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Hanging sometimes you wonder if we all are here, but you're not all in this place this morning. We know that as my new of us can be together. We are all here. We are gathered together to worship God there is one God and that is who we are worshiping this morning just a couple of announcements as before. We receive the call to worship it spring it's good as it starts warming up. We understand that summer is coming. That means that VBS is just around the corner Mystery Island VBS is set for July 24th 9 a.m. To 12 p.m. For all kids ages 4 to 11. We would love to have as many people involved as possible. So if you are willing I will love to have you sign up to be a volunteer if you're interested you can contact Kristen. Or you can contact the church office office at in each April coming up Lord willing April 26th. We are going to be welcoming AJ The Illusionist will be coming. There will be a 5 p.m. Meal starting the show at 6 p.m. And so there will be invitations that we can get it at church. If you call and want to come and pick some up then we will gladly listen to your hands and feel free to grab some of those and handles out to friends family and neighbors and then because we're not able to be physically present with one another we still want to get your prayer request in the coming weeks. And so the plan to do with that is that you would send all prayer request via email to office at any tow PC. Org by Sunday evening as usual if you would like to request Your you like your request to stay confidential, please indicate that your email and then we'll still plan to send the prayer chain out on Monday morning. And finally before we go into the call to worship just as a a note we want to be in care for one another during this time. And so if you saw in the email that was sent out a couple days ago. There's a little flyer take to your neighbors. We encourage you to be in the lives of those around you family friends. It can be as simple as a phone call to grab a couple names out of the directory and just call and check in and pray for ask how you how you can pray for them be willing to be prayed for buy them in this time. We were not able to regularly meet. Are we still want to make sure that we are gathering together that we are encouraging one another and that we are in prayer for one another. With that would you take a moment and greet those that around you whether they in the room with you or whether they're next door to you, but a moment and do that.

Normally, we would ask you my bad. We have you all here. It's almost totally different.

If you return back to your seat or where you may be standing.

I'll call to worship is from Psalm 66. Shout with joy to God all the Earth shout to the glory of his name Lori and praise God how awesome are your Deeds so great is your power that your enemies cringe before you all the Earth's bowels down to you. They sing praise you they sing praise to your name. Let's pray.

Heavenly Father we know that you are Beyond time and space and so even as We Gather in this space even as We Gather at this time, we understand that you are the one true God made Heaven and Earth you are the god that is worthy to receive all glory and honor you are The God Who has all power and father. We thank you that even as we lift our voices to you in this time, you receive your praise from all around the world. We thank you Father. We thank you for the blessing you give us as your people gather. We're two or three. You know that your spirit is among. Encouraging strengthening. We thank you for this blessing of Grace and peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ father. Our prayer is that you would remind us of the great blessing that we have in Jesus Christ Our Lord that you would be glorified in the time that we spend and that you would encourage us in our own Spirits for we pray this in Jesus name.

At this time, I would normally ask you whether you're sitting.

Call Sarah.


Is it supposed to wear falling people at worship?


3-2-1 taking tea if you have already downloaded from here at first, I got an email last night family that I encourage you to continue to pray for those who are those your fellow Believers many of your continue to pray for my daughter's father-in-law done. Our son-in-law. Mike went in this week and did the stem cell draw so that they can do the transplant probably this coming week.

Ancient Celtic be very helpful around and he's already weakened and then Lydia Bernhardt Caleb's wife has contracted the virus. So please be in prayer for their family and then Rich Edwards. I recently had the surgery I got it said I will do whatever you ask your son may bring glory to the father. You may ask for anything and I will do it but pray Almighty Lord God and heavenly father or Jesus Christ.

The worship together with your people. Sing your praise to ask your grace to listen to you as you give us Grace from your father. We praise you this morning to this church after we continue to make efforts to get together with her in small groups. Hopefully that are gathered this morning or family for those of us who gathered here this morning. I record the service so that our people can worship. We thank you for a church that is admission for the proclamation of your word in the desire for the father. We ask for those participating in the youth group of this child congregation make efforts worship U library.

honor and glory in everything here at home. We pray for our 50th wedding wedding or 50s Church anniversary. We ask father that you bring honor and glory in Jesus Christ as we were over 50 wonderful years of existing is this body of people Family of Christ. We ask also Father for church in Green Bay at large list of explain to you Bethel Baptist. We ask that you bring honor and glory to yourself through that we praise you for Sovereign Grace mission in Davenport, Iowa racing Frank. Thank you for the new working space that you've given me to give unity in their Vision. We ask that you give them Vision to reach the Community of Christ. Give Ken special Graces sheeps works and then for his son.

