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Wedding of Matt Solemsaas & Heidi Derby

HLC-N  7/6//96         Texts: Song of Songs 2.10-13; Matt 19.4-6; 1 Cor 13.1-13

I’m sure most of the married couples here today would assure you that there are plenty of things that test the strength of a marriage, but I have a little pre-marriage test for you now:

#1: let’s say it’s about 4 yrs ago, and a young woman is heading west out of Fargo on I-94; some guys in another car catch up to her and start harassing her; evently, one guy even throws something into her car: What do you do?

            A: use cell ph to call police

            B: no ph; take evasive actions until you lose them

            C: marry the guy who threw the note into your car

Matt: if that young woman should happen to be Heidi, what do you rec she do?

#2: you have been corresponding with this guy you have met under dubious circumstances but things have been going well enough and you are about to go on your first official date - the guy shows up 2 hours late. What do you do?

            A: slam the door in his face

            B: have your 2 older bros slam his face in the door

            C: marry the guy

Heidi: what would you do?

by now everyone should have a glimpse of the kind of romance and love that’s involved betw you 2, a love that has already endured much and has indeed overcome some significant obstacles

Now, I’m all for love and romance, and we all hope and pray that you both will be romantically involved in loving each other for the rest of your lives, but you probably already realize how hard it is to keep the romance alive in a rel, and I suspect that everyone here would say that the most impt advice for a happy and successful marriage is something that is easy to say but hard to do: Love each other

it seems obvious, sounds simple: Love each other

Yet true LOVE is anything but simple as you try to live it out in your daily lives where there are all the demands of school and work and bills to pay

you quickly discover that it is impt to disting between the LOVE that never ends and simple,worldly  little thing called LUV - uc

- you fall in LUV at first glance (perh even at 65 mph on an interstate), but you must grow in LOVE

- LUV is an impulse, but LOVE involves decisions / commitment,

- LUV is impetuous and filled with intrigue, LOVE is patient and kind

- LUV can be selfish and suspicious and jealous, but LOVE is not envious or boastful or arrogant

- LUV comes quickly, easily, and just as quickly/easily disap’ears

         - LOVE takes time and energy, but also ... LOVE never ends

And now when I or anyone else says: LOVE each other - you realize what an awesome promise it is that you r making to each other today

Will you indeed not just luv each other BUT also LOVE each other?

It’s almost too much for any human being to promise, but here is where you begin to realize that you are not alone in your marriage

Consider the Matt pass where J said: let no one and no thing separate you

that too is easier said than done, of course,

but it is impt to see that with everything that God does, there is a promise which accompanies the command

Listen again: What GOD has joined together...

Do you hear the promise? it is God who has brought you to this day

it is what God has joined together that shall not be separated

it is the LOVE of God which lies behind that wonderful description of love in 1 Cor 13

it is that same love which will keep you together because God's love is far stronger and more powerful and more wonderful than even the most passionate and romantic of human loves

You will always be able to count on the love of GOD to be with you in the midst of sickness and health and better and worse and all that the years may bring

And now, one final ques: what has brought you to this day and is the impt thing which will keep you together in the years ahead?

            A: Driving down I-94, she just looked like the one

            B: He had a really good excuse for being 2 hours late

            C: the confidence that the LOVE of God will uphold your love for each other as long as you both shall live.

Please confer together and tell us your answer ( )

The love of God it is! and Thanks be to God that we can now celebrate that love in your marriage. AMEN.

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