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Title: To Catch A Thief

Text: John 10:10

The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly. KJV

Antithesis: If you ever had anything stolen from you, you know the messed up feeling it leaves you.  You feel violated and vulnerable.  The space that you once thought was untouchable now has been touched.  Somebody has now taken your stuff.  An unwelcome visitor came into your space and robbed you of something that was valuable to you.  This thief always rearranges things from its proper place.  Something is always broken, moved or shuffled.  Or sadly enough, something is destroyed or even killed.  There is nothing worse than a thief.  But today we are going to catch him in his very act.  

What is a thief? A thief is anything that takes you from the peace and the presence of God. I don’t know what your thief is but I know mine.  Yours maybe death, drugs, women, anger, pride, or money!  It may be the person sitting next to you.  But he is a liar and he will get caught! God can catch him before plans his next robbery when you believe. Today, the thief may be telling you the wrong things about God because of this occasion. Sickness and disease may break in the homes and cause death but God has mansions for those who believe in heaven. 

This thief is not the person who is going to rob you on the street or break in your house and take your stash.  This thief desires to kill you in three areas: your mind, your soul (who you really are) and your body.  That is really what the enemy wants. If he gets those things you got you! 

Thesis: God has a one man swat team in the Person of Jesus Christ that if you believe in Him, He will catch that thief before he has a chance to destroy you! But you have to call on Jesus for your help.

Relevant Question:  How do I stop him from robbing me of all what God has for me? 

Transition: The text tells us Jesus has the way to catch a thief.  He tells us that thief can be arrested by His presence in your life. He tells us of a possibility that is contingent on us receiving it.  He tells us that if we believe we will have a promise, life of abundance that transcends our natural needs. 

In our story, which tells of a thief that is leading the people of God the wrong way. We have a thief that is doing the same to us today. The actions of a thief can lead you in the wrong direction.  Jesus compares his people to sheep and Himself as the shepherd.  Sheep are dumb animals that need to be lead.  Our problem is that we are dumb sheep that are lead astray by the wrong things, places and people.  And it causes us to make bad decision that produce bad results. But God desires His sheep to make a decision to follow His voice and not the voice of thief.  You have to know God’s voice and the ways of God! God’s voice always leads you in righteousness.

Transition: The presence of God in your life can stop the thief from touching you. 

The Presence

I am come…I arrived

The first thing you need to do is have Jesus come into your life.  Who is this Jesus? He is your Savior and Lord.  When Jesus comes things start happen.  He lights up anything that is dark in your life.  You will not only see Him but you will see who you really are.  Because he is so good, you will see how bad you really are without him! But he does not leave you their.  He wants you to look at Him for joy instead of look at your present state of sorrow. 

The text says I am come.  “I am,” he says.  He is the great I am.  He is everything you need him to be.  In the book of John, Jesus tells us He is 7 I am’s:

I am the bread of life

I am the light of the world

I am the Good Shepherd

I am the resurrection and the life

I am the way, the truth and the life

I am the true vine

I am your friend. I am your help in the time of trouble.  I am the supplier of your needs. I am always with you! But you have to believe that He is!


The Possibility

Transition: But I hate to say God’s presence in your life is only a possibility: That they might have life…

Life is possible if you believe.  What do mean preacher life is possible? I am alive right now.  You may be alive but you are not living if you don’t have Jesus. I don’t care how much you got going own but you can’t take it when you die!  It may feel good and look good but it don’t work on your soul and given you the help you need in the time of trouble. If it did, you would not be in the same position your in.  It is time to do something different!  Some of you feel that we are stuck in whatever life has dishes to you. This only because you don’t serve a God that is bigger than your situation and if you only trust and obey Him and stop trying to do your own thing, He makes all things possible.  A new life is possible if you trust and believe in Jesus!

The Promise

Transition: When you trust in Jesus you have a promise.

That they may have it more abundantly…

Not only does God give you a new life in Christ but also he will give to you life more abundantly.  I am not talking about money and things. I am talking about real abundance like a peace of mind. Not having to look over your shoulder, being in your right mind and having a purpose and a plan!  God has a plan for you and it not where are. He wants to take you to another level. 

Psalms 23 tells us about the more abundant life in him:

“The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want”. Everything that I will ever need, God got it and has a lot of it! You will be living a satisfied life in God.  His promises only start here.  They are further fulfilled when we get to heaven.

Praise:  Every thief knows they are in trouble when they hear an alarm. God is telling us today if you want to catch the thief, sound the alarm and he will run.  Praise is than better than Slomin’s shield! When the alarm goes on the police come. When praise go up God comes!   God inhabits the praise of his people!

Altar Call:  God is trying to catch that thief in your life but you have to let him.  You can have a lifestyle on the run for only but so long.  I am not talking about running from trouble I am talking about running from God.  You have become an accomplice. Some of you have a thief behavior.  You are in things and in people you should not be in.  But your time is up and God is calling you to him.

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