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Subject:  I got just what I wanted…


Relevant question:  What do you want in life?  What do we really want?

Antithesis:  We want to have everything we dream of having.  We all want to have a good life.  But life keeps us wanting.  By nature we are never satisfied because we can’t distinguish our wants from our needs. Our wants should be what we need.  That real want is having your needs fulfilled. 

Thesis:  A life with Christ is life of fulfillment. God through Christ gives us what we need to make it. We need provisions, protection and promises.  The Lord is the only one who can fulfill these things. 

Psalms 23 is a song of fulfillment of these needs.  Psalms 23 expresses gratitude and confidence in God to do these things. Whenever this Psalms is read is does something to you.  The words resonate through you and put you into the presence of God.  This is why it is the world’s favorite Psalms.  King David wrote Psalms 23 in his old age while reflecting on God’s grace in his life.  David was the man who had God’s own heart.  David demonstrated tremendous faith in God during his life of ups and downs.  It is life’s ups and down that keep us in want of something stable and fulfilling to get us through.  While we are going through it is good sing a song that encourages you soul. This Psalm is the song that helps many of us gets through the rough times in our life. 

Synthesis: When death occurs, it forces us to look at our relationship with others more carefully and sensitively.  It causes us to reflect on the important values of life and the necessity to love and be loved.  Everybody needs love.  That is why God gave us parents, siblings and friends (touch).  Love is the full expression of God.  But when death occurs, we feel the loss of love especially somebody like our brother.  But to those who know God this is not necessarily true.  God loves his children so much at times He takes them to be with Him.  We can’t be so selfish to want keep our loved ones earth where there is suffering and pain rather than have them be with God for everlasting joy.  Today, our departed got what everyone desires, peace, love and joy. He got every thing he wanted in life. Also, I believe that there is a new baritone voice of angel in heaven. Amen. This psalm tells us that are left behind of what we have in a loving and awesome God.   There is not want in Him.  He is everything we ever needed!  Amen.

Psalm 23 uses a shepherd as a metaphor for God relationship with his children. He is the Good Shepherd and we are his sheep.  Psalm 23 tells us 3 characteristics of how a good shepherd meets the needs of his sheep. 

I.                 God, the good shepherd is a Provider vv. 1-3

The Lord provides help in the time of need. 

The Lord…personal Kingdom relationship

There is no want in His kingdom…David provision came by God only. He was provided with:

1.   Green pastures-Abundance v.2a

2.   Still waters-Peace v. 2b

3.   A restored Soul-Refreshment of the anointing v. 3a

4.   Path of Righteous-A way to live right v. 3b

II.    God, the good shepherd is his Protector vv. 4

We all want to be safe

1.   Yea though I walk…v. 4a-A shadow is not there. It is a reflection of light on an object.  So, whenever you see a dark shadow cast on your life look, for the Light.  Light expose darkness.  Jesus is that Light at the end of your tunnel.

2.   I will fear know evil v.4b-God did not give us a Spirit of Fear but power, love and a sound mind.

3.   His rod and staff will comfort you.  When you are in trouble he uses the rod.  When you need direction he uses the staff (hook).  The Lord will fight your battles.

III.  God, the good shepherd keeps his Promises vv. 5-6

We all want somebody we can trust. Trust in the Lord!

1.   God promises to vindicate us in the presence of our enemies.  Not only will he clear our name but He also puts us on display at His banquet table, at his table there is refuge from the enemy and celebration with the Master! v. 5a

2.   As a special guest of God promises he would anoint you with something precious, fragrant oil that makes you shine and smell good. So everywhere you go you are noticed. v. 5b

3.   My cup…-Also at God’s table there is an overflow of blessings just for you.  v. 5c

4.   God promises that goodness and mercy will follow you v. 6a

Joe knew God as a provider, protector and promises. And want to be with the Lord someday. Joe left us right before Christmas. We wanted him to be around while we celebrated down here. But God had a special invitation for him in heaven.  In his last breathe, he struggled to stay him but he could not be late to the party in heaven. But if you knew what I knew about him he was dressed for the occasion. He looked good on the outside because he was always clothed in righteous!  I believe if Joe was here he would say living for God is right! That is why…I shall never want!!


I am never in want because I satisfied with Jesus.

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