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Joshua 10

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Joshua 7

For the trespass of Achan the children of Israel were smitten and put to flight by the men of Ai, 

#Jos 7:1-5;

Which gave him and the elders of the people great concern, both for Israel and for the name of the Lord, which was expressed by Joshua in prayer to God,  #Jos 7:6-9;

When the Lord informed him of the reason of it, and gave him directions for finding out the guilty person, and for the punishment of him, #Jos 7:10-15;

Which directions Joshua followed, and the person was found out, who being urged to a confession made one,  #Jos 7:16-21;

Upon which he and all he had, with the things he had taken, were burnt with fire,  #Jos 7:22-26.

Joshua 8 - Ai destroyed.

Joshua 9 - The Gibeonite Deception

The combination of the several kings of Canaan against Israel,  #Jos 9:1,2;

The craftiness of the Gibeonites, pretending they were ambassadors from a far country, and desired to enter into a league with Israel, which they obtained, #Jos 9:3-15;

When it was discovered who they were, it occasioned a murmuring among the people,  #Jos 9:16-18; Which the princes quelled by proposing to make them hewers of wood, and drawers of water, #Jos 9:19-21;

In order to which Joshua summoned them before him, and chided them for beguiling them; and after they had made their excuse, he ordered them to the service the princes proposed, and so peace in the congregation of Israel was preserved,  #Jos 9:21-27.

Joshua 10

The combination of five kings against the Gibeonites,  #Jos 10:1-5;

·         Question 2

·         The Jewish chronologers say that these three acts respecting Jericho, Ai, and Gibeon, were all finished within three months.

The application of the Gibeonites to Joshua, for assistance, in virtue of the league between them, which was granted,  #Jos 10:6-9;

·         Questions 3, 4

·         It was about nine or ten miles from Gilgal to Gibeon

The slaughter of the army by the kings of Israel, and chiefly by hailstones from heaven,  #Jos 10:10,11;

The standing still of the sun, and of the moon, while vengeance was taken on them,  #Jos 10:12-14;

·         Questions 5, 1, and 6

·         In the Chinese history {g} it is reported,  that in the time of their seventh,  emperor,  Yao,  the sun did not set for ten days,  and that men were afraid the world would be burnt,  and there were great fires at that time; and though the time of the sun’s standing still is enlarged beyond the bounds of truth,  yet it seems to refer to this fact,  and was manifestly about the same time; for this miracle was wrought in the year of the world 2554, which fell in the seventy fifth,  or,  as some say,  the sixty seventh year of that emperor’s reign,  who reigned ninety years:

·         (In the late 1960’s, someone circulated a story that NASA had discovered there was a missing day in the solar system.  Using this passage they accounted for about twenty-one missing hours and the account in #Isa 38:8 to account for the rest of the missing time. This story is a complete fable and has absolutely no basis in fact. Editor.) This story has been circulating in its NASA version at least since the 1960s. NASA denies that this ever occurred. The story goes back to a book by Charles Totten entitled "Joshua’s Long Day and the Dial of Ahaz: A Scientific Vindication" (1890). Harold Hill told his version in "How to Live Like a King’s Kid" (1974). Hill, the former president of the Curtis Engine Company of Baltimore, was involved in diesel engine operations at Goddard, but had no involvement with any computer operations.

The five kings being hid in a cave and of the usage of them when taken,  #Jos 10:15-27;

The taking of Makkedah, Libnah, Lachish, Eglon, Hebron, and Debir, #Jos 10:28-39;

Which finished the conquest of the southern part of the land,  #Jos 10:40-43.

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