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How Revival Starts

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Usually when God intends greatly to bless a church, it will begin in this way: Two or three persons in it are distressed at the low state of affairs and become troubled even to anguish. Perhaps they do not speak to one another or know of their common grief, but they begin to pray with flaming desire and untiring importunity.

The passion to see the church revived rules them. They think of it when they go to rest, they dream of it on their bed, they muse on it in the streets. This one thing eats them up. They suffer great heaviness and continual sorrow in heart for perishing sinners; they travail in birth for souls. When the sun rises, the mountaintops first catch the light, and those who constantly live near to God will be the first to feel the refreshing.

The Lord give me a dozen importunate pleaders and lovers of souls, and by His grace we will shake all London from end to end yet. The work would go on without the mass of you Christians–many of you only hinder the march of the Army. But give us a dozen lionlike, lamblike men, burning with intense love to Christ and souls, and nothing will be impossible to their faith.

Charles Spurgeon At the Master’s Feet

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