For our missionaries Uruguay Mark and Jenny Richline. Thank you for the five. New people would be firmed in the face of Jesus Christ and the church around the world persecution. Go for them to meet at the church is look for new ways. Freedom. Freedom of conscience to Proclaim your word of armed forces are serving some of them humanitarian efforts to bring healing to those who are ill comfort and encouragement to those who have lost we asked especially that you would protect them. We are concerts free have their appetites worked for such a A person see their lives father we continue to ask that you would comfort those. We ask that you would bless those who are ill kill them. We looked up especially if you this morning John Krasinski that is already taken place. Thank you. Also even for us you left after you send me on your family there with Peace in the midst of their confinement but also an opportunity we have already prayed for physical health that also spiritual help in the midst of this be able to praise you in the midst of whatever Comfort Cabin Fever is bless us with an adjective phrase father many of them. Did you hear our hearts we have sent you a sure I sent you have done so

Father is giving you our ties and offerings bless them bless us. We pray we pray all of these things in Jesus name.

Show me you have your Bible with you this morning and didn't ask you to finish the chapter. And then we're going to look at what God has to say to us. There is some juice from the province of the temple everywhere against our people in this place besides fishing in the city and assume.

The whole city was aroused and the people came running from all directions CZ call. They dragged him from The Temple at mediately. The gates were shut while they were trying to kill him the whole city of Jerusalem officers soldiers and ran down to the crowd when the rider saw the commander and his soldiers call Vendor came up rusted in order some of the crowd shouted one thing and some another Just the commander could not get at the truth because he ordered it probably taken into the barracks the steps the balance of the mob was so great that he had to be carried by the soldier. The crowd followed kept shouting away with you. As the soldiers were about to take him to the barracks the commander say something to you for thousand terrorists out of the desert sometime ago. I'm a Jew from Tarsus in cilicia city is no ordinary City. Please let me speak to the people haven't received the Commander's permission Paul still in the steps in motion to the crown. When they were silent you be able to speak to them in Arabic? What spray?

Heavenly father in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ teaches us give us Grace to pay attention wherever we are to bring you honor and glory with you worship the Praises of our hearts. With the intention of our hearts to bring you praise in our obedience. Then in this the means of Grace as it's foreplay, we ask that you give us Grace fill this your servant with your Holy Spirit. Make us more like Jesus in his name we pray. Amen be weeks back. We were in the middle of another series man. I don't that are Coast Guard motto is and I told you it was simple Paramus, but it turns out it's semper paratus which means always prepared. They are indeed always preparing as well. So we're preparing

The holy spirit is specifically title The Acts of the Apostles of the holy spirit in the Apostle Paul to whom they were Ministry. We're looking now at the fourth or last section of the book where the Holy Spirit I believe you sending the gospel. He's already moved it to all of the known Earth. But now he's in the process of Dependable errors that we are to make as the church where is arrested. This is the first offense of the Apostle Paul before the world. And I think they're in the Holy Spirit is going to point out some differences between the religious especially in Fairview and the gospel their Visions in this text and we're going to look at those division at work wishing and contrast then perhaps even our own lives behaviors with 27 to 29 is simply the occasion for in which or for which all was it says that they assumed him to the temple.

Show me gathered from all over the world to worship God to make sacrifice to give you this week long face. And there's there there the Asian juice called a gibbet maybe some of them but they have them so they sheep off while he's there. To bring up the chews. They think he's there to preach against unit. Isn't he simply there to proclaim the gospel sapal trying not to offend. Still managed to offend the people who take offense. What is there? There's also an assumption there. They would assume the worst. They've assumed that Paul is there and he's intentional the temple because he's brought a gentile in but nobody but priests were allowed in the building. What they were allowed in was the first court it's called the court. The Gentry II court is the court of women. There was a third board called the court of Israel that he's within the confines of the reserved only for Jews.

