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Judges 7

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Judges 7

Ask the coffee cup questions.

Have a volunteer read Judges 6.1.

In Judges chapter 6 we have an account of the distressed condition Israel was in through the Midianites,  #Jud 6:1-6, 

A prophet was sent to them to reprove them for their sins,  #Jud 6:7-10

An angel appeared to Gideon, with an order to him to go and save Israel out of the hands of the Midianites,  #Jud 6:11-16

A sign was given him by the angel, whereby he knew this order was of God,  #Jud 6:17-24,

The reformation from idolatry in his father’s family he made upon this, throwing down the altar of Baal, and building one for the Lord,  #Jud 6:25-32, 

The preparation he made to fight the Midianites and others,  #Jud 6:33-35, 

But he first desired a sign of the Lord, that Israel would be saved by his hand, which was granted and repeated,  #Jud 6:36-40.

·         In Judges 7 we have an account of the army under Gideon gathered out of several tribes, which from 32,000 were reduced to three hundred, and we are told by what means this was done,  #Jud 7:1-8

Ask 1, 2, and 3 (with S1)

·         How he was directed to go into the host of the Midianites, where he heard one of them telling his dream to his fellow, which greatly encouraged him to believe he should succeed,  #Jud 7:9-15

Ask 4, and 5

·         We are told the form and manner in which he disposed of his little army to attack the Midianites, and the orders he gave them to observe, which had the desired effect, and issued in the total rout of that large body of people,  #Jud 7:16-22

·         Those that were not destroyed were pursued by persons gathered out of several tribes, and the passages of Jordan were taken by the Ephraimites, so that those that attempted their escape into their own country,  there fell into their hands, #Jud 7:23-25.

Ask S7, and S8

Ask all the heart questions.

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