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Prayer In Time of Distress

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Good morning, and welcome to have service here to die and that a particular wine which we are doing this because of the circumstances of which we are all the way in a few verses from psalms 27. The Lord is my light and my salvation. Whom Shall I Fear Lord is the stronghold of my life.

I need to do it since I'll meet to eat up my flesh my adversaries and foes who stumble and fall. Army encamp against me. My heart shall not fear the war arise against me yet. I will be confident.

Gracious God and Father we come together now to worship you to honor and glorify your name. You said Lord in unusual circumstances. We know that she's only know Provident we probably will call you will help us and encourages you would reach out to each one of us to bless us in a remarkable. Why?

Oh, man.

The sign we are all the way I really particular situation. We resent you visit the moment the effects of the coronavirus and the various masses that we put in the hand which may innuendo able to hold a normal services in the normal way. But we thank the Lord for the fact that we can seek to stream these and give up shooting people in the house. So I should I join with us as we do come together to what she's gone. I was joking this time on yesterday. I was amazed. In fact quite shocked that the church services won't be held and his response was well, that means we can't come and get in here to call it. The fact that we can meet in this building makes no difference without the tool rack. We all we can meet with him. Although he's at church and not here together. Physically we can be spiritually we trust it will be the case when we will know the Lord. What's in a very real way unless we will be amazed told he does gave to us. Okay now to come together in prayer member tequila things in relation to a situation and to the church lets the game, in Crash.

a loving God and Father resign comprise shoes that we can come before you when we are a little at you all with us and you will help us you lightest Movida price, you are a manifestation of your goodness and love and mercy towards us. We also God we please to bless us and a very particular. Why do you listen to that deeper experience of yourself? You might see and no more of your glory the movie might be asking The Wonder of all that you are you praise your little car that you sent your son our Lord Jesus Christ into this world to pay that penalty to pay that price for a c Oh Lord. We also we might know the reality of his presence with us as we do meet together in this way Lord. It is unusual and he loves me not to be involved in such a thing before between Arlo this you're here and we know that you will indeed hear our prayers you wouldn't ready to receive. I wish you and the Lord will bless you and your strength and your I eat with it will come up on us. Lol. We do pray for the all of the situation that we all confronted with not just in this nation with her out most of the world and we probably particularly as result of this virus and especially for those are Fever Ray Renault logo your reach out to each of those families will give you a Grace and your mercy and your love the Lord will manifest yourself a Lord will make you and I love the Lord you would work in a wonderful a powerful and effective. Why the Lord Leave it all the decision to deal with this virus that have actually might be prepared the Lord. It will not continue in the whitest guy pray for all those involved in the hospital. Then I trashed the real urgency and services the Lord you would be with him and Lord give them the strength in the I ate that I need to be to fry good Lord above all we do pray that you would indeed be pleased to shine in your grace upon a nation Lord. We do acknowledge that we are in Desperate in great need. We probably will call you or come upon us and the Lord you would work in a mighty way Lord. You would show your cries. You show your strength the Lori might see many coming to truly know you entrusted in you for the Salvation that you are able to give to Dubai you'll guide us and directors of the show me to think of the judge who makes you a place to see it. You're probably either you have especially in McKenzie Base Hawaii University that moment you would watch over him the Lord you would give him all the strength and I ate that he needs also pray for Charleroi. She be celebrating a birthday this coming Saturday. We also God that you would bless her why she know your presence makes you know, your strengths you'll cry. You'll know. It's Aloha Friday night to celebrate that will be thank you for being together. We pray that you will be with Sam and me and all the needs that you would help us is in a few moments return together. We probably owe you a speak through that would the Lord you would challenges to do with review cuz if necessary, but knowing you would encourage it lifts us and help us to truly know what it is. You're Busted in Solo got to be pleased to meet with us now bless us. Richly. We are in Jesus name.

