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Mark 11:1-12:12

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Thank you worship team and dare. I say also thank you for being here to be the live audience. I am not particularly gifted without some feedback. And so those of us enjoying is a livestream if you hear some help me out with this situation.

Thank you, Jay. Alright, well guys even though it is strange circumstances in which we gather.

Wildey A. Text will be on the screen behind me. I don't know if that would be legible for those of your own. And so if you would please make sure you got a copy of it in front of you and I are talking about how we as people of God respond.

Open your greasy even though we're all not all in the same place. We just serve to remind us. Of the fact that our worship if you was not present Scott with no because of your spirit swelling in your feet. We Worship You Worship in spirit and in truth whether we gather together or if we're sitting at home Yeah, we can go this morning as we turn our eyes to word. Help us to be people of worship. Worship in spirit I got a praise it as we look at this texting we can sit her our Messiah as we consider Jesus out.

Would you help us to take this opportunity presented by social distancing the coronavirus to remind ourselves? What matters in our relationship? It's not about what we get out of it. It's not about what we'd gain, but it's about you and it's about your glorious about your plans and promises for the ages.

Would you get a Clarity not to be distracted by the?

we have

Amen, all right, so we turn to Mark chapter 11 of reef backgrounds here as we do that in Mark chapter 10.

He's going somewhere and he has a purpose in doing that and he told his disciples he said in no uncertain terms. They're going to seize the son of man.

When did they receive your rival?

I think for us to consider this time asking come to Jerusalem and asking meets with his Destiny we can learn.

About the kingdom showing us something about the key that he is. Jesus sent to go into the village and no one has ever said and some of those standing there. Say, what are you doing in mini spread their cloaks on the road?

Blessed is the coming Kingdom of Our Father David hosanna in the highest.

Now this passage is full of Illusions to the keenly nature of Jesus all of this and go get this as would have been what are you doing with that? I'm riding on a colt and this is

And then we can miss something here. If we if we don't know. What kind of King is Noble steed. What kind of tea does it have? No followers?

used to put on a local Sophia's followers because nobody in the city

That's the kind of thing that you have a beautiful building a bunch of people gathered in.

Doesn't fit what we think a king should be. And that didn't inform listen to what kind of Kingdom he's created. What kind of people he's looking for? He's not looking for people who? He's not looking for people who will be frantically trying to impress everyone around him. I have to laugh at myself this morning cuz I was trying to get this Facebook live thing figured out and all of this all of our efforts. I think that's good because Jesus is not a king.

Who are okay with the fact? God chooses the weak things that God uses the foolish things that means

you don't need to be

I don't know that that's even something that we can. wrap our heads around

we see then that is Jesus showcases his humility.

What is he's not done with this whole thing remembered?

Looked around for a bit after being cheered as king all these words to a King. But none of it seemed that we'd expect from a king and then he just quietly leave the king doesn't just come in raise a little and then head back out.

And he goes back out to Bethany and he spent the night there.

First one on the following day when they came for Bethany and seeing in the distance a fig tree and leaf. He went to see if you can find anything on it and said to it make no one ever eat fruit from you and human desire for food in this reminder. Jesus we also affirmed it in this week off, right? We we talked about the Incarnation.

The one who created apples the one who created it.

Make it right. He was hungry hungry as a human.

Right. He was going to eat some figs, but Jesus is not a pretty girl looking for fruits at the wrong time in the wrong place. But he also didn't says a curse and no one eat fruit from you again.

We're going to come back to that. Mark is doing what Mark likes to do. He's going to interrupt the story with another story to make a point from both of them. So take this story of the Fig Tree decide. Let's rejoin Jesus and disciples come to Jerusalem first 15.

Because all the crowd was astonished at his teaching.

He comes if he makes a reference he comes and he causes quite the stir by going into the 10th.

Today is the Jewish temple was love and celebrate the temperature in to go to the temple whenever feasible to offer your worship.

And Jesus comes with his disciples who are all Jews and they come in and I have a feeling.

Write many of them had probably been raised faithful juices and brought their with their parents.

He would sing the song for the Santa see if they walked up to a reference. Jesus challenges not just the upholstery challenge despite his disciples when he goes into the temple and he begins to overturn the tables of the money. Foreign coin and change them into the temple coin offering to be made those who are selling pigeons for for offering those were selling offerings there and he would not allow anyone to carry anything for the temple.

