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March 8, 2020 - Power - That You May Know

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Entitled that you may know.

Ephesians chapter 1 if we can go ahead and advanced. I actually have a little trouble here. Let's take a look and listen to the Sprint.

Heard about your face and your love for all of God's. Peace. I have not stopped remembering you in my Creek. Asking that the god of our Lord Jesus Christ The Glory of Father give you the spirit of wisdom and Revelation that you may know him. I pray that the eyes of your heart. in order that you

to which you have been taught all the riches of his glorious inheritance in his holy people. Apparently great power for us who believe that power is the same as the mighty strength heated skirt when he raised Christ from the dead.

far above all Rule and Authority power and Dominion to come under an appointed everything for church. the fullness of hair who fills everything and every way

I've noticed as we ride through that this how is the strip?

repetition of word or

The background that's worth investigating.

What I am praying for this is something we need to talk about this prayer three Macy's. I want you to see more for you inside out of our fellowship.


This has done a great job kind of leaving us to the background. But sometimes you just need to see what was going on.

only Ross

a financial center, which means all Commerce all money.

money a big reason why is because of the big Temple at the very tippy-top of that treat City now,

it must have been a little overwhelming. Roman middle class Call Dorma Leandro only has one or two ways. You could go in. You are either hot dog or you or soft.

for me to find risque on the wall. I found so let's look at the opulence.

Over a week now the average person could make a way in a town.

It was very American.


and they did Health Care available.

Apple your favorite Todd available. To be given out.

And then industry for those loans to be get to be paid back at a very high interest rate.

And of course they had entertainment. Because you can't have the milk.

I can hold 25000 people. police taser

All for the sake of entertaining the masses. All because the fastest have money to be entertained.

for the first time enrollment existed in a society or power was not just regulated to the elite few. It was now trickling down.

What's it called with an opportunity?


College to the white people

Go to the next flight.

MS Society like Ephesus in driving motivate There's one driving message that causes all the buying and spending.

Let's go back and get my yoda away characters.

You walk into the first message you here you should be afraid. Therefore you need to go get some. It's always driven Commerce be afraid. very afraid

It's a message in the year of election. You're going to hear a lot.

behind every investment strategy

You should get some power artist this morning.

Is very eloquent.


Oculus Bonnie

call the purity of other synagogues in their region. Barry Rowland & graven images

and the Jews were compromising and then what?

they recognized

Jerusalem and Henry wasn't there.

Book it out of culture.

And he starts preaching.

Restart search starts to go and the number of great Converse that happened.

of the New Testament Church

outside of episodes come back into a man

Where do they get power?

Come on now.

Table top and the chair and the chair and the train in the whole Province artist by the name of Dimitri.

Starts to put two and two together that God made by an I am a maker of God.

This is what we do people come to the temple because that's why they come to Ephesus and we're the ones that the flight of the trinkets that they have to buy in order to get into the price of sod. And this guy is talking about. Where does he go and you can read? He goes right to fear.


everyone is very pretty.

Play Black Panther lights on Amazon.

You need to be afraid we better get some power.


People just like creepy stuff based on.

the world we live in

Directions to Pal now. Let's listen to Big Brother Yoda.

basketball nets the light on

Lee's Tire City into a state of confusion

Exact thing. The kind of drives either towards industry and commerce worth Rises to die. There's some things we shouldn't fear.

Where will we go? Take a look at what?

Ephesus was born out of a larger Roman mantra.

Society in human history They had God for everything. And not only do they have God for everything date actively sacrificed to the Gods in order to gain.

Is there a way to tell the extra mile every patriarchy?

Every day, they're trying to protect against pregnancy. They would have a certain. everyday to steal baby from they would sacrifice to a different job.

famous peanut small as fruit the same speed as large and full heading on to help. Well being of that they were. He wanted to manipulate the face. They wanted the pry blessing out of the hands of what must be angry God because they're cheap holding back.

So it's just became the Romans.

You Want Blood you want my first born do you want this I will give it because I did so that you would think you would you and I licked your twin span and pour out blessings into my life. Just tell me what I need to do.

We feel that our own relationships.

Person-to-person we become transactional.

It shows up in our language. Play winner of trust is broken. And you realize what you always come up with the same line. I feel like. I owe you an apology.

Cuz it's natural. Humanistic and pout intermingled in a way that makes our relationship about what we do and what we are. I just met you. We turn this into a relationship with me because we had in our day-to-day. We was so worked over by the Spire phone Society just like they're okay. I'm going to have an extra good.

