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Life Can Be Very Difficult

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1st make a puzzle


Use a fun picture and cut it up to make 9 square and disregard 1 square



                                                     scramble  puzzle

Move one square at a time to the blank space and try to remake the picture

Sometimes life can be very difficult. We can not see the whole picture , whatever circumstances and events are taking place in our lives they can become scrambled up.

scramble  puzzle

As you look at each piece being moved around in different directions, imagine this is you

with different circumstances and events in your life, the picture does not make sense.

If we ask Jesus to come into our lives,

he will give us the strength  grace wisdom and love. You will start to see the pieces of your life coming together.

Move the piece of the puzzle

and make the picture as it looked  when you started.

When you ask for help Jesus gives his love and grace  he will help you to move the pieces of your life for the better, making the picture of your life complete.


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