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Wedding of Jon Wallander/Maria Sheridan

HLC-N  8/25/94         Texts: Phlp 4:4-9 1 Cor 13:1-13

is a sense in which today is like a fairy tale

Once upon a time, man (Jon) and woman (Maria)

across the room he sees her at Whitey’s and he is smitten; she thinks: interesting; he pursues her with unflagging love and romantic keepsakes, and eventually love triumphs: they fall in love, get married and ... well, better not get ahead of selves; get them married first

But I hope you and everyone here today feels a bit of the romance of this ceremony / experience the fairy tale type of happiness that this wedding brings

for this celebration is a time for love and fairy tale dreams and the start of a happily ever after

but as we all know, fairy tales sometimes turn out to be ONLY make believe in grim light of a real world w/ real problems which can be far more scary than any monster or dragon or witch

and the romance is wonderful... until a few years down the line when the flowers stop coming, and the cute things she does just seem like old habits and you think: romance is gone

you know what I mean: when work starts to get overwhelming and the car breaks down and the bills come in and it seems you hardly ever see each other and you can't figure out if you're ever going to get out rollerblading or biking and you start thinking that your life would make good subject matter for some sad country, western tune...

in describing the trials and tensions of married life, I know I'm not telling you anything you're not expecting,

but in few moments, you two are solemnly going to promise your lifelong love for each other even under the most complex and difficult and un-fairy-tale like of situations.

I am certain that you will both do your very best to live out your good intentions, but in the real world, there are no magic potions, no golden-egg laying hens, no fairy godmothers who can fix everything with the wave of a wand

so how are you going to manage your marriage?  how are you going to keep romance alive?  how are you going to keep your marriage together, keep it all together and make your lives turn out happily ever after?

the answer seems obvious, simple: like it says in the 1 Cor 13 text: Love is all you need; love is the greatest thing there is

Yet true LOVE is anything but simple as you live it out in your daily lives where fairy godmothers don’t come around to do the laundry and fix the meals

you quickly discover that it is impt to disting between the LOVE that never ends and simple,worldly  little thing called LUV - uc

- you fall in LUV at first glance, but you must grow in LOVE

- LUV is an impulse, but LOVE involves decisions / commitment,

- LUV is glamorous and sexy, LOVE is patient and kind

- LUV can be selfish and suspicious, but LOVE does not insist on its own way, and it is not envious or boastful or arrogant

- LUV comes quickly, easily, and just as quickly/easily disap’ears

         - LOVE takes time and energy, but it also endures all things and ... LOVE never ends

That kind of LOVE sounds great, doesn’t it? It’s the kind of LOVE which we dream about in fairy tales... but is it a love which is possible for you in the real world? Will you always need some fairy GODmother to keep you in this kind of love?

The good news I have for you today is not about fairy godmothers, but about a wonderful GOD who will always be with you: in the midst of sickness as well as health; in joy and in sorrow; for better and also for worse

For you see, when Paul is talking about having love, he is talking about having the love of God within you.  He is referring to God's love FOR YOU!  It is God’s love alone that never ends. It is God’s love that will give you peace and keep your hearts and minds in XJ.

And so it is the love of God which will keep you together because God's love is far stronger and more powerful and more wonderful than even the most fairy-tale-like and romantic of human loves

and this should be a great comfort and source of strength and encouragement to you, especially in the midst of trying and difficult times; in those times when you know that your life ain't no fairy tale, times when human LUV falters, that's when you will most appreciate God's love.

and when that happens, well, Once upon a time, man (Jon) and woman(Maria)

fell in love, got married and lived happily ever after... and loved happily ever after because they were held in God's never-ending love          AMEN.

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