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Title: The Bailout!

Text: Daniel 6:1-28


Our story opens up after Daniel has given the interpretation of the writing on the wall to the Chaldean king, Belshazzar that resulted in his death for rebellion against the true and living God.  Now Darius the Mede is the king of the Babylonian empire who is Judah’s captors.  King Darius decided to do some reorganization in the kingdom so it could continue to prosper. So he set 120 satraps (princes) and over them 3 governors which Daniel would be one.  King Darius had no problem putting Daniel in such a high position because what it says in verse 3, “because he had and excellent spirit with in him”. Daniel had an excellent spirit. He had gifts and abilities that surpassed all others.  Darius knew of his service and gifts as he watched Daniel serve faithfully the other kings before him.  He had an excellent spirit with in him!  My beloved, I believe all the gifting and abilities that Daniel possessed came from the power of God.  You don’t operate on the same playing field when God is in. You may be ordinary but when you are called to task, you do the extraordinary because you got something on the inside.  The enablement of the Holy Spirit equips believers to do great things and people will take notice!    

It was Daniel who out tested the kings men with denouncing the kings food! It was Daniel who interpreted dreams and vision that no one else could.  All because he had an excellent spirit with in him!  And when you have the spirit of God, you will have favor with man. That is what we see here.  Daniel got such favor the king is about appoint him over the Babylonian and his not even Babylonian!  He was a prisoner from Judah.  The captive is about to rule the captors!  My beloved, because of your excellent spirit God has given you so much favor that you will be in places that you know you should not have. You have things that you are not supposed to have! But don’t think that because you got favor people are going to like it.  Look at the text.  In verse 4, Daniel’s peers tried to do him wrong because he had favor. They tried to find fault in him but they could not because he was faithful.  They came to the conclusion the only fault they might find would be against the law of his God. But that was not going to happen.  My beloved, when people don’t like you because you are blessed that says they don’t know your God! And they will do anything to try to destroy you.  The governors and satrap plotted together to take Daniel down so they deceived the king to issue a decree that could not be changed according to their law that if anyone would pray to any other god other than the king they would be put in the lions den to die. The king agreed and signed off on it.  My beloved, please know that the enemy knows the closer you get to God the more favor you have.  That is why the enemy is always trying to block you. They knew that Daniel was a worshipper. So they did their best to interrupt his worship.  But look at what Daniel did when they tried to stop his worship. Now when Daniel heard this, he went home to his upper room went to the windows that were facing Jerusalem and went on his knees and prayed and gave thanks 3 times a day to his God as he normally did. My beloved, we learn from Daniel that in the midst of despair it is a time for your devotion to God. It is your relationship with God that will empower you to get thru life’s trial and tribulations. We see Daniel was not only commitment to prayer but he was also consistent.  Like with any relationship, we have to cultivate a committed and consistent relationship with our God. Also, look at Daniel’s position and prayer focus.  He knelt down at an open window and prayed toward Jerusalem.  He knelt (berak which means to bless) toward Jerusalem, the place of the promise of the Messiah. In other words, he blessed God because the promise of the coming Messiah, the deliverer!  My brothers and sisters when you know your in trouble, you can always bless and thanks God for the Messiah, Yeshua, Jesus who to set us free!  But guess what happen to Daniel when he was praying?  His enemies found him praying. Your enemies are always looking for ways to catch you in the act of doing something you are not supposed to be doing.  But they caught Daniel praying.  If they knew better, they should have left him alone.  That is a message for somebody!  They thought they had Daniel where they wanted him. So they run back to the king a rat Daniel out in v. 12.  They reminded the king that he signed a decree that couldn’t be altered. So they told the king that Daniel did not have any regard for the decree and prayed 3 times day.  This put king Darius in a bit of a quandary.  He did not know that his decree was going to affect someone that he favored.  The text says that it displeased him.  And the king tried to find a way to free Daniel day and night.  But they reminded the king that what he decreed by law could not be undone under any circumstances. So the king had to honor what he decreed.  He commanded that Daniel be thrown into the lions den.  But the king gives Daniel a word of prophecy, “Daniel, your God who you serve continually, he will deliver you!  Because of your devotion to God, God will use unlikely people to encourage you.  He used an unbelieving king to encourage Daniel.  But the king had to do what he had to do. So they rolled a stone to seal the lions den and the king sealed it with this signet ring to give his seal of approval. 

My beloved, you may feel like you have been put in the lions den with no way out just because you have been faithful to and God has been faithful you!  You are in a den with things that are trying to kill you.  You may be in a financial lions den. You may be an in a emotional lions den. You may be in a bad health lions den with no way out.  But there is a voice from above saying your God will bail you out!! God will deliver you! 