Who is a gentile and they have assumed that Paul brought him into their you know, the problem with assumptions the worst of all because of their because of their religious a problem with their problem is right. They have a passion for it. And it's all right. R i g a stand for the right of Judaism defilement. Because of this understanding that God can't be approached and that weird outfit. Although they thought they were so therefore they were fixing it because of that. There's a sign on the wall surrounding one of those either court that has to do with the fact that the Romans had given them the right to kill any and so they have caught call in their usual project. No questions asked they don't have to worry about the woman. They can simply murder them right on the spot and see what they've done is arrested Paul and taking him out of concern for their religion. They forgotten all about Mercy they forgot all about

You're going to chill the Apostle Paul centers Sid. And what's really interesting about. The type of Center seeing is that we don't notice it in ourselves. Everybody else you're accusing and then everybody the outline many people tried to teach yourself in the Years. How about life and she taught him it was good review for me all those years later. She did establish a but she would Outline by writing Oliver outlines on the border and work. Forget the cross a t. And I in the class was really fast at 29 her errors. I'll be honest with you. I never corrected her until one day. Nobody corrected her and I saw what I thought was obvious error on the board. So I raise my hand when she finally turned around she calling me James things that I should be forgot the question and she said no you don't have to swoop down on you if you make it go up.

For opportunities to find somebody else in the wrong so that we feel better about ourselves and you need to understand that the world is especially looking at you and I were just doing something wrong if they could catch us and said that they're off the hook after all they've been convinced that were perfect by the Declaration of Jesus Christ in practice. The walking Bible is it doesn't do any more for you than you do for me. The world's religion is Right Works self-righteous, unfortunately, but the gospel says we're just in price so we don't need those right and those holy places.

The reality however is found in Christ. You lose 10 one. The law is only a shadow of good things coming not the realities themselves or and I Were Watching Twilight Zone this week and it was a con man back in 1890 and he was going to be there and he says I can resurrect your dad. They lost a hundred twenty-eight people in the founding of that City. And he made all of his money because nobody wanted their dad's back. Please because I've already done if you're coming back at least, you know, I don't know. Do you really think we don't bring those dead people because they're Sinners. We don't want them.

Good at accusation 2nd Division. I want you to know that the protection with you, isn't it? I have this idea for a novel somewhere along the line that says I can stay with one sex in them. But you just have to keep us protected while the world destroy itself and where they left around by having him arrested noticed the function of those who I can worship God they maintain in order they protect us. So therefore filling their god-given the me. Is force physical Force what's going on? Even without the religion of they still have about the way the world and the piece that's missing their they choose to do something about as Romans power of government. Did they arrest father intention? is justice they want preserve the peace to be sure there but the Romans will concern most with Justice. I find that fascinating and another irony in the story there that cover people sometimes God uses the world to remind us of what the truth is. The protection commentaries will tell you that Luke is in the process of demonstrating the differences between the Jews or Romans run to protect Ball by the way, they have indeed protected him in this but then there's actually called politicization the politics of the day the people who are convinced that they can support Justice or dictate. What kind of Justice takes place? Because they announced to the Romans as they're carrying Paul away away with you suffer from the Lord Jesus Christ and you can feel the suffering. She didn't they said the same thing to the right of the arrest of the trial and the eventual death of the Apostle Paul years old and limited by God for us to be

Not really what they're really doing is what God wants done. Call Sis in Romans, 13 king's heart is in the hand of the Lord that he Direction like a Watercourse wherever it is that he wants and I've always said that I have all the leadership qualities of water. Water takes the path of least resistance and that's that's me and my leadership ability that makes Dodge Dakota Pro box government goes where God wants you to go the world government doesn't try to act within God's parameters over you stay under use they misuse their Authority. They mistake the purpose for which God has given me a ride over rules and makes it happen the way he want. The gospel says Jesus has all authority has that Authority especially for the good of the church. He's the head over all things for the church authorities for sale for this week. Slice couple weeks is we suffer with his coronavirus the world has created this horn for all of us and told us we have to stay in our houses. Now, they're doing wonderfully enough to protect us. Isn't that great Jared and I were talking about it earlier this week and he said Jim the world is taking a pro-life position. I absolutely love you open my eyes just absolutely our medical dollars more than anything else. We don't care about Davies before they're born. And get this coronavirus expose the elderly and we're doing everything we can.

Is it marvelous the way God controls things? He's the one?