I'm going to share my face. I'm going to I'm going to say no to certain station because I really want you to kiss me then. Sometimes we

really about

it was for her. Great is Artemis of the Ephesians? This is one of the actual statues that stood in that first mystery symbol as you can see she's a well-endowed. She's got it goin on. She can provide and success for a lot of people at the same time.

It's where she was an artist rendition. But this is the apex of the ancient world.

This is one of those glorious build. everbilt 120 columns a column that is literally 40 ft High. teenage 30 years the pill What artist sang if I could? almost free

and they had a hundred and twenty and this is just


She had tabs Rolling it because why she was in a cultures like I did so they do give and they said that Art of the Steal. She was able to provide funds she was able to provide RI.

And imagine you're a Christian.

greatness of Artemis

There you are sharing your face in 1st Century Ephesus. And you finally found someone who didn't already know and make up their mind about you and you sure your face without their life.


it's me.

Ruby rose from the dead

What are you saying?

Horace Mann

gospel great. Why don't you ever struggle?

Can you imagine?

Answer my question.

Do you have to do it every day?

Because Palm Coast. X-ray of your heart center of intelligence emotional Valentine's heart that we think of your smartest part of you. Wouldn't know the power.

almost had it figured out because

oh, yeah. There it is. And that one color which is still pretty impressive had to be rebuilt. So they just got it was just an idea.

still standing

worker power

don't think about the things that are pulling up.

Bringing the same thing. You're putting your truck.

You better not be looking to attend. You can't deliver.

You can't look at your financial system.

Oh, yeah, you look at the Artemis. You should be afraid because you

But she was already starting. Especially when it came to the throne, this is the head and the forearm of division commission came to power a nest in there.

a temple

has Trump been in forearm the forearm Sue still life is about an inch or two taller than me his head if I die.

Amounted they had the build amount of mounted door for a 20-foot statue.

So Erica Stokes money.

And is being completed when John sits down to write his letter about the Ephesians. Through the revelation of Jesus Christ.

Apparently seems to be some wishes. Man is over shooting all the Roman God. She is becoming the greatest of them all. It has to be revered and to be voted for.

Of course John rice don't be too impressed with the man. He's only a man. He's just a man in like You want to know how I know it's 666.

It's just a fan y'all number is so easy. He's so nice.

Actually the easiest part of Revelation.

And we know it's true because this isn't today. crib dimensions


And they have to tell the story will used to be awesome. Imagine three or four stories to that and then on top of that there was this big statue statue saw the museum before you came out here.

I think it's such a

because we don't know all of that energy all of that Commerce.

nothing No delivery. But there is something that came out of that. Set an old dude exiled on an island with able to pass on such an individual who would have something real inside of them that was tearing them through all of this.

Go to the next life. Let's listen to the passage again for this reason. Ever since I heard about your face that the Lord Jesus love for all of God's people. I have not stopped for you remembering you in my prayers asking nothing of our Lord Jesus Christ the spirit of wisdom and Revelation that you may know him better. There's a lot of things you can try to know. There's a lot of stuff for you to test a lot of classes. You can take that. I'll try to give you some power.

change everything

What does selfish you should be praying but their posts?

I hope it's a calling you is. Come follow me.

Riches of his glorious inheritance Only people hang out with these people.

You want you want to feel rich come in here. Do you remember when you have?

strip the number of the friends And then you walked in here and now you're like a new person into the building.

It all is because of a comparable.

at the mighty strength

As of right hand.

that power not just shown.

is cset it's the same as that power is in your presence.

That power is in your work.

That power is in you every time like Christ you open up your hands and say father into your hands. I commit whatever.

Yeah, last time I saw you said that to be the last time.

Well how high how about far above all Rule and Authority power?


Which is why we go to. city of Ephesus

and we walked around all the stones where people are still peddling their little trinkets going.

Are you outside?

Pick a message like this and go about their information.

something material

Oran Is your hope for your? based on material

Is your home? for the future

back to Tom's Place all things appointed

head over everything

are you?

I think we should invite people to say. I know there's a lot of things going on with the virus, but there's only one thing that'll get you over death. And there's only one thing it's only one moment in time. Where

What are you going to put your whole face in it? What are you following if it's not Jesus on encouraging today to the Sun?

Forever Friends Forever demographic meaning

What are you going to do away? And there's only one demographics. I can look at our world in the year of election and have no fear. have no worries call Pam Tillis. pray that it doesn't

FNAF it's just going to make it.

freezing from the dead one last lie

God's mantra

I give that you.

He died that you can win.

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