       I believe that the king felt guilty about Daniel’s plight.  The text says that he went back to his palace and spent the night fasting.  He didn’t want to be entertained and he could not sleep.  I believe he was convicted.  Has anyone ever been there when the Lord did not let you sleep?  So early in the morning, the king got out of bed and rushed to the den.  When he got there he cried out in sorrow to Daniel, O Daniel, servant of the living God, is thy God, whom thou servest continually, able to deliver thee from the lions? Then lo and behold, the king heard a cheerful voice come up out of the lions den.  O king live forever! My God has sent an angel and gave the lions lock jaw so they could not hurt meGod bailed me out!  My brothers and my sisters, in a crisis situation at the lowest moment that is time God shows up. God could have stopped them for throwing Daniel in the den. However, to show us he is God he waits to the darkest hour to show us the light.  Look how he does it.  He sends his angel into the situation.  Remember the pit is sealed shut with stone.  But you know that God don’t care nothing about a stone! God is so powerful nothing can separate you!  So wherever you are my beloved know that God will get to you even in the dens of destruction!  He will make the very thing that is supposed to kill null and void.  Losing your job was supposed to kill. That divorce was supposed to kill you.  That sickness was supposed to kill you. But God will shut the mouths of those lions! You got know God will bail you out!  But when we look at the text we see why God bailed Daniel out. It was his faith that got Daniel in trouble and it was faith that brought him out.  In verse 21b, Daniel tells us that he was found innocent before God and that he done no wrong to the king.  In other words, Daniel was upright all the way around!  He lived a life that God honored and he served the king faithfully glorifying God in everything he did. Look at that closer. He served is persecutor.  You might be on a job where your boss may be giving you hell but be faithful, have good attitude, do your job with excellence, trust God and watch God show you favor in the midst of the lions!!  But our problem is unlike Daniel we want to be delivered from so stuff but we really have not been that innocent before God. You have to be right before God’s and the people we are around.  Make sure your right!  And to help get right we can go to Jesus and repent!  His love makes us right! And his love will bail you out!  And the very people that put in your situation, God can use them to take you out. The king was glad for Daniel and commanded that they take him out of the den. God will make you enemies your stepping stone.  But here is what I like about this story.  Please know those people who are responsible for putting in a bad situation will reap what they sow.  Look at the text.  In verse 24, the king orders those who put Daniel in the lions den to be cast in themselves with their families.  That is why we have to watch out how we do people. Our families will suffer from repercussion of our mess.  But most importantly, the deliverance from your problem can lead other people into praise. The king after this event wrote to the people in verse 26-27, “That in every dominion of my kingdom men tremble and fear before the God of Daniel: for he is the living God, and stedfast for ever, and his kingdom that which shall not be destroyed, and his dominion shall be even unto the end. 27 He delivereth and rescueth, and he worketh signs and wonders in heaven and in earth….  That is praise!  Your testimony can cause others to praise!

Daniel came out unscathed. No injury because he believed in his God.  This is the bottom line; in a time of crisis believe in your God.  Believe God your Creator.  Your Deliverer. Your Strong Tower. Your Provider. Your Healer.  Your way maker.  Believe in your God!  God will make away!  He will bail you out.  Check record.  If he has done it before He is able to do it again.  He bailed Joseph out of prison. He bailed the Israelites from Pharaoh.  He bailed the spies hiding them out in Rahab’s house.  He bailed David out Saul’s hand. He bailed Jeremiah out of a mire pit.  He bailed out a man with a legion of demons. He bailed out a woman caught in adultery.  He bailed Paul and Silas out of prison. And he did the ultimate bail out at Calvary.  Where they hung his Son Jesus on a cross to die and put him a den for death and sealed just like Daniel.  But in three days, Jesus came out unharmed with all power! The power of God will bail you out!

Close: And Daniel went on to prosper in the kingdom. My brothers and my sisters, when God bails us he sets us up to prosper.  One thing that is so alarming about our country’s financial crisis is that it exposed the prevalence of the “golden parachute”.  The golden parachute is when the CEO or other high live execs get a large sum of money if there company folds that will set them up for life until some of them go to hell. It is an insurance policy for the elite even though their greed was the caused for many company’s demise and innocent people to suffer. But God has a prosperity plan for those of us who depend on Him during times of trouble.  We may not have a golden parachute but we are set up for life.  We have the Great Paraclete, the Holy Spirit that gives us power to live prosperous!  It is not for insurance if something goes wrong, it is assurance the will be prosper to eternity!  

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