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Title: Put Him to the test

Text: Ps 34:1-10, 19


Introduction:  Domino’s pizza a couple of years ago made a promise to its customers.  They promised if you did not get your in 30 minutes or less you would get your pizza for free.  But unfortunately, they could not keep this promotion going on.  Do to the challenges and situations they could not control they could not make good on the promise and stopped the promotion.  But I am glad that there is one person I know when I call him to make a delivery or deliver me He always makes good on his promise.  Despite the obstacles, challenges or situations in my life, Jesus our Lord is a strong deliverer.   He is God that keeps his promises. I am here to tell you, you can put him to the test and He will always come through. 

Background: David in Ps. 34 challenges us to put God to the test despite the difficulties that you are facing.  If anyone knew about difficulties it was David.  He writes this Psalm as a testimony of what the Lord did for him.  David was running for his life from King Saul. And land in King Abimelech, Philistine king who hate him for killing Goliath yet he gets away.  To this end, he writes this psalm of thanksgiving and praise.  David knew about trouble. But He also knew how merciful God was in his life.  He teaches us no matter what you are going through you can praise God because will always help you in times of need.  David writes this psalm to testify and to challenges us to put God to the test and see what He will do if you trust and believe. David opens up this psalm with praise and an invitation to join in on exaltation of the wonderful God we serve and the wonders that He does for his children. 


Verse 1 says I will be bless the Lord…..  Barak means to bow down.  …at all times. Remember David makes a decision that nothing will stop his praise.  Praise should take precedent over your problem.  Instead of complaining or worry David tells us to praise in the midst of problems.  Our problem is that when trouble comes we have everything else in our mouth instead praise.  It is not time to be silent or curse when trouble comes. It is time to praise and worship. 

David knew the Lord and what He could do for him because of his experience with the Lord.   If you knew the Lord and what He has done for you, you will have the same type of praise.  Anyhow, despite praise.

In verse 2, David says my soul make boast of the Lord.  Here we see how praise change attitudes.  The word boast in the text is halal which means to shine with God’s favor.  And when that happens something happens in the atmosphere, humble get happy.  Praise is infectious and the humble will receive and get blessed.  But don’t think that everybody likes your praise.  If they don’t praise they are missing God’s favor.  

In verse 3, David invites us to join in the praise party.  O magnify the Lord with me… that means make God big.  The bigger we make God the smaller our problems get.  Tried Stone, I invite you to a praise party!!


After David invitation, he gives a declaration on what God can do.  David invites you to a party that he knows himself that is good.  He declared it, because he knows it for himself. Look at the text.  

David declares in verse 4 that He sought the Lord and he answered him and He delivered him.  David is telling us that He sought the Lord for himself.  There are some things you know for yourself because you sought the Lord for yourself and he answered!

In verse 5 David declares that not only he knows for himself but he tells us what has happens to other when they look to the Lord for help in the time of need.  They look on him and were lightened.  That means God shined the light on their darkness.  And there shame which is darkness went away because of the Light! That light was Jesus showing them the way out shame, out of darkness and out of pain!  Tried Stone look toward the Light!

Next in verse 6, David singles somebody out who experience what God will do!   I can do the same right here.  This poor man/woman cried out and the Lord heard them and saved them. 

In verse 7, David declares what God will do for those that fear him.  The angel of the Lord encampeth… (set up shop, sit upon).   This points us to Jesus, the angel of the Lord will dwells among us when we worship and praise.  If you want Him sit upon your situation worship Him!  After his invitation to join in on the praise and his declaration on what God can do, the next couple of verses, David challenges us to put God to the test and see if he won’t work it out.  Listen to his instructions: 

In verse 8 is his 1st instruction:

Taste- experience the Lord

See-inspect the Lord’s work, check him out for yourself

And you will be blessed if you trust in him. 

His 2nd instruction is in verse 9

O fear the Lord ye his saints (set apart to be holy), there is no want for them to fear him.   This echoes Ps 23.  I shall not want…


From his instruction in v. 9, he gives us an illustration of what he is talking about.

Young lions do lack and suffer hunger… No matter how strong or mature the young lions are they will never be satisfied. They are always on the prowl for some food.  We are just like the young lions. We are always on the prowl to get satisfied and to no avail.  But those that seek the Lord shall not want.  Jesus says in Matt 6:33 says seek ye first…

Close: No matter what you are going thru, you can put God to the test that He will deliver you when you trust in Him.  This is all summed up in verse 19.  Many affliction of the righteous but Lord delivers them out of them all.  

This why is I can bless him at all times!

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