White hair is a Crown of Glory. The people who are grown in wisdom Street wonderful things to protect I would have you know security and vs 37 through 40. We got this big contrast between the character of the Apostle Paul in the character of the Jews overdressed it call the commander makes demands citizens wrong. He will test that elsewhere as well to Authority be there been especially the humility of the Apostle Paul. We demand our rights as American instead of recognizing that in a fallen world what we have because of what God has done. Privileges that God has given us to act functions. May I put the arrogance of the Jews you are so convinced that they don't even the assumption that the Egyptian led a Revolt or number of years ago on the Mount of Olives there was going to be a distraction to the city and when that happened they were going to marching to take over and the Romans went out and put that up right beard without somewhere. They weren't able to find him. He was from Egypt cancer of the ear that Egyptian.

I'm a Roman. I'm citizen of Tarsus and that's no mean city is the Roman Empire supposed to be play spoken in Greece.

The Roman but he spoke in a Hebrew dialect probably Aramaic, but he spoke and it was so what Jimmy wanted to be?

I think it's I want you to understand and I motion that we're trying to kill you.

Debbie speech that he speaks in a way that they can understand the Holy Spirit similarities between Jesus is defensive himself. May I speak later? We're going to read a fall being slapped on the orders of the leader of an interrogation calls that now whitewash wall because he broken the law ordering that a joovy slap and they said how dare you speak such the high priest. I'm sorry. I didn't realize you were willing to look at 40 with Pilot you have no authority to Father heavenly father gives you well, what is true according to true? What I said Jesus is willing to defend himself before the show me what I've done wrong. Show me why you're holding me against the defense the willingness to speak up and yeah, the accused World seeks to defend themselves. They will never admit being wrong to take personal responsibility for the psychological experience or even

Never take personal responsibility God's people admit that we're Sinners 1st John 1:9 if we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us from all unrighteousness secondly. Though they are looking for someone else and them. Bible says you push on to Jesus Christ so that we become why Jesus the world will look at you and they will see something reflected in you it will either be your simple character or it will be the Lord Jesus Christ positive or negative. You will be an example for the world world. We were created to reflect the Lord Jesus to be like him. I read last night on the internet of a man who suggested that he could discover. Imagine for a moment you own a stamp collection worth thousands of dollars. And you're standing outside and you realize your house is caught on fire and you have the opportunity to go in and stay one thing. What do you say? And he said do you save your stamp collection or do you save the dog? Which do you go with the money? I can get a new dog Jim. There's no question something for your values.

what you think is important in the behaviors that you do to the people of the world and you in Jesus Christ are the things that the holy spirit is doing in your life evident in your life will people see that the greatest working a new first. What are you looking for? Anybody confused are you looking for the worst in people you make assumptions about people you expect. people expect Thursday

expect the best of people assume the best of people

our newscasts are full of how bad a job our president is doing in the face of the Coronavirus. My Hope and prayer is that that's not what people are hearing from each other that we're doing our absolute best to b o b u r government to seek what God is doing because he's the one Who is in control and we're even willing to pray and serve the Lord Jesus Christ. You don't know Jesus. It's going to be difficult for you to put your trust in Jesus Christ, and I don't miss. The God Who is though is not only just it's also works as you put your trust in Jesus Christ, you believe that God punished instead of punishing. If you believe that God takes his obedience and puts it on our account and declare the fact that God is in control even if the Coronavirus

Even knows what to do and it's doing it already. It's hurting coronavirus. And then what are you reflecting your Fallen nature your sinfulness your anger or Christ Our Yuri committing yourself to be more like Christ. You won't do it the power of you or you getting the grace that you need. So that you can be like Christ. Again on the internet somebody suggested if you go to a place where there's been a volcanic eruption. You can pick up a black rock. It's called lava. You can go as many places are places. I know best West Virginia and you can pick up a black.

You know, what's interesting about that. It will release the Heat. Because it's ripping you and I look like the people around us act like the people around us dress like the people runs like some of the same things that people run this is but I hope there's a difference between living hue. The god lights a match to and you burn for Jesus in the world around us.

You think about that? Heavenly father in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ?

And earlier I wouldn't hurt you to stand if you choose but we will close with a fairly unfamiliar glory be to the most high with it being unfamiliar. We will have a play through once.

If this morning you don't know Jesus Christ, one of our elders is not going to be standing here this morning if you are good, but you can call me or you can text or email us. We would love to introduce to you the Lord Jesus Christ and show you how you can put your trust in you and come to know him. Alright, we will be gathering tonight by your faith May the name of the Lord. Jesus be glorified and you and him according to the grace of our God and Jesus Christ.

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