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Sermon Matthew 28

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“The Great Commission” is Our Mission

Matthew 28:18-20


Introduction:  As we drawl toward the close of our 40 Days of Purpose study Rick turns our hearts toward the believer’s ultimate mission in life – sharing the Gospel with others. Tonight I want us to look at “The Great Commission”.  Our Lord wanted us to carry out His work here on earth of “seeking and saving that which is lost”.  Now we realize that we cannot save anybody but our Savior can and we are to seek out the lost and bring them to Him.  Let’s look at our text…

I.                    The Great Commission is a Command not a Suggestion


“In his book What in the World is God Doing? Dr. Ted Engstrom relates a story told him by a veteran Korean Christian. In the early 1880s three Korean workmen, laboring in China, heard the Gospel and embraced the Lord Jesus. The three soon conspired about getting the message of Christ into their own country, an action forbidden by the government. Since the Korean and Chinese alphabets were similar, they decided to smuggle in a copy of the Chinese Bible. They drew straws to see who would have the privilege of bringing the Gospel into Korea. The first man buried the Bible in his belongings and headed toward the border, a journey of many days by footpath. There he was searched, found out, and killed. Word reached the others that their friend was dead. The second man tore pages from his Bible and hid the separate pages throughout his luggage. He, too, made the long trip to the border only to be searched and beheaded. The third man grew more determined than ever to succeed. He ingeniously tore his Bible apart page by page, folding each page into a tiny strip. He wove the strips into a rope and wrapped his baggage in his homemade rope. When he came to the border, the guards asked him to unwrap his belongings. Finding nothing amiss, they admitted him. The man arrived home, untied the rope, and ironed out each page. He reassembled his Bible and began to preach Christ wherever he went. And when the missionaries of the 1880s fanned into the country, they found the seed already sown and the firstfruits appearing.[1]

II.                    The Great Commission is Accomplished in Christ’s Authority

a.       His authority was given Him by the Father

b.       His authority is now delegated to us

III.                The Great Commission is the Art of Making Disciples

Dr. Kermit Long says, “With all our education, our fine buildings, our image of the church, we are doing less to win people to Christ than our unschooled forefathers did. We’re no longer fishers of men, but keepers of the aquarium, and we spend most of our time swiping fish from each other’s bowl.”[2]

a.       Making disciples involves “going”

b.       Making disciples involves baptism

c.       Making disciples involves discipleship

d.       Making disciples involves biblical instruction

IV.                The Great Commission is a Partnership with Jesus


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