Return together now to the 120th Psalm 120 and I read the whole of that song. In my distress. I called to the Lord and he answered me Deliver Me O Lord from lying lips from a deceitful. What shall be given to you or should be done to you you deceitful time Warriors shop Arrows with glowing calls with a broom tree. Why would you need that? I saw can a mission but I dwell among the tents of kedar too long, but had much Wedding Place among those who hate peace. I am for peace, but when I speak they are for war. I got to be pleased to bless his word to our hearts and I want now just to make a few comments on that particular song. 320th song is one of a group of Psalms that goes through to 264 and 15 of these songs are known as songs of decrees or a Psalms of ascent resources has the root meaning of to go for sending some through the stairway making your wife to a particular point. Ten of these 15 songs are enormous for tribute to get David and 1/2 Solomon. Adashun you agree to these songs was attacked it to form a sort of a Hindu particular opportunities for praise and worship of the people of God might be able to use especially of the times of the great feast. They were held in Jerusalem during the course of the year the Passover in Spring and agostinelli Saba are the Tabernacles in the Orchard and when we think of that which ascends and descends would have been the case of going up into the temple and it was saying that they Psalms were those of a use-by Believers by pilgrims as I am making no way to the temple in order to worship and praise God Scripture that talk about going to the temple to not physically built. When we are not able to actually come to a building but the point is of course there is a very real difference to a situation and the situation which these pilgrims would have been in the time pool form such an important place in all of that worship. The temple was so vital for that and they have to come to that place. So that's where they would find go hard in a particular and special why are buildings and not the time. They're not like those temples. There is no need in a sense for us to have a kind beats with God and we should know him we can have his Blessing rest of the point us wherever we come together in his name the why we coming together today is a very unusual. We never done it before but it is still the truth that God is that present with his people wherever two or three are gathered together. In his night resume noticed that when we got to the point when there's a crisis is over and we can meet the guy in the building here. People shouldn't come to share in Fellowship together in that way. But the moment we just take off and the fact the Lord is truly aware of this and he is able to help us a Titus and director so sweet to say to meeting this way. But once it's over these next few weeks to look at the each of these songs and take one each week and see what it was that was the motivation and the concern of these Believers the pilgrims eat disciples as I was coming so she has a to West ship and on a god this restaurant that we don't know who rotates it is strongly suggested. It was written to buy someone off to the exoto when they would be able to come back to Jerusalem and the template Refill, but no air is near as Grand as the Temple of Solomon to build many with disappointed with this but I'll be coming for that. What is true is clear in this is the man right in if it's one who is distressed beehive it is having problems. He's having opposition is finding it very difficult, but he is clearly see him to exercise his faith and trust in the Lord because he's coming together to Worship in and has great confidence in him very particular thing so we can see the need for protection on the need for patients the first thing the need for prayer. We must try my distress. I called to the Lord and he answered me. This is a great encouragement. He is in distress. We don't know exactly what that distresses a lot of some indications are given of it and you're bossy many ways are in distress. May I have friends or family that are contracted this particular a virus and we worried about the situation will be with them. But we all know we have true confidence in God. The God has not left it God is not in control of this God is truly suffering God is all-powerful on my sexy and he'll work out who it is necessary and needful in this situation as he always has done and he would deal with the problems. That is why they saw me she goes on to say and us to deliver me. Oh Lord from lying lips from a deceitful time.

Suicide wrong things about him telling lies about him, but it could also be true that I see is approaching God and he realizes who God is and what he is like that is Owen Chang. Is it while he's on the thoughts of these mine causing him to be deceitfully realize you didn't need for the grace of God for the mercy of God because he's coming in the presence of the truth and the living of the almighty God always aware of that power of God that way come into the holy God to enjoy things have a nice time together because we see honor and glorify God. Maybe people are attacking us. We don't know a bit more.

