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Part 32, The Heavenly New Jerusalem

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Jesus has a way of disclosing tremendous truths in symbol. We get His thought from the type of symbol he chooses and following the hyperlinks in Scripture. Think about the heavenly City John saw in vision. A city suggests organized life and people moving in many directions, along with progress, industry, growth and expansion. In this instance, Jesus even tells us what the symbol represents. It’s the new government that will be here for the new world. A government like we've never seen before, one that is never oppressive, never corrupt, never selfish but working for the good of everyone worldwide. It is a government that you and I will want to support, even be part of. Join us today as we look further into what Scripture tells us about this New Jerusalem that will bring heaven to Earth.

The Glorious City Poem LLS page 207, 1946 MM Through eyes of faith I once could see, Afar across the distant plain, A City beckoning to me, Inviting me to there remain. It was a City built to stand The ravages of endless time, All fashioned by a mighty Hand; Whose subjects lived in peace sublime. It offered all who would abide Within its borders honor great, And wealth, with length of days, beside, To joy in such a high estate. And so I fell beneath its spell (How sweet the influence divine!) And longed that I might some day dwell Where such rare blessings could be mine. With passing years my vision clears, Or so it seems, for I behold Within its gates are shed no tears By those who walk its streets of gold. On twelve foundations rest its walls, The words of the Apostles true; And when the Lamb His servants calls, His will with joy they quickly do. This glorious City needs no sun, Nor moon, to furnish aught of light, For where the will of God is done His glory makes the pathway bright. It’s gates are never shut by day— And night is never known to those Who dwell within; there is no place For sin its follies to disclose. A river, clear as crystal, pure, Flows through the City, giving life To multitudes who rest secure From weary days of toil and strife. The Lord its Temple is, and there, In worship at His feet they fall For blessings all so richly share Whoever heed His loving call. Dear John, beloved of the Lord, To you my debt is great indeed, For giving me this lovely view Of what is waiting if I heed The warnings sounded through the years. Now I must hasten to complete My work, lest it be in arrears, So I the faithful there can meet. Oh, happy day, when, free from sin, That glorious City we can see, And, being righteous, dwell within, Enjoying immortality. Now let us work, and watch, and pray, And watch, and pray, and work some more, Lest we be lacking in that day, And miss those glories held in store.
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