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If I Were Satan

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1 Peter 5:8

If I Were Satan

            Before the world began, God lived in Heaven with all his angels around him. There was one angel who was highest above all other angels—Satan. His high position made him proud and rebellious against God. Pride cannot stand against God. So Satan lost his high position and was cast out of heaven. Satan never recovered from this downfall, and ever since he has been trying to defeat the purpose and work of God.

What is the purpose of God? It is to save people, and for this purpose He gave his only begotten son to die upon Calvary’s cross. Now the great work of the Devil is in trying to keep people from being saved.

If I were Satan and wanted to prevent the salvation of people, what would I do? I would do exactly what he is doing. He is not a fool; he is a creature of great cunning and intelligence. He knows how to work on people. He has been busy for centuries and will be busy until the end.

So many people who try to live a more Godly life say its hard. Of course it is hard—you now have Satan after you.

I.                   If I were Satan I would Deceive people as to myself.

a.       Modern cartoonists poke fun at a belief in Satan. They paint him as a sinister being arrayed in a red suite, having a long tail and carrying a fork in his hand. But the devil does not come that way, he is robed in beauty and light. Our scripture describes Satan as a roaring lion. He is also described as a serpent, a deceiver, the evil one, or the dragon. His motive is evil only. The God of this world is out to deceive us and cloths himself in many garbs.

II.                If I were Satan I would make sin attractive.

a.       In the Garden of Eden he did exactly that. Eve was surrounded by matchless beauty, but Satan came to turn her from God and he made sin appear so attractive that she yielded. Today he is doing the same thing. He makes sin beautiful to the eye and greatly to be desired and while man yields to temptation he laughs with glee.

b.      Sin always looks good. It never appears as it really is. Look at alcohol and drugs.

c.       Satan makes everything look good and then he leads us on until the way of the sinner ends in hell. In II Corinthians 4:4 we are told that the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not. Look at the places of sin today. They are the most attractive places in town. They reach out their luring hands and pull in their victims. This is the work of Satan.

d.      Now there is a lesson here for the church. We ought to make our buildings as attractive and comfortable as possible. Then we can lure people in and tell them of our blessed savior.

III.             If I were Satan I would hinder God’s word.

a.       There was an old preacher who had a dream. He came into his little church and found Jesus chained to the pulpit. He asked why? Jesus said because my people have chained me here. They never tell others about me. I am only talked about on Sundays from the pulpit.

b.      There was a time when the bible was chained to the pulpit. It could not get out to the people. Satan liked that. Now that has changed. Look at Russia. We are reaching more people than ever before.

c.       In the parable of the sower, Jesus tells us that some of the seeds fell by the wayside and the birds came along and plucked it up. Often we sow the seed of the word in the church here and the devil plucks it from the heart of the people before they can reach home.

d.      Some hear a sermon on Sunday morning and then sit down at the dinner table and criticize the minister, the sermon, and everything in the church. Soon the children say to themselves what’s the use? There isn’t anything to religion. They have allowed Satan to use them. The word was sown but they helped Satan to pluck it out.

IV.             If I were Satan I would try to destroy the power of the churches.

a.       Satan knows the best way to destroy the power of the church is to start a quarrel within the church. The Jerusalem church was flourishing; Satan tried persecution; but the church still grew. Then he said I will start a quarrel on the inside. Some of the people began to murmur over the neglect of certain widows, and in a little while the church had a quarrel on its hands.

b.      Jesus told one church that it was neither hot nor cold. I will spew you out of my mouth he said. The devil loves a church like that.

c.       We need to stand strong. Upon this rock I build my church—and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it we are told. Yes the devil does all he can to destroy the power of the church.

V.                If I were Satan I would make the church members stumble.

a.       One day you will stumble and do an unchristian thing; then in ridicule the unsaved person says, there is a Christian for you. If that is a sample of Christianity, I want no part of it.

b.      In a railroad yard you can find a little thin edged rail by the side of the big rail. It is the small rail which sends the train to the right track. So often Satan uses small things to cause us to sin and to get us off track. He knows that if he can make us stumble he will hurt the cause of Christianity.

c.       A contractor is building a house and when the house is only about half finished a man comes to look it over. Is that the best you can do he says. There is no roof and look how rough everything is. You are not much of a contractor. Is this a reasonable attitude? No, we do not judge a contractor until the house is finished.

d.      You see a Christian with many faults, but you do not judge him yet. Wait until God is through with him and you will see a spotless saint standing before the throne. A Christian and an unbeliever may look the same now but they will look differently in the end.

e.       But we have a duty to the stumbler. We find it in Galatians 6:1:  Brethern, if a man be overtaken in a fault, ye which are spiritual, restore such a one in the spirit of meekness.

VI.             If I were Satan I would try to give the world another gospel.

a.       The devil does not care if you are religious and go the church, if you will just leave out the saving element—the atonement of Christ and His blood as a covering for sin.

b.      Galatians 1:8 says though we or an angel from heaven preached any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you let him be accursed. Satan preaches that God is too good to allow a man to be lost. He is saying that you can do anything that you want to defy God because God is too good to punish you. Satan preaches that a man should be good and honest and treat his family well and thus shall be saved. By grace are ye saved through faith and that not of yourselves (Eph 2:8).

c.       Jesus did not say that church membership would save. He did say Ye must be born again (John 3:7). The devil preaches that everyone is going to be saved.

VII.          If I were Satan I would get men to give excuses.

a.       Jesus said to a man One thing thou lackest ( Mark 10:21). Usually it is not a multitude of things that keep us away from Christ, but one thing.

b.      A young lady came to the alter and gave her life to the Lord, even though she was still in sin. Just as I am the Lord says. She began to change her life. The more she changed the more God blessed her. She broke off her illicit affair with her boyfriend. She was teaching the Sunday school class—then one Saturday evening the news came—Maryland had been killed in an auto accident. The devils chief weapon is this; you have plenty of time.

A preacher sat by the fireside one cold night. He heard a knock on the door. When he opened it a little ragged girl said to him, please sir, come and help me get my mother in. The preacher thought the mother must be drunk. He said that is the job of a policeman. Go get him. The girl said you don’t understand. She is dying and I want you to come and get her in before she dies. So he went with her.

He went into a poorly furnished room, sat down by the bed and talked about the golden rule and the moral ethics of the bible. The poor woman cried out, That is not for the likes of me. I cannot go back over my life and do those things. Don’t you have a message for a woman who is dying without hope? Then the preachers mind went back to the old, old story of the cross which his mother had told to him when he was a child. Soon he was telling the poor dying woman of one who died on Calvary and who would take her if she came to him. The face old face light up with a smile and she said, that is the message for the likes of me. She died trusting in Jesus and rejoicing in salvation.

In telling about it later the preacher said, yes I got her in, but that’s not all I went in too. This old, old message of Jesus and his love is the message that the world needs. Are you in? Don’t let Satan deceive you any longer. Com in today, the alter is always open.

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