But that might be dealt with as we do come before him which means that we need the protection that God only is able to give to its inverse 3. He said what shall be given to you and want more cash. I'll be done to you you deceitful time the Warriors shop Arrows with glowing coals of the broom tree nuts to understand what that means. What he is saying is that I'll go to deal with the situation is going to be down with this this conviction that I need the problems that I'm facing. They have got to be down but he's not the one who cannot sleep deal with the there is no way in which any of us can bring any sort of sacrifice do any sort of way.

All of my forgiveness to God Alone can give to us in the grace of God gives to it and he does here as in versuri. It is Seeking a God will hear a particular needs that he has problems that he is confronted with under God would act in accord with that. God would take hold of the Warriors shop are those that are attacking those that are not round and that lead by Toe doing we get the victory is a sense of a short and Grace this man so desperately needs he uses the enemy's weapons against the enemy and when we find ourselves, So the situation or be slaughtered maybe try to price we are feeling the way to that before God we leave the matter with the Lord. We need him to sort that out. We need him to deal with that. We need him to give us a Christ because I said there's nothing that we ourselves are you able to do is holding his in his love and so he he will do that an offer to use the the enemy in or just give benefit and blessing to his people and then the last thing the Lost received the great need for patient. He speaks again off his situation. In verse 5. He says woe to me, but I thought you and in me shake that I dwell among the tents of kedar making reference to particular areas Dimensions Meshach and cheetah me check with situational located in Asia Minor to the northwest of Israel and Kita with an automatic nation in Northern Arabia southeast of Israel actually in those places, but what is thinking of those places so often represent represent those that are against God those who are rejecting God and many of those people's in those particular air is very evil with our Wicked a very violent. People and it's a seems that he is being with people like that. It seems like those around him action upon him in that sense of these so cruel people attacking him and giving him all these difficulties and problems. He know he was dwelling amongst foreigners at that particular time for him down. He says in verse 6 to long have I had my dwelling among those who hate peace. He is in a very sad state of weed baby in a very sad state today because of what we are we've never had to do this before. We're in a unique situation and we don't know. Why what the answers would be if we know that all the necessary authority to do all they can to resolve the situation. Many hours many at much effort is being put into all of this, but we just don't know next few weeks. It will be difficult and we need the strength of the Lord in that high and we need to turn to him speak that Christ safe. Strength from him that we might be upheld that we might just dismiss what's going on appreciate and the reality and the pain is that which is going on that we can see but God is with us and God is helping us that week. From that sorry state in which this man was and then the last thing he speaks. So he's PC says in verse 7 and 4 piece when I speak they are for war he himself is a peacemaker himself to know that piece unfortunate thing though. It's not everyone is on the same page as it was with him. The Nazis in the same conclusion that seeking the same why what is so important is that I do so important situations are said to speak that that is the way of peace peace with God to seek him to not act in the last week. Take the appropriate precautions and we act in a responsible and sensible Y in relation to this we have all this seat that piece that God himself can give to us he found this song is the unfortunately so many when doing this we don't know whether I was Gone with the hills supposed to reach limit was the temple. We just not cold, but it could be the even in that context when he was taken to come together what you got there was a who's who were not helping at the very least two, and I even let him in that we know the gulf of us helping you and we know that God would help us. He will always help us solve a feeling distressed if we fail in town cause it was raining worried and we concerned if I was going to happen.

It's all these worries all these concerns come upon us. Recovery is it was status so I can and can't we look to that Grace, look for that piece. Can we look to that love? Can we go to that power and that God does gave to us he but what this thing through he will keep his truck. He will keep him build his check and he will enable us to act and work in the right and proper why and he will manifest his glory even in this very day too many sensors tragic circumstance in which we find ourselves to be like, I trust by a arrest ever be in him.

Let's Friday.

Gracious God we do. Thank you for this test me to sit on his chest recorded for we thank you Lord for the help you gave to him this again. We pray that that same help maybe giving us out here today the Lord take all of these words to each and everyone we do pray in Jesus name.


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