Only imagine the disciples were a little bit surprised that they were a little bit shocked by this.

challenge the understanding of the temple as a place for the Jews to be comfortable in their worship as a place for the Jews to be satisfied or themselves after expectations met when they came Jesus completely up a job would have a people and that his people would worship Him. And when he called the Jews out of the sinful Nations, he does soak in order that they might invite others in he does so that they might be somebody who would others.

And instead what they've done if they have turned it into a place this easy for them. You forgot to change your money when you came in through someone. Sorry. I just change it here. Let's make this thing you didn't want to have to the difficulty of bringing your sacrifice with me from home to make it easy will put in nice padded chairs in the sanctuary will make sure that the heat in the NEC you're working right to everything we can to make sure that you experience is not Made difficult I happen to think about it when the Jews it does it stop thinking about the Nations that were supposed to be with Jesus is doing to be stronger remind us that when we make worship about Worship in something that pushes people away from the Creator. Instead of Jesus when we worship Jesus Christ followers in the way that God intended. Our worship is a beautiful thing whether all gathered in the sanctuary or sitting at home.

and I worship can attract others to

but the Jews supposed to be

Completely disregarding the nation's this house was supposed to be a house of prayer for all people of God and Came To Worship there. That's what has happened in the New Testament.

That's what I worship is meant to be the Jews had failed in that and today the church. Chihuahua we're going to see that the solution. Is Varian let's continue with this this narrative here. So we saw Jesus received in this strange thing with the fig tree. Put that on a shelf for a little bit then we see this Temple.

Rather than pushing them away and drives him. literally and then when you get the rest of the story is bring it back into your and then we pick up in verse 20 at they pass by in the morning. They saw the Fig Tree withered away to its roots.

And Jesus said have faith in God. Why do they say that? Why is that going to happen to the store?

With just a little bit of food. What do you think was going to happen when I told the truth may know whenever you know, that's not

What are you doing these showing as a picture of two different kinds of big one of the space that's based on human desires and seeks fruit in the Raw. Ron Howard's brother on screen

the Jesus is looking for that kind of faith is based in. Not in our ability to provide for our needs not an are worshipped our own desires for Comfort but in God's ability. The meet us where we are. and to provide for Jesus answered have faith in God truly. I tell you whatever you ask in prayer.

And when you stand praying forgive if you have anything against anyone.

You're trespassing. ships the same way

have faith which is the Cornerstone of our relationship.

We are saved by grace through faith. Not of works. So that no one can boast. You can't want to be saved in the good works to be safe. Somehow that's going to do it just like the Jews tried and failed to produce the fruit that God desires which was the right relationship with and they failed because I tried to do it in their own strength in their own way. They took these things that God had given them they twist them. instruments for their own comfort in the Kingdom

you cannot approach down. instead of got to have

show me people have misused is misunderstanding with Jesus if you want a new truck and you really believe that you're missing the point. Did you ask? human desires and try to twist

it's not going to work. It's not working.

When you go to God seeking the things of God. God will answer. We have no more sure answer to prayer. We have no more certain faith it when we go to God and ask God for the things that he desires. Give me true in our lives with those things will be circumstances that make you develop patience. Well, I say we should pray for.

Right don't don't pray for endurance. Because if you pray for insurance company to give you circumstances that require a phrase with things that are just about you. Don't pray for things that are just

And think that somehow you're accomplishing God's will instead whatever you ask in prayer. believe whatever you are focused on God and His will for your life ask in prayer and you will receive pray for me pray for sanctification pray for victory over sin pray for opportunities to God gives We're golden James. We pray for wisdom when we laugh. We're told afraid so we can friend but not when we're looking to get something worse.

Unite with him

heaven forbid that we go.

Where do the same thing that they did? And try to twist God to our own agenda.

We try to produce fruit through their own effort the kingdom is those who have for those who have faith in God.

Who's faith in God and their prayer to God? Did their relationship with us? I'm back to forgive those who sin.

Those who have faith in God. Those who forgive?

Not because they're trying to gain position. The next action here the daisies be this bouncing back and forth here in this passage. They come into Jerusalem. They go out of

And that's what is walking the temple the chief priests and describe the elders came to answer me and I will tell you by what Authority I do. With the baptism of John from heaven or from men answered because they were afraid the people for the people all hell has John really was a prophet. So the answer Jesus we do not know and neither will I tell you by what Authority I this is a question of authority rightfully comes up. Who is it that comes to Jesus and where do they come to it? Right he's walking in the temple, which I know we all have short term memory problems.

