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The House That Solomon Built

Solomon: Wisdom and Folly  •  Sermon  •  Submitted   •  Presented   •  36:37
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What kind of house are you building? Which house is your priority in life? Is it your physical house? Is it your household and legacy? Or is it the house of God? King Solomon did well with two of these three options and he generally had a healthy priority for the house of God. In fact, one of his major, God-given purposes in life was to build the temple. That’s why more than half of the narrative on Solomon’s life is about the temple of God. It’s what his lineage, his life and his wisdom all pointed to. And the detailed account of the temple’s building and dedication is to remind us of the salvation and worship of God. It is far bigger than Solomon’s little story – it is the grand story of God’s glory among his people. It is the highest priority any person can have. It is the purpose of every one of us.

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