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Title: I ain’t got nothing to lose

Text: 2 Kings 7:3-8

Introduction: We come to the end of the year with high anticipation for better year than we ever had before.  We hope to be in a better place in our lives than ever before.  We hope that we will prosper physically, emotionally and spiritually than we ever did before.  We know that God is able to this for us. However, each year when things don’t go our way and our situation looks worse from where we started, we often ask God what has happened? “Didn’t you promise me that you would do for me this year”?  The problem is not with God, it is with you. You didn’t do anything about your situation.  God is a gentleman and does not force you into anything good or bad.  God showed you some things and has given you opportunities but you did not take advantage of them and your sitting in the same situation settling for whatever comes you way. 

What do you have to lose by trying to do better?  And it is very possible that you will do better if you try!  And if you go with God, all things are possible!  In 2007, it is on you!  It is time to make a decision that you are not staying in the same rut any longer.  You have to decide that there is something better for you in life.  You have to have the courage and faith despite of any obstacles. You don’t have any thing to lose! You got to go for it.  If you fail, fail trying. If you die, die trying to live better. You don’t have anything to lose. 

Transition: God wants better for you but you have to want better for yourself.  If you want better for yourself in 2007, start with doing some: … 


I. Reflection on your current position vv. 3,4

Here in our text four leprous men are at the gate of the city in Samaria in a dismal situation. There was famine in the land.  They are unable to go into the city because of their disease and unable eat to stay alive because food was scarce and furthermore their country was overtaken by the Syrian army.  In other words, they were stuck between a rock and a hard place. Has anybody ever been stuck between a rock and a hard place when things pile up one thing on top of another?  Bills are due and your car breaks down.  Your children are acting crazy and you are sick in your body.  The lepers were stuck between a rock and a hard place.  So how were they going to get out of this mess? What do you do when nothing seems to go right in your life? 

These men hit a tipping point. They men got sick and tired of being sick and tired.  Some of us are not doing better because we have not got to that place yet.  So the lepers considered their options.  No matter how hard life gets, there are always options.  These men were sitting down reflecting on their current position considering how they were going to survive.  They said to one another, if we sit here, we die. If we go into the city we may live or we may die.  If we surrender to the enemy we may live or we may die.  Before you go into this New Year it is time to do some reflection of your current position.  You need to look where you are and determine is this where you want to be.  Am I going to stay in this relationship that is killing me?  Am I going to stay on this job knowing that I do can better?   Am I going to sit on my passion to serve God more? Stop the "wouldha shoulda, coulda, it is time to do something. It is time to do some personal reflection about where you are and explore the options that you have in order to do better. What you have to lose? Do something!

II. Resolve your problem vv 4b

The lepers did something.  They resolved their problem and decided to leave the gate.  We can learn from these leprous men on what to do when life seems to be falling apart all at once.  The first thing they did was made up there mind and made a decision to change their current position despite their issue. They were going forward with their disease. You have make up your mind that despite the issue you are dealing you are going forward because you don’t have anything to lose!   Take it with you if you have to but go forward! But it starts in your mind. You have to perceive in your mind that things can and will get better.  But it is also in the mind that the enemy starts his attack.  If he can get your mind in 2007, he can get you.  That is why we have to have the mind of Christ!  

Also, the text says that they arose... to go.  They believed in the unseen potential of living and not dying.  They defined faith.  My Beloved, in 2007 you have to faith to want to live better and not die to trouble.  They went from sitting around doing nothing to arising to a potential opportunity. Children of God, it is time to arise!  Get up from that mess and go toward your promise.  The problem is that too many of us just want to sit and die. 

Now look at when these men made their move.  The text says they arose at twilight, the time between dusk and dawn.  It is a small window of time before the complete change in the day occurs.  Some of us wait too long before we change our situation and we miss out on a blessing.  The last thing they did in resolving their problem is probably the most critical.  They surrendered to a higher authority. The text says that they would "fall or surrender" to the authority of the Syrians. This word fall or surrender in the origin language is napal, which means to go from a higher position to a lower position, often with the implication of being out of control in relation to the situation.  In order for us to resolve our problems we have to have a lifestyle that is surrendered to Christ.  It is only when we surrender to Jesus we will have victory and success. The problem is that we don’t want to surrender to God and want to hold on to things.  We do this out of fear of losing control. That is why we have to have our hands on everything trying to manipulate things to make it work for us.   But it never does. If we can just take off our hands off of situations that are too much for us to handle and lift our hands to Jesus in complete surrender, He will immediately intervene and make everything all right!  This is why worshippers know how solve problems because they don't have problem lifting up their hands to the Problem Solver.  In 2007, when you lift up your hands, He is able to lift you out of that situation and fix your problem!

III. Receive your prize vv. 5-8

In the text, we see how God can use our mustard seed size faith to move mountains.  Because the leprous men made a decision and took a risk to live better than they were, the Lord rewarded them for their faith and threw them a surprise party.  In that same twilight that the 4 lepers walked into the enemy’s camp, the Lord caused the enemy to hear the sound of a great army causing the enemy to flee their camp leaving behind their livestock, food and treasure. The leper’s famine is now over!  When the lepers got the camp they went from tent to tent eating, drinking getting clothes and treasure.  They receive a prize for their faith to live!  Because you exercised faith and were determine not die in your current situation, you will receive a prize!  Your faith will cause God to fill up your famine! And you will be surprised on what the Lord has in store for you! This is why you got to go against difficult situation with faith, knowing that something is going to happen!  2007 is the year of completion.  This is the year the Lord going complete the hardship that you are dealing with. If you step out on faith, the Lord will perfect that which concerns you.  He will reward your faith by unlocking signs, wonders, and miracles. But you have to go in faith.  Look what the Bible testifies about those who had faith:

·       The woman with the issue of blood got healed

·       The paralytic took up his bed and walked

·       Jairus daughter came out of death

·       The centurion’s servant was healed

Because you got faith this year you will receive your prize from the Lord!

Close:  It is decision time. If you are still confused about what you need to do in ’07 so your life won’t be like 06, we have to look at Paul’s decision forget those things behind and reach for things that are before and press to the high calling of God in Christ Jesus! You don’t have to stay this way. But you can be better! You got to go for it because you ain’t got nothing to lose but everything to gain! Tried Stone, in ’07 it is time to stop sitting and get going in faith knowing you ain’t got nothing to lose!  You don’t have anything to lose other than:

·       Dead situation

·       A job that is going nowhere

·       Personal insecurity

·       Confusion and mess

·       People who trying to hold me back

Since I don’t having anything to lose, I got everything to gain: I am going go for it!

·       Go to that new place of peace

·       Go to that new place of joy

·       Go to that new place of worship

·       Go to that new relationship

·       Go for that new job

·       Go to that new level

·       Go for it!

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