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Wedding of Marcia Lindvall / Robbie Norman

HLC-N  6/7/97         Texts: Ps 67  John 2.1-10

It’s time! or say, It’s about time!

For how many years have you been dreaming for this day to come? Did you ever sometimes think that maybe it wouldn’t happen, that somewhere along the line you had missed the moment, passed by that person with whom you could share your life and your love?

And were you still hesitant, careful not to expect too much when kind of by chance, kind of out of the blue you found each other?

That first date at that fancy restaurant (Fryin’ Pan), did it surprise

you how everything seemed to come together so well?

Were you amazed that riding in a beet truck together with this other person so could be so enjoyable?

Did everything just feel so right that when Robbie here asked about marriage, that Marcia, only thing you could say was “When?”

And so, uc, it’s about time you 2 got married!

But your wedding today is indeed also about time/timing.

The biblical languages even have different words to talk about the different kinds of time

There’s the chronos type which refers to what time it is ( ), and to how long until you actually, officially get married (a few minutes)

But there is also a kairos time which refers to the rightness of the moment, as in it’s about time you get 2 married! the right time

and I want you to think about this kind of time in the story of the wedding of Cana text you chose for today

n  they run out of wine, mom asks J to do something about it; he says it’s not my hour; it’s not time yet

n  (J as the originator of that advertising slogan; serve no wine before its time!)

n  but a bit later, the time was right; J changes the water into wine, and it is the best wine that the official winetaster has ever tried

n  and he is astounded because the best wine has been saved for last

and now here you are today, and I want to let you know something amazing: jesus is here too

and you know what, he has saved the best wine until this very moment

for both of you, for as long as you have so far lived your lives, God has been watching, waiting, saying, its not time yet

And so rejoice as you, in a few moments of time, make your lifetime promises of love to each other

Rejoice, because God  has been imagining and dreaming of this day for the two of you since you were born

Rejoice, because the love of God will uphold your love for each other for all the minutes/hours/days/years of your lives

R/M, it’s been about time all along, and now,

rejoice, because God is saying it’s time!  AMEN.

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