant but it can never happen because it on the front yard is so faithful to Mason.

thereby bypassing the one in Duncan. All the way back today. God keeps his promises. U.s. Bape We just have to let him work in his own time.

And so this Covenant promise is what's at the heart of the psalmist questions in Psalm 89 because you can't see how it's all going to work out.

What did he do? What do we do in trouble? Sometimes number one sing to the Lord? Sing unto the Lord first number one sing of the mercies of the Lord scene of them forever make known his faithfulness to all generation coming through so much for the mic encouraged us to do that earlier to get involved in the music Ministry uservoice Make a Joyful Noise unto the Lord. all you say

Music is a gift from God. We must Stewart it well, but music will be one of the first things that pulled you out of out of what you're going through when you're wrestling with the Holy Spirit brings back. Then when I will sing of the mercies of the Lord forever. Do you want something to put the scripture? You know, you can put mini to scripture for one way to help you when you're at the bottom one person said, it's the same person with three strings. I will sing I Sing Praises unto thee Ephesians chapter 5 in spiritual song singing and making melody in your heart.

How are you going to do that teaching and admonishing one another in spiritual song singing with Grace in your heart? to the wolf you direct your song to him and you sing not to an audience of people, but you seem to an audience of one in heaven. You sing to God and you let your music your song your Joyful Noise you let that come up before him. You know you through and through. I'll tell you that song will become a prayer. It'll work on you and working you. God just might consider the sweet-smelling paper, don't you think? Learn to use the handle and I'm sad that I'm seeing more and more churches get rid of him was and just go to the screen, but I think it's too much.

Why because I mean we're getting away from even seeing music on the on the page and it is true for me. I mean I go to church. This is beautiful state parks that are singing on different parts in the alto the soonest over there. If you want a church that will do that. If you ever get a chance to be in Oklahoma City to go to Southwest Baptist Church down there and I'll tell you that it's a rip-off that building when they're seeing him one day. Maybe we'll get there. I'm telling Vegas and you know, they're singing in the environment like that where everybody singing staying the same message and they're all convinced about it. It's one of each of our church family live in their voice up and singing to God like there's nobody else around.

Sing to the wolf. What are you doing some time to him? Secondly, praise the Lord verses 5 and 6 the heavens song 89 sons of the mighty Lord if you want to get God's attention.

think start listing think so. But now our holy some .03 that are holy. Oh thou that inhabit the Praises of Israel. Where does God inhabit? Where does he live? He lives in your praise. Once you start praising him or praise him for his salvation for saving you praise him for his Mercy praise God for how he answers your prayers. Don't let it go unnoticed. Praise God for heaven that this world isn't all there is one day it'll all be fixed. After you sing to the Lord after you after you praise the Lord the song as teaches us to rejoice in the Lord rejoice in the Lord. Isn't that from Philippians as well rejoice in the Lord alway not some way. Oh way rejoice in the Lord. Look at verse 15 blessed is the people that know the joyful sound they shall walk. Oh Lord, in the light of thy countenance in thy name shall they were Joyce all the day and then I righteousness shall they be exalted for thou art the glory of their strength the favor of our horn shall be exalted for the Lord is our defense. The Holy One of Israel is dark queen. Joy is different from happiness season it because happiness many times has its depending on circumstances. If not deep down inside. It's not depending on circumstances. We can take away my happiness, but you really can't take deep down inside.

So we rejoice in the Lord.

Emunah faithful note. This is used a total of 7 times. 7 is the number of

Another interesting note on it. Is that the last time it's used in the first time? It's used in the song It's both plural. All the other times at 5 in between is all singular little details like that interesting 7 times I said first time last time it's plural all in the middle of singular. There's a place for individual praisers to play for God being faithful to us as individuals and faithful to Assassin's people God's going to bless you singular. If you servant God's going to bless our church plural as we followed. Is the other thing the word is emunah the song. 7 God is completely loving kind God is completely faithful.

7 * is unfailing love his faithfulness again woven throughout the pump. And you'd do well to reflector meditate reflect on his promise versus 3237. That's what the song that says. He reflects on his promises. If his children forsake my law and walk not in my judgments if they break my statutes and keep not my Commandments and Kimberly take from him nor suffer my faithfulness to fail by sworn that I will not endure forever and his throne as the sun before me forever as in heaven and we have the end of this verse the second verse in the song broken up with the Cielo. This is a long one. It's a long verse. But it ends with Cielo. And how cops everything everything is flipped on its head in our world today things that are happening. It's just mind-boggling. Sometimes is there really a bright future ahead of us. Really? Hope for tomorrow is Jesus really coming to get you?

So what problems could we list as we meditate on his promise Council many blessings name them one by one. And so as we do these things we sing We Praise we Rejoice we reflect. That friend is when your to the place and the time I think. At least different but according to the song If we follow the flow of it that is when you'll be ready to deal with your house. If you do with your doubts before you sing and pray. And rejoice and reflect you just might get the cart before the horse. You might be a long time before you get out of that now, but if you go into a prepared. What who got it and what he's done and knowing and fully assured that his word is settled in heaven and all of his nail down. When you're dealing with those doubts and you're in that dark, it'll be harder for you to forget what you knew in the life. It just might help you get through the rest of the song when you deal with doubts about his unfailing love about his faithfulness his head. And so you see this in the signal here in the storm after you get through verse 37

every it was old. WB Riley used to say every but in the Bible is important and this one's no different. verse 38 says but thou But now I've done all the crazy and now I'm ready to come into the the truth of what's going on in me, but now Lord.

One writer called it the pathos that the agony of Soul when life experiences are called into question in light of what God Said and who he is. We can get honest with ourselves about these inner things that go on. Paul talked Timothy did he not perilous times would come? He's the same man that said rejoice in the Lord. perilous times will come

without a doubt. We're in trouble in many ways. We're not hiding from it where knowledge in it. You know these things are going on. We read the reports we hear things going on all around us. We have an election to be concerned about this year. I mean that's enough trouble in themself right there. We're looking upward and yet what's going on down here. It's just in turmoil. How do we balance that? We're looking we're we're looking for Jesus to come with listing for that Archangel for the voice of the Archangel would listing for that come up hither anticipating that Sunday and yet this world or more. We're waiting for Herman. We're living in tape.

When you're on the bottom and doesn't look like there's any way out remember seeing praise rejoice. reflect I've been dealing with your doubts. Biblical scripture and always come back to the work. We'd be wise to do the same thing at the effort. I put it when he was confronted with his stuff.

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