He clean the house and who is it that comes through that she frees describe the elders all people who had a vested interest in this Kingdom and then, they've got a legitimate question. Okay.

Who gave you permission?

I think I want to recharge.

Bejesus isn't playing. Jesus isn't interested in telling me what should already be obvious. The only one who has authority to come in and up in and clean the one. The temple was made in the temple is the one.

Yahweh He is God. He doesn't have to tell them that they are know that they want they want an excuse with the baptism of John from heaven. Matt McCants a from Heaven because

If you can't make nothing from man because the proud.

The Jesus turned their trap on them.

And now they can't answer. You don't know.

Who is Jesus to do these things who gave him the authority his father in? Right. Why do we do this? Because he is the man. He does not owe them an answer because his whole life has been an answer to that question. This is why I can do.

I am the one who is going to come and make restitution. mankind ring bed bath and didn't he tell the story? Tell me the story repairable. Look at chapter 12 verse 1. You began to speak to them in Parables from them some of the fruit of the vineyard. They took him in Beacon. And he said to them another service.

And he sent another in him they killed and so with many other Sunday beaten something feel he had to know one another a beloved Son. Finally. He sent them to him saying they will respect. My son has one another, what will the owner of the vineyard he will come and destroy them and give the vineyard to others. Have you not read the scripture the stone that the builders rejected has become the Cornerstone this week.

And they were seeking to arrest in but they feared the people relate received.

So they let him Jesus is answer until the history of God established.

We see that all the way back in Genesis 2 with the creation of Eden. We see God's intention to have a place where he was in fellowship with the crowning Pinnacle of his creation mankind. You have this place and it's set up in such a way that it will be both a testimony to his glory as a sovereign but also an opportunity for his for mankind his creation to be Stewart.

And they say it. How do you spell the word of God does he takes that like the man takes the vineyard that he's made the nation of Israel is what I want. I want you to. fruit like the landowner giving the tenants The Vineyard because I'm just going to need some of this fruit every once while you can enjoy all the

as a rental fee will got this to the nation of Israel. There's this place where mankind to be in fellowship with me take care of it and bring others into let it be a Showcase of my glory and the grace of God against in prophesied the landowners. Yahoo Gibson profits calling Israel him righteousness a voice to Christ for the Nations come and see taste and see that the Lord is good.

And God said there's one what happens? I'll send my son. Maybe they'll listen to him.

McDonald's instead of the song

I've been telling us for several chapters.

religious leaders

And that's what they're going to do. We even see that in verse 12.

Forgot that I can have when they kill the sun God's going to take the kingdom The Vineyard which existed before the nation.

He's going to make it was always supposed to be always supposed to be bigger than anyone order of creation.

Message we're going to do what it's supposed to do any of this.

God did it and we ought to Marble look at all the

Not this I'm going to take the king. From those who would use it. the prophet take the Kingdom from

I'm going to get it to those who I'm going to give it to those will produce its fruits. We know that no human can we know that all have sinned and fall short of the glory? So if we're going to produce the fruit is going to have to be God doing that work in us and that's what happens when Jesus died on the cross. He paid the sin of Humanity on himself in a rebellion against God who dies. Let's read a later. Bradenton from the dead 40 days after that. He the spirit of God, It's no longer. My life is not about me. Those who humble themselves like that.

Not of Works lest any man should boast. However, we are created in Christ. Jesus to God and church who's my questions. My question is is the gospel that you believe about you or about. Is the kingdom that you see about its benefits for you, or is it about the king who Reigns over and its benefits for others?

Been like it was taken from the Jews will be taken from you. But if it's about Jesus.

And you can stay single moment with no beer and no concern for your own life. Simply saying God use me to bid. I'm going to die too. You're well, I'm willing to do today again. I'm willing to give my life for someone else or I'm willing to keep my life to benefit someone else to serve to go. I'm willing to share a sacrifice because it's not about me. It's about you g. Did the question for the Jews was what are we gaining? From the Temple of how can we make this work? the question for us needs to be how does my salvation my spouse my children? Because I'm not staying for me. I'm saying what the world desperately needs right now Church. If not more proficient online streaming options. What's a church desperately needs right now is the people of God to get their eyes off of themselves and to look to Jesus and to look to the world and try to bring those. whatever do my challenge to us today useless turn away from Arson. eternal flame

tires Express

Look at Jesus. Let's pursue him above all. Love God love others.

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