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3-8-20 Luke 1:26-33 Jesus Came to Rule

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Luke 1:26-33

To Rule

Jesus came to rule, fulfilling the promise made to David (vs33).

Believing in Jesus means you believe in all He truly is.

Jesus does not share His rule with anyone or anything.

The character of Jesus’ Kingship shows He alone is a trustworthy ruler.

Over All

Jesus came to reign over the house of Jacob, but also all the world.

Jesus’ reigning over the nations on David’s throne was always the plan

(Acts 15:16-18/Amos 9:11-12).

Because Jesus is King over all, everyone is accountable to Him.

Because Jesus rules over all, all can be saved by Him.


Jesus’ Kingdom will never end, just as He will never end.

We must remember that our souls are eternal as is punishment for our sin.

As an eternal King, Jesus gives an eternal hope and true